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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amplivox Supports Special Olympics of Washington

Recently Amplivox had the honor of supporting the Special Olympics of Washington. Project Coordinator Doria Hastings described how our Award Winning Digital Audio Travel Partner was a great fit for their event,

"The Digital Audio Travel Partner is perfect for these exhibitions because it includes a microphone, so all the kids can hear me when I speak and a CD player so we can play music for our 'Victory March' that we do at the beginning of each exhibition. Thank you so much for your generous offer, the system will be put to good use!"

She comments further, "We are so excited to use the system and had quite a bit of fun trying it out around the office! While we purchased the system for use at our Young Athlete exhibitions, we will also be using it at traditional competitions and fundraisers."

Amplivox could not be more happy to help out a great organization. Read about some other ways Amplivox has given back by reading our blog entries on our efforts to fight breast cancer (Pink Podium Promise and related events) and our efforts to "Go Green".

Pictured are a couple of pictures from the Special Olympics Event. For more information about Amplivox's Sound Systems or lecterns and podiums, check out Ampli.com or call (800)267-5486.

Auctioneer Testimonial about Half-Mile Hailer

Amplivox recently received a testimonial from Keith Pierce who runs an auction in North Carolina who auctions off cars, farm equipment, and homes among other things.

He uses his Half-Mile Hailers to conduct his auctions and has for years. He recently sold over $250,000 worth of merchandise for one man.

Mr. Pierce has this to say about his experience with our virtually weatherproof speaker system, the Half-Mile Hailer:

"To Whom it May Concern, I have been in the auction profession Since 1963. I have been using a Half Mile Hailer for as long as I can remember. It has been the most dependable piece of equipment I have ever owned. I have just purchased my fourth unit. A wireless SW615A. Yes, all are still working... I would not conduct an auction without a Half-Mile Hailer."

Mr. Pierce says his motto is "When going to an auction sale, never go with out two Half Mile Hailers and Coppertop Batteries." He says that in some Duracell Batteries he put in one of his Hailers recently ran out. He started using those batteries in 2006! You can visit Keith Pierce's site http://www.carolinaauctions.com/.

The Half-Mile Hailer sound equipment is a powerful portable audio system that Amplivox has been selling for years. We also offer megaphones and other portable wireless systems and public address systems. If you are looking for ceiling speakers, a loud speaker, professional audio equipment, or whatever your public address system needs may be, go to Ampli.com.

Click on the following link to watch the Youtube video showcasing the Half-Mile Hailer Portable PA System.

Amplivox Megaphone Used in Music Video

Recently an Amplivox employee stumbled upon a music video that used a Amplivox MityMeg Plus Megaphone as pictured.

The metal band from Huntington Beach, California Hed PE featured an Amplivox megaphone in their video for the song "Here and Now." There are several great shots of the Amplivox logo during the video (including the one pictured on the right).

Throughout the entire video, you can see several extended shots of the Amplivox logo. We here at Amplivox thank Hed PE for choosing our product to communicate their music and message!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Effectively Communicating Your Business's Message Includes Signs

Signs are a vital part of advertising for a business. They communicate vital information about a business like location and services offered while helping gain brand recognition and serving as a point of contact.

If a potential customer does not know where your location is or that you even exist, how can you convert the potential customer into a satisfied customer?

Amplivox has many different types of signs to meet all of your needs. Our Easel and Display Board Page has links to many different types of open faced boards and enclosed boards to help your business or organization stand out in a memorable way while providing important information to your target audience.

Some products we carry are our changeable letter boards, outdoor letter boards, display signs (including open signs), sign letters and lettering, outdoor school and church signs (with custom logo options), sidewalk signs, and presentation signs. Our Signage Page has restroom signs and random signs like telephone, handicap, and no smoking signs.

For all of your window and display signage needs, check out Ampli.com.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lectern vs. Podium: Definitions of Both

What is a lectern and what is a podium? Aren't they the same thing? And what in the world is a rostrum?

Podium Vs. Lectern:

The words podium and lectern are often used interchangeably so now their meaning is synonymous. It has not always been this way, according to GrammarErrors.com, a lectern is the stand where a speaker lays their notes while a podium is an elevated platform, coming from the Greek word meaning 'foot'. By those definitions a podium could have a lectern on it.

In addition to holding notes, presentations podiums and lecterns emphasize the speaker's face by hiding the body of the speaker, and projecting an image of authority for the speaker.

What is a Rostrum?

According to Answers.com, a rostrum is a "A dais, pulpit, or other elevated platform for public speaking." This word is often used in place of lectern and podium and does not necessarily involve an elevated platform like it used to. Click here to see an Amplivox Rostrum.

What is a Pulpit?

A pulpit is basically a podium used for religious services. Think of it as a church podium.

What is a Dais?

No, that is not Spanish for days (that's días), but a dais is a raised platform often used in lecture halls or sanctuaries, kind of a mini-stage.

One product that Amplivox is proud of is our Roving Rostrum Tabletop Lectern, which beats the competition in sound quality and professionalism. This speaker podium with audio is a great team player that is portable, powerful, and practical.

Amplivox has many types of lecterns and podiums to meet your every need. Whether it be a wood podium, presidential podium, an acrylic lectern, a computer multimedia podium, a sound lectern, a portable podium (wireless options available on most podiums), a table top lectern, or an adjustable height lectern (as pictured above), Amplivox has just the thing to fit your needs.

To talk about buying a podium or podium sales, call us toll free at (800)267-5486, email us, or check out Ampli.com!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Easels and Display Boards: Amplivox's Forgotten Gem

Amplivox has discontinued several of the following products. We have decided to focus our effort on what we do best: portable pa systems and professional quality lecterns and podiums.

Feel free to visit our site at Amplivox Sound Systems for more information.
Some of our sometimes-forgotten products are listed on our Easels and Display Boards Page.
On this page, we have an organized list of open faced boards that serve a variety of purposes.

Some of our more popular products are:
  • Dry Erase Whiteboards and accessories (including dry erase markers, dry erase easel, and magnetic dry erase arrows)
  • Chalkboards (available as a framed chalkboard, on an easel or as a wall mountable chalk board)
  • Corkboards are a great addition and can be used as bulletin boards, notice boards, and memo boards. These cork boards come framed in a variety of sizes.
  • Other (including our black dry erase board, snap poster frame, and open signs)
Our Dry Erase Marker Boards are great for school or business settings.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Amplivox -- Your one stop shop for Lecterns and Podiums

Looking for the perfect lectern to meet your needs? Amplivox has different lines of lecterns to fit your every need and help you increase profit and effectiveness in your business.

Whether you need a lectern with speakers, a church pulpit, a wooden lectern for an educational setting, a granite lectern for a business, a wireless lectern for its mobility, or a presidential podium for press conferences, Amplivox has something to meet your lectern needs.

Some All-Star lecterns Amplivox offers are the:
Still not find what you are looking for? Amplivox offers custom lecterns and podiums and custom lectern packages that are built according to your specifications. We offer many different styles of lecterns and podiums made from several materials including: acrylic, plastic and environmentally friendly wood.

Questions about lectern sales? Give us a call toll-free at (800)267-5486 or email us and we will get back to you ASAP!