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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review and Testimonial from Guam on AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer PA System

Here is yet another customer review of the Half-Mile Hailer from Guam:

5 / 5 stars
"During election time at the poles, in GUAM, every one has his own Generated, electric, vehicle mounted Megaphone blasting in your face, with the S610A it is so loud that it beats the competion especially with the microphone and music on. As a matter of fact we plan to order 19 more for all of our district to have."   By Papa Razzi - Sep 11, 2010

Review courtesy of Buzzillions.
Sounds like they really benefited from the Hailer!  It also sounds like their competition could have used the Sound Crusier Vehicle Loudspeaker from AmpliVox, which is one reason AmpliVox helps you beat the competition!

Due to the Half-Mile Hailer's popularity, we have received a lot of reviews and testimonials commenting on its power, performance, and exceptional durability (some people have said that they have used their Hailer system for more than 25 years!!).

Here are more reviews to read:
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Technology Making Old People...Irrelevant?

Like it or not, technology and the internet is drastically changing how we do just about everything in life. Instead of spending hours in a library, students can do a simple search on the internet to obtain the sought for information.

Instead of just sending out catalogs and making cold calls, marketers have flocked to the internet and sought to reel customers in via Search Engine Optimization and online video.

Instead of being confined to five TV channels, entertainment seekers can turn to hundreds of HD channels or watch an unlimited amount of online video on sites like YouTube.

In addition to these time-saving benefits, there are a few negative consequences stemming from the recent technological revolution

One of these problems is how we people relate to others. There is a big complaint that texting is replacing face-to-face interactions and also making real, good, conversations seem obsolete.

Before the internet age, when young people had questions and sought wisdom, they turned to their elders and their rich storehouses of wisdom.

Now with everything being a simple Google search away, relationships between youth and the elderly has changed, and so has the wisdom that comes with time.  Many youths these days do not realize that all of life answers are not on the internet and that we need to learn from people with more wisdom and experience.

What can be done to combat this?

Remind young people of how much wisdom their predecessors have.  9 Simple Tips won't help a twenty-something who needs life advice, but a heart-to-heart with an older relative could prove to be the answer.

Educate older people in how to best relate to younger people (and no, they do not have to have Twitter to be relevant).  Coming alongside a young person could be a great benefit for both people involved.

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How to Choose the Right PA System for You: Size, Portable, Sound Coverage, Features

We recently published an article at EZineArticles.com called "How to Choose the Right PA System for You: Size, Portable, Sound Coverage, Features."

Click on the link above to read how to choose a PA system:

1. Portable or Stationary?
2. Estimate your Audience Size
3. Estimate the desired area of Coverage
4. Determine Desired Features
5. Research.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comedian Tom Green Purchases Amplivox megaphone on his Video

Tom Green using Amplivox Megaphone
Every so often, an Amplivox employee runs across one of our products being used by a well known personality or group. A few recent ones have been seeing Barack Obama using our megaphone on the news and heavy metal band Hed Pe using our megaphone in one of their videos.

Our latest media find comes from comedian Tom Green where he buys a S602 Megaphone from one of our dealers (Radio Shack) in one of his online videos.

The first video as shown below is Tom purchasing the megaphone and a second video shows him pranking passers by. Surprisingly enough, the videos give a good demonstration of how the megaphones work.

Friday, August 19, 2011

AmpliVox Featured in InfoComm 2011 Trade Show YouTube Videos

AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems recently attended the 2011 InfoComm Trade Show and was featured in the following videos uploaded by our friends over at rAVe Publications.

Blog: AmpliVox at the 2011 Grainger Total MRO Solutions Trade Show
Blog: Resources for what to do Immediately After an Emergency
Video: AmpliVox at the 2011 Grainger Total MRO Solutions Trade Show

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FAQ: Can You Plug an iPod into AmpliVox Sound Cruiser?

Yes!  If you want to plug an iPod, iPhone, smartphone, or other audio device, all you need is a cable that connects to the device and the line in cable.  Once you make sure the PA system knows to play the line in audio, you're set!

The following video shows how painfully simple it is to connect an iPod or other audio device to an AmpliVox PA System:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Da-Lite Partners with AmpliVox to use Amplifiers In Their Lecterns

It is a rare thing these days for two different companies to collaborate even though they have competing products.

Did you know that the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS all work together with certain types of packages to deliver them the fastest way possible?  These companies collaborate because they see an area of strength in another company and seek to benefit directly from that strength instead of burning themselves out to compete in an area where they are not as strong.

AmpliVox has a simliar tale to tell because a leading manufacturer of presentation tools, Da-Lite Screen Company, Inc., approached AmpliVox Sound Systems and their expertise in producing top quality sound amplification equipment to make their lecterns even more powerful and useful with the addition of a 100-watt amplifier system.

To read more information on this news story, please visit our Online Press Office.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

FAQ: How to Use AmpliVox Digital Audio Travel Partner Remote Control

The Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System's remote is a handy feature that puts control of the 250-watt system in the palm of your hand.  With all of the functions the SW915 offers, there are many buttons that can confuse people if they don't use similar technology much.  The following video gives a demonstration of each button on the Digital Audio Travel Partner Remote Control and provides instructions. 

Since any powerful piece of technology has a bit of a learning curve, watch the video to help with the remote.  You will be very happy you did!

If you want to print instructions, go to page 6-7 of the Digital Audio Travel Partner Operation Instructions PDF.

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Master Guide to AmpliVox Product Videos on YouTube

AmpliVox Sound Systems regularly adds videos to our YouTube Channel to provide customer support, spread the word about useful AmpliVox products and show them in use.

Here is a master list of every AmpliVox YouTube Product Video organized in a navigable way:

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SIR285 Compac Infrared PA: Product
SW300 Mity-Lite Personal PA: Product | Video
SW225-227 Voice Projector: Product | Set Up Video
S230 Voice Carrier: Product | Voice Carrier at the Shooting Range
S312 Sound Cruiser Car PA System: Product | Set Up Video | Info Video
S602 Mity-Meg Megaphone: Product | Video Playlist
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S610 Half Mile Hailer: Product | Video Playlist
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SW800 Titan Wireless PA System: Product | Video | Titan in Use | Unboxing the Titan PA System
SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner: Product | Video Playlist | Unboxing the Digital Audio Travel Partner
SW6200 The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System: Product | Video
S1262 Powered Wall Mount Speakers: Product | Video
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S250 Portable Tabletop Lectern: Product | Video
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W280 Full Height Wooden Lectern: Product | Video | Lectern at Craftsman Experience
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S450 Presidential Podium: Product | Video | Podium at Event
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SN3020 Victoria Solid Wood Lectern Product | Video
SN3035 Ambassador Solid Wood Multimedia Lectern: Product | Video
SN3030 Coventry Multimedia Solid Wood Lectern: Product | Video
SN3040 Patriot Lectern and Patriot Plus Product | Video
SN3185 Aluminum Truss Lectern Product | Video
SS3230 Multimedia Computer Lectern: Product | Video
SN3235 Multimedia Presentation Podium: Product | Video | At Toastmasters Meeting
SN3250 Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern: Product | Video | Pink Podium Video
SN3430 Multimedia Smart Lectern Product | Video

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Acrylic Lecterns:
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AV Carts:
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SN3345 Mobile Computer Stand Product | Video
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SN3360 Wood Flat Screen TV Console Product | Video
SN3370 Adjustable Height Metal Cart Product | Video
SN3375 Multimedia Cart Product | Video
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SN3385 Presentation Lectern Stand Product | Video
SN3390 Hydraulic Adjustable Multimedia Cart Product | Video

Listening Centers:
SL1005 AmpliVox Digital iPod School Listening Centers Product | Video
S1014 School Listening Center with CD Player and Recorder Product | Video

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Famous Users of AmpliVox Products:
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YouTube Superstar Edbassmaster Uses Sound Cruiser in Video S312
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Emergency Management:
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AmpliVox at the Trade Show:
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Update on Pink Podium Promise: Living with Cancer Feature

Here is a quick update on AmpliVox's efforts to raise breast cancer awareness through the Pink Podium Promise.  Below is a video explaining our CEO's battle with cancer and how the Pink Podium Promise began.

The Pink Podium Promise was also featured in a blog called "Living with Cancer": Living with Cancer: Pink Podiums for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Restaurant Hostess Tips | Host Stand

To make a good first impression, your restaurant host/hostess needs to be at the top of their game for customers to feel valued and welcome in your establishment.

Here are several tips for a restaurant host/hostess to excel at their job and make their customers and boss happy.

1.  Smile.  This one is a no brainer, this helps brighten the overall mood and show guests that they are welcome.

2. Dress the part. Hawaiian shirt in fancy restaurant = bad thing. Hawaiian shirt in laid back Margarita Bar? Perfect.

3. Look Professional.  Clothing is important as is the hostess stand your restaurant uses.  This is one of the first things that customers look at and create first impressions.  A good restaurant hostess stand will allow you to organize receipts, mints, toothpicks, and the cash register.

4. Be ready for adversity.  Chances are you will have to face angry customers for one reason or another.  Be prepared for such situations and always remember the Proverb that says, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

5. Don't talk too much.  People come to a restaurant to spend time with people they know, not to hear their waiter babble about his dog.  Be courteous but not invasive with your conversations.

6. Don't talk too little.  Make small talk when appropriate but don't forget tip #5.

7.  Keep things clean and organized. Always know where important items are at your restaurant host stand.  You do not want to keep customers waiting while you fumble around looking for menus or something they need.

8. Be smart about large groups. Everyone hates waiting for a table and large groups are prone for long waits.  When seating smaller groups, avoid large tables or combine-able tables as long as you can in anticipation of a large group coming soon.

What is great about large groups?  Large groups = large tips!

What did we miss?  Let us know what you would add!

Click here to view our video on Restaurant Hostess Stands and Sound Systems

Friday, August 05, 2011

Belt-Blaster Amplifies Minister's Voice at Wedding Ceremony

 Here is an online review from Buzzillions.com about the AmpliVox BeltBlaster Waistband Amplifier PA System that was used by a minister who was conducting a wedding ceremony:

Surprised Me


"I'm impressed. I am an ordained minister and I bought this for an outdoor wedding that did not have a sound system. I was afraid it would not project my voice, but I was happily surprised. Great sound quality and simple to use. It comes with a lapel mic and a headset mic. I was also able to connect a handheld mic. Very happy with this..."

5.0  ★★★★★

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Good audio
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • None

Monday, August 01, 2011

Reviews and Testimonials from All Over the World

Do you want to buy a portable pa system or buy a lectern but live outside of the United States?  AmpliVox sells their products to an international audience and has many international shipping/selling options for our PA systems, podiums, and lecterns across the world.

Here are some PA system reviews and testimonials from happy customers all over the world:

Works Well in heat and Humidity!
"As missionaries in Peru, we have used the Half-Mile Hailer for 20 years in the coastal regions as well as in the mountains where it gets very hot and humid. It's always worked extremely well for us, especially considering the wide variations in temperatures that we encounter. The Hailer is powerful and gets the sound to each the people both outdoors and indoors enclosures where there is no roof and no windows. We carry it on our shoulder and, considering the terrain, we find it comfortable and lightweight yet powerful."
-Bishop Daniel Turley, OSA - Augustinian Fathers

Another option to our international shipping is to purchase directly from one of our international dealers.
Click on the link to see where to buy PA Systems, lecterns, and podiums from our international resellers.

Whether you be in Russia, China, India, the Philippines, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Slovenia, South Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Brazil, or Pakistan, AmpliVox has you covered!

Click here to contact us about international options.

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