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Monday, September 27, 2021

Women in Business Networking Luncheon: Feeding America

AmpliVox Sound Systems, a long supporter of local and national charities, recently participated in a Northbrook Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Networking Luncheon.

Developing new and lasting relationships is critical to the success of every business. The Northbrook Chamber of Commerce offers a wide array of networking events, both structured and informal, to help make connections for success.

This month's Women in Business Networking Luncheon featured guest speaker Katie Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Feeding America.

A new resident of Northbrook, she will shared stories from her professional background in non-profit management.

Attendees also had the opportunity for informal networking and individual introductions while enjoying a delicious lunch at Trattoria Oliverii's outdoor dining tent.

"AmpliVox is very pleased to support these multiple organizations and causes," said CEO Don Roth.

"As an active member of the Northbrook Chamber, we’re also proud to recognize many very talented women in business such as Katie Fitzgerald.

Feeding America is a magnificent organization that has done so much to help feed those in need, during the COVID pandemic and on a continuing basis."

AmpliVox donated the use of an AmpliVox SW925 portable sound system for the outdoor luncheon, as it has done for other Chamber of Commerce events.

The SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner Plus is our most complete, all-in-one PA system.

The 250 watt portable address system will clearly and powerfully project your voice or music over an audience of up to 5000 people in a room size of up to 25,000 square feet.

A proven road warrior, specially tooled and molded plastic enclosure for exceptionally durability. It weighs only 35 lbs., travels and sets up easily with tripod mount plus retractable luggage handle and wheels makes it effortless to take with you.

The system is powered either with AC power or with its build-in rechargeable battery that lasts about 6-10 hours (depends on volume) on a single charge.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Football Frenzy: PA Systems to Get Your Team Back on the Field

Portable sound systems make it easy for you to crank up the sound to be heard above crowd noise, and far down the field.
From the opening kick-off to the final whistle, spectators want to be informed and entertained with the action clearly being announced.

Make certain that spectators, players, and coaches keep up with all that is going on by communicating clearly. AmpliVox PA systems let you call the game, play music, and make general announcements without ever failing to be heard.

"Cover the field" with clear sound for play by play game calls, special announcements, music, or even practice sessions.

AmpliVox PA’s are also a great tool for coaches to introduce and use at their practice sessions.

Enabling instructions easily to be heard in large open spaces or play background music during training and workouts.

Tailored for indoor or outdoor use, our portable systems are easy to set up and take down for each event. AmpliVox portable PA’s are easy to set up and use, just power up and start talking.

Display Your College Pride with Customizable Colors and Logo Options

Custom insert colored panel, customize with optional logo.

Show your school spirit with a custom multimedia lectern to match your school colors. Generate excitement by prominently adding your school's logo for a truly unique and memorable presence at your next presentation.

Great for media events, alumni events, fundraisers, booster clubs and reunions. Use anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

This elegant yet sturdy lectern is made from a durable hard shell plastic, with a sculpted profile and radius corners that holds up under tough use, indoors and out - its weatherproof and waterproof.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

PA Systems By Audience Size: Easy Reference Guide - AmpliVox

Speaking presentations can be given to small audiences or large ones, indoors or out, in quiet environments or noisy ones. How do you find the right PA system to clearly reach every set of ears with your message?

AmpliVox PA Systems help you reach audiences from 10 to 10,000 with strong clear sound, giving you the audio, power and clarity you need to reach every set of ear in the audience.

From 2500 up to 10,000 People

Powerfully project your voice and music - Now with 96 Channel UHF Wireless Receiver. Equipped with 100-250 Watt amplifiers that fill the room with crystal clear voice or music.

Designed with portability in mind with luggage handle and wheels, lightweight PA systems you can take anywhere, indoors or out. Full complement of input/output jacks, with built-in media player that can project sound to a room as large as 25000 square feet, yet it weighs only 35 lbs.

Up to 3,000 People

The AmpliVox AirVox and Mega Hailer Mobile PA System is a 50-watt, totally wireless, highly intelligible, lightweight rechargeable battery powered loudspeaker systems for general PA applications in areas that are not equipped with a PA.

The wide dispersion speaker produces big sound and well-balanced audio suitable for any situation. During emergencies, the battery powered design sets up quickly and allows you to broadcast emergency information even during power outages.

Up to 1,000 People
A complete presentation system built into a rugged, compact carrying case. Powerful 50 Watt multimedia stereo amp, reach up to 1,000 people outdoors or in rooms up to 10,000 square feet.

A proven "Road Warrior", specially tooled and molded plastic briefcase-style enclosure for exceptional durability and portability. Travels and sets up so easily.

Up to 500 People

The AmpliVox SW725 is a powerful all-in-one PA system that puts you in command of your presentation for voice or music with all types of supporting media.

It can play audio files stored on any USB flash thumb drive or SD card or stream audio from Android and Apple iOS devices.
Up to 300 People

The SW245B Dual Audio Pal system packs 50 watts of power into a unit weighing less than six pounds.

Built-in dual channel VHF wireless microphone system featuring two person simultaneous usage.
Up to 100 People

Portable, battery-powered mini PA system you wear like a belt, leaves you hands-free and comfortable.

Keep your audience's attention and be heard clearly as you move freely around the room or to multiple locations—inside and outside and all over your venue.

Download PA By Audience Size PDF