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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

How to Choose the Right Size PA System

Do you need to buy a Public Address System for your school, business, or organization? It can be a tough task to pick the right PA system with so many different sizes and features available.

The following tips will help you narrow down the competition and find what system will best meet your needs:

1. Portable or Stationary
Do you need to use your Sound System indoors, outdoors, or both? Are there a variety of activities that you could use a Public Address System for?

If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then you should choose a portable system.

Portable sound systems give the planner and presenter the versatility to easily move your system wherever you want.

Many portable pa systems include rechargeable batteries and AC power options. This is a must for outdoor events like cross country meets and parades because it allows you to follow the action without tripping over wires, scouting out electrical outlets, or untangling pesky wires. 

2. Estimate your Audience Size
Portable PA systems reach anywhere from 50 to 7500 people (in optimal conditions). Formulate a good estimate on the number of people you want to cover.

It is always better to overestimate than underestimate because you can always turn down the volume on the bigger, louder, PA systems.
3. Estimate the Area of Coverage
Top of the line systems can cover anywhere from 600 square feet to 25,000 square feet with one device (additional speakers add more coverage).

Remember: Just like estimating audience size, it is better to error on the side of overestimating.

4. Determine Desired Features
Portable PA Systems offer a wide variety of options including audio accessibility and microphone options. Mic options include the type of mic (wireless, handheld, lapel, headset, etc) and how many wireless mics are able to be used simultaneously.

Volume and tone controls are pretty standard. A warranty is another thing to consider, AmpliVox offers an industry-leading warranty on many of our easy to use PA Systems.

5. Research
It is important to diligently search for a good PA system that will meet your needs and will be worth the investment purchasing a quality system. Looking for customer reviews, testimonials, and warranty options are great ways to ensure that you are getting the best quality system available.

It is not strange to hear about a PA system that has lasted over fifteen years. With all of these tips in mind, a savvy consumer should have all of the tools and knowledge they need to make the right purchase.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Showcase Your School Pride With Collegiate Multimedia Lecterns

Show your school spirit with a custom multimedia lectern to match your school colors.

Generate excitement by prominently adding your school's logo for a truly unique and memorable presence at your next presentation.

Great for media events, alumni events, fundraisers, booster clubs and reunions.

Use anywhere, indoors or outdoors. This elegant yet sturdy lectern is made from a durable hard shell plastic, with a sculpted profile and radius corners that holds up under tough use, indoors and out - its weatherproof and waterproof.

Flat surface tabletop allows your laptop or projector to sit flat and secure, while the soft cushion wrist rest/paper stop provides comfort as well as function.
Display Your College Pride with Customizable Colors and Logo Options

Custom insert colored panel, customize with optional logo.

Featuring Integrated Dashboard with finger tip controls (ST and SW models)
Built-in Shielded
Lectern Light
Built-in 16 Channel UHF wireless
receiver, 584 MHz to 608 MHz
(SW3253 only)
Stream audio with

wireless technology (SW3253)
On-board Digital Clock /
Timer keeps presenters
on track
Side-by-Side Control Panel, includes fingertip controls,
Bluetooth® and wireless receiver (SW3253 only)
S806A LPA 150 watt Amplifier
Power Switch: Power source
External Speaker Jack: For passive speaker
Line Out Jack: Connects to house system
or external PA system
Aux In Jack: Connects to external audio device
such as a CD/MP3 player or hard wired iPhone
XLR Mic Connector: For wired microphones
(SW3253 only) Your choice of wireless mic
(SW3253 and ST3253 only)

10' AC Power Cord
Preamp Connector: Ribbon wire from control panel
Internal Speaker: Connects to lectern speaker