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Friday, April 29, 2011

11 Useful Links for Firefighters, EMS, and Rescue Team Members

Amplivox Sound Systems products can fit so many different types of organizations and help them communicate their message.

Whether it be safety instructions, communicating over large crowds, or giving a presentation, our portable pa systems, podiums and lecterns, and AV computer carts will help you and your communication needs.

Here are 11 awesome links for firefighters:
Amplivox loves fire departments and their stand to protect and rescue those in need. Whether it be cleaning firetrucks, shopping at an online store for firefighter equipment like tools and gear, rolling up a fire hose at the firehouse, or saving lives in a burning inferno, firefighters work hard and deserve our appreciation.

Amplivox salutes and thanks firefighters and other rescue workers!

Portable audio equipment can benefit a fire department by allowing them to control crowds and talk above the noise that high-pressure environments can bring. Some Amplivox products that would benefit a fire department or EMS team include:

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gymnastics Class Testimonial for Amplivox Digital Audio Travel Partner Sound System

Recently, Amplivox Sound Systems supported the North Suburban YMCA by providing PA systems for a variety of activities including gymnastics.

After using our Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System to play the CD with the music for their floor routines, and their instructor had this to say (unsolicited!):

"I have never heard a sound so good... on our small boombox, you can't hear the soft part at the beginning of track 5 and on this you can hear it well. I was really impressed and the kids were more motivated and 'pumped-up' for their routines because of the professional grade sound."
--Gymnastics instructor at the North Suburban YMCA in Northbrook, IL

We will post a video interviewing young gymnasts describing their experience with our Digital Audio Travel Partner. Here is a snippet of what they had to say:
"The sound system was amazing because in my routine I got really pumped up with the loud music...before it [old boombox] was a little fuzzy but this was perfect."

Whether you need a sound system for artistic gymnastics, to amplify your floor routine or floor exercise, or even a team floor programme, Amplivox has you covered.

Click this link to see more of our wide array of Portable Sound Systems.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

But I don't live in Earthquake Country....

~From Guest Blogger David Flora, Firestorm Solutions

What is the New Madrid fault line, and why is it so much on the tips of tongues these days?
The New Madrid fault line essentially follows the Mississippi River from Illinois to Arkansas.

The fault system extends 150 miles southward from Cairo, Illinois through New Madrid and Caruthersville, Missouri, down through Blytheville, Arkansas to Marked Tree, Arkansas. It dips into Kentucky near Fulton and into Tennessee near Reelfoot Lake, and extends southeast to Dyersburg, Tennessee. It crosses five state lines, and crosses the Mississippi River in at least three places.

Seems like a local affair, but this is deceptive.

In the event of a shake as big as the historical ones, the bridges across the Mississippi could be damaged. First days issues would be clearing the debris to hopefully reopen the river shipping lanes. However, another significant impact would be the loss of the state to state passageways...

Whose bridge gets rebuilt first? Work on the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland continues to this day from the 1989 quake!
Finally, if you feel this is all "still not my problem", another less known disruption could take place... Each of these bridges provide the pathways for major east to west fiber optics cables that feed the IT infrastructure for the nation.

Is your company prepared for the repercussions of that weakness? 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Church Pulpits: The Amplivox Lecterns and Podiums Great For A Worship Service

Presentations of any kind need to have a professional look and portray the speaker in the best light possible.  Clothing and presentation equipment need to be optimized for the best overall effect.  It is no different for places of worship.

Between our computer carts, portable sound systems, and pulpits, we have many products you could use at a worship service besides a pew!

Here are some Amplivox Sound Systems products that would make an awesome church pulpit or even bible stand for pastors and speakers.  These just provide a sampling of our wide array of quality and professional grade lecterns made from a variety of materials like aluminum and environmentally friendly wood, please visit our lecterns and podiums page.

The AmpliVox Line of Acrylic Lecterns make stylish and elegant church pulpits.  The 12 different models are lightweight and durable and have been used by the NFL Commissioner during an important press conference.

Aluminum Truss Lectern -- This lectern is sleek and stylish, giving the presenter a modern, sharp look.  The preacher or speaker is able to place a water bottle or glass on the cup holder and rest their notes on the large work surface.

The Victoria Solid Hardwood Lectern -- Made for the most sophisticated of settings, the Victoria Solid Wood Lectern takes quality to a new level. This multimedia podium and pulpit is both elegant and practical with its solid wood construction, scratch resistant coating and built in sound system.  Available in Medium Oak, Natural Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut Finishes.

Portable Podium Table Top Lectern with Available Multimedia Cart --

This tabletop lectern is an asset to any presenter and is available with a built-in sound system (with wireless options) and also available in a folding version, the EZ Speak Tabletop Folding Lectern.

The Contemporary Wood Lectern SN3165 --Simple and stylish, the Contemporary Wood Lectern is a durable lectern that would be a great addition to any sanctuary, youth room, or fellowship hall.  At 55 lbs, it is easy to move.  It comes in a table-top version as well.


Contemporary Color Panel Lecterns -- This elegant metal lectern integrates today's contemporary design for modern d├ęcor. Its style and durability are enhanced with high quality anodized aluminum uprights and easy snap in formica panels, which also make this lectern extremely lightweight!

 The Patriot Solid Hardwood Lectern -- This classic style solid hardwood lectern has presidential elegance and sophistication And it includes built in our professional sound system. Natural solid wood is beautifully enhanced with multiple coats of durable clear lacquer that preserve the natural wood and enrich the grain.

This style lectern has even been used by the U.S. White House!

Click here to see a photo of President Barack Obama standing behind a Patriot-style podium!

Executive Adjustable Lectern SW505A -- This stylish wood lectern adjusts in height and is available with wireless microphone options.  This is great for organizations that have many presenters of differing heights like churches, elementary schools, a seminary, corporate meeting rooms, and conference centers that can see a wide array of speakers.

 Multimedia Presentation Plus Podium --This presentation podium has all of the bells and whistles you need for a great presentation.  Plenty of laptop space, a collapsable shelf for a projector, locking cabinet keeping all of your technology safe and sound, and possibility for a built-in sound system that can have a gooseneck mic or a wireless microphone.

Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern -- The Pinnacle Multimedia is made from a durable hard shell plastic that holds up under tough use, indoors and out. Elegant sculpted profile radius corners and swirls. Weather and Water Resistant. 12 Year Limited Warranty on Shell, 6 Year Limited Warranty on Electronics.

If you have any questions or if you would like to buy a pulpit from us, please email us, visit Ampli.com or call us at (800)267-5486.

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Multi-Purpose Lecterns: Restaurant Hostess Stand, Presentation Podium, and Pulpit

Do you need a podium or hostess stand? Do you have a limited budget?

Amplivox Sound Systems has several lecterns and podiums that will fit your need and be as flexible as you need.

Whether you need a presentation stand, hostess stand for a restaurant, or a church pulpit, Amplivox has lecterns and podiums that satisfy all of those roles.

Some optional features Amplivox offers include a built-in wireless PA system, movable casters, and different materials such as hardwood, acrylic lecterns, wire truss lecterns, and a virtually indestructible plastic.

There are tabletop options including the handy EZ Speak Foldable Table Top Lectern and the Roving Rostrum PA Podium System.

The photo on the right is an AmpliVox Pinnacle Podium (special Pink edition to support breast cancer research groups) and the next is of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Using an Amplivox Acrylic Lectern.

Other possible uses for our quality and professional grade podiums include: sports awards ceremonies, podium for a cafe, Bible stand for religious services, presentation podium, restaurant hostess stand, and stand for a banquet hall.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a representative, please visit Ampli.com or call (800)267-5486.

Suggested Products to be used as Hostess Stands:

  1. AmpliVox Pinnacle Podium: This podium with an optional full integrated sound system is great for banquet halls or restaurants seeking that professional and elegant look.
  2. Full Height Wood Lectern: This simple yet effective solid wood lectern is made in an environmentally friendly way and is a great solution to those looking for an easy to move stand for their place of business.
  3. Executive Adjustable Sound Column Lectern: This lectern is a flexible piece of furniture that will adjust in height to fit hostesses and speakers of all sizes.
  4. Expediter Adjustable Lectern Stand: This small note stand is perfect for the business that needs versatility and a small lectern.  This is great for a variety of professional presentation needs.

For more information on our acrylic, solid hardwood, Plexiglass, and plastic podiums, lecterns, and pulpits, please visit Ampli.com.

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Look at This: Youtube Comedian EdBassmaster uses Amplivox Sound Cruiser in Video

Several Amplivox Sound Systems employees have been fans of Youtube Comedian "Ed Bassmaster" for several years now. Edbassmaster is known for his "Elmo Prank Call Video", "Ugly Face Video", a hard to understand character named "Mumbles", a sassy Tequila, and socially awkward nerd named Skippy.

About a month ago, the Amplivox marketing department decided to contact Ed about using our Sound Cruiser Car PA System in a video of his.

He took us up on the offer using one of his most awkward characters. His humor niche loves it and has viewed the video about 100,000 views in only a couple of days and about 700,000 in a few months! Enjoy!

Look at this video:
Here is our Youtube video on the Sound Cruiser:

We will keep you posted of more videos Edbassmaster posts using Amplivox products.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Chicago Blues

The Blues Brothers is a tale of redemption for paroled convict Jake (John Belushi) and his brother Elwood (Dan Aykroyd), who take on "a mission from God" to save from foreclosure the Catholic orphanage in which they grew up. The film is set in and around Chicago, Illinois. (The home of Amplivox Sound Systems)

The Chicago Blues was developed in the first half of the twentieth century. Originally, the Chicago Blues was street-corner based music. But after the music quickly gained popularity, it became a giant commercial enterprise. Soon the new style of music filled clubs from the far south side to the north side of Chicago.

All over the Chicago Land Area Chicagoans embrace blues music. It is hard to go anywhere without seeing the impact the music has had on the community. Amplivox Sound Systems is proud to be located in the north suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Is this PA System too big for your car?
Take your message on the road with Amplivox's Sound Cruiser Car PA System. This horn pa system mounts to the roof of your car, truck or any vehicle with suction cups and straps. It literally takes minutes to set up.  Click here to see a video on how to set up the Sound Cruiser Car PA system.

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Say Goodbye to the Chicago Frost! Top 5 Outdoor Summer Activites

Chicago in summer is a sight to behold. The parks are lush, Lake Michigan glimmers in the hot sun, and the streets are filled with tourists and locals who managed to have the fortitude to survive a Chicago winter. Here are some of my favorite things to do in Chicago during the summer.

1. BBQ / Bon Fires: Whether you use propane or charcoal grills, nothing beats a home cooked meal over an open flame or relaxing around a bon fire socializing with your friends.

2. Wrigley Field: I know the Cubs haven't won a world series since 1908 but no matter how good those pesky south-siders do I will always be a Cubs fan. Chicagoans have always stuck by their teams, win or lose the city of Chicago supports all their athletic clubs.

3. Chicago Beaches: Whether its rollerblading, volleyball, or relaxing and soaking in the sun, Chicago has some of the most beautiful beaches in the mid-west.

4. Millennium Park: If you've never been to Chicago's Millennium Park you don't know what your missing. From the beautiful landscaping, to the "bean", and live concerts, it's no wonder why it's Chicago's leading tourist attraction.

5. The Taste of Chicago: Chicago's ten day lakefront festival serves an array of food from ethnic to exotic to Chicago specialties. The festival is held once a year and be prepared to battle the crowds for some of the best food Chicago has to offer.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Auctioneers Protect Your Voice

Auctioneers put considerable strain on their voice for extended lengths of time. It is important to consider using a voice amplification system. Not only will it not strain your voice but you are able to accommodate a larger crowd. With Amplivox Sound Systems Portable PA Systems you can reach an audience as little as 30 people or as large as a 20,000 square foot auditorium of up to 10,000 people. Amplivoxs superior quality and extensive range, simple to operate and dependable products ensures that no matter how big or small your auction house is, your clients will be able to hear a crisp, clear voice throughout the entire auction.

Kiefer Auction Supply Company has been selling Amplivox products for over 30 years and here are a couple video demonstrations we found online:

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Is Here! Great Outdoor Products From Amplivox

With spring finally here and summer right around the corner, everyone will be spending more time outside. Kids will be playing sports outside and coaches for football, baseball, soccer or cheerleaders can benefit from having their voice amplified so they can be heard loud and clear above the noise and commotion.

Adults will be enjoying the nice weather as well. Spending their time at rallies, marches like the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, running marathons or triathlons or having a bbq with friends and family. Amplivox Sound Systems offer a variety of outdoor products that would be great for any event you may be planning.

Coaches can benefit greatly from having their voice amplified. The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner and the S610A Wireless Half Mile Hailer Loudspeaker PA System allows coaches to be heard above the noise of spectators and players without putting strain on their voice. Have greater control over your players because you know they all hear you, and with no need to repeat commands get the most out of the time you have to coach your team.

Amplivox is promoting breast cancer awareness with their "Pink Podium Promise". The Pink Podium Promise is to help raise public awareness and positively impact the lives and families affected by breast cancer worldwide. Amplivox will provide the Pinnacle Podium to any breast cancer related presentation or event on a free loan-per-event basis.

Marathons and Triathlons are ideal for extending your voice with a portable pa sound system. Often officiators need to be mobile and communicate their messages on-the-go which is why our wireless systems like the S602 Mity-Meg Megaphone are such an asset at these events. Amplivox has proudly sponsored Ironman and IMG Marathon events to help make the world a healthier place. Our solid hardwood SW3020 Victoria Lectern graces the award stage at the Ironman Lake Placid.

If your planning a family reunion or just hanging out on a sunny afternoon with family and friends barbecuing, Amplivox's SW722 IPOD Wireless PA System allows you to entertain the entire family. Play music off your iPod or iPhone with the built in docking station, integrated dvd player with video out jack lets you connect a projector.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping Up With Technology. QR and Barcode Scanning the Next Frontier

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones and the near endless possibilities they bring to the palm of your hand, it is hard to guess what the next technological breakthrough will be. I recently bought an HTC Evo 4G and downloaded a bar code app. Although I didn't use it at first, once I familiarized myself with it I started to use it all the time. With a bar code scanner your able to scan the bar code of a t-shirt your interested in buying or your favorite Amplivox products and within seconds you can pull up all the stores in your immediate vicinity and find the cheapest price and location.

Phones continue to evolve at breakneck speeds and it is hard to keep up with what seems to be a countless number of applications. The most recent form of bar code scanning is QR scanning or "Quick Response" scanning. The QR Code above allows you to scan the image with your phone and it will direct you to the Amplivox home page. Don't Believe me? Try it out for yourself!

QR Codes allow endless marketing possibilities. QR codes could also one day replace business cards. Just think about pulling out your phone at a business meeting with your QR code on the screen and all the potential client has to do is scan it and all your linkedin information would be downloaded directly to their phone. Mobile technology is changing the way we interact, QR codes will take interactions to the next level.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Can Your Cheerleader Be Heard Above the Noise? Portable Sound Systems for Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders use a lot of equipment, including loudspeakers, portable sound, pa systems, poms poms, cheerleader shoes and cheerleader outfits. But many sports such as gymnastics and football benefit from purchasing a portable sound system.

There are many options when it comes to cheerleading sound systems. The ability to adjust pitch and the speed of music being played through our cheerleading public address systems is essential for competitions. But when it comes to quality and dependable products, Amplivox Sound Systems has been in the portable sound system business since the 1960s. Amplivox boasts a long history of business and satisfied customers through our business growing, profit increasing products, industry leading warranties, and great customer service.

Great Products for Cheerleading

SW722 IPOD Portable PA System - Plug your iPod into the dock and have crisp, clear music instantly. Also has voice over features and wireless mics.
SW800 TITAN - 100 watt amplifier, built in storage makes this product perfect for traveling.
SW212 MityVox - One of the smallest pa systems with a wireless microphone. The Mity Vox can even be used outdoors with its protective case.

S602 MityMeg Megaphones - Light and powerful, weighing only 2 lbs. This megaphone will make sure your heard no matter what the conditions.

S207 Belt Blaster Pro - Save your voice with our belt worn personal sound system. Leaves you hands free, and keeps your voice from fatigue.

SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner - Ideal for indoor and outdoor competitions. 250 watt amplifier fills the room with full rich & clear sound.

SW300 Mity-Lite - Lightweight and portable pa system. The Mity Lite only weighs 6 1/2 lbs so it wouldn't seem like an anchor to your cheerleaders.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Plan & Prepare for a Power Outage

Electrical power outages, surges, and spikes cause more than $150 billion in damages to the U.S. economy every year - more damaging to an organization's electrical infrastructure than fires, floods, earthquakes, network outages, service failures, and hardware problems combined.

Power outages can occur at any time. Many people are surprised to learn that serious weather isn't the leading cause of power loss.

Common Causes of a Power Outage
  • Miscellaneous mechanical damage, construction error and fire
  • Human error, including digging, cranes, traffic and vandalism
  • Animal contact
  • Fallen trees or tree growth
  • Heavy winds
  • Utility equipment problems and grid overload
If the power went out today, would you be prepared to manage the communications of your emergency response? Would you be able to project your voice over the sounds of alarms and people around you? These are important questions to ask yourself if you want to plan and prepare for a power outage.

Amplivox Sound Systems offers great products for law enforcement and fire or for anyone who wants to be prepared. Here are some of the products that would be ideal for high noise environments.
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

How Long Do Your Batteries Last?

Did you know your Amplivox Sound System product might not work if you don't have your 10 D Cell batteries charged? Here at Amplivox we get a lot of inquiries due to some easy to fix consumer mistakes.

1. Customers sometimes only put in 5 batteries. There are 10 batteries, 2 rows of 5 so make sure you check both sides of the battery pack.

2. If one battery is low the product might not work. If u are running on battery power it will take all 10 batteries to operate. Each battery should produce 1.5 volts or 15 volts total.

3. You have to buy rechargeable batteries in order to charge the product. Most of our products have a rechargeable battery feature. Some of our products come with rechargeable batteries installed already but if the product requires D Cell batteries it is up to the consumer to purchase them.

How long do your batteries last?
With Amplivox's Long Life Nicad Battery Pack you will no longer have to worry about it. With these rechargeable batteries you can have up to 10 hours of talk time with one charge!

Other Power Options
- DC Adapter for Cigarette Lighter
- High Output International AC Adapter/Recharger

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Amplivox at the 2011 "Total MRO Solutions" Grainger Trade Show in Orlando, FL

Earlier this year Amplivox Sound Systems employees Dave Flora and Dan Kreusch had the opportunity to represent Amplivox at the 2011 Grainger Trade Show in Orlando, Florida.

Dan and Dave showed off our products and connected with other businesses. (Dan is featured in this video about our Half-Mile Hailer)

In addition to taking care of business, Dan and Dave enjoyed the nice Orlando weather...a lot better then the tail end of a Chicago winter (see the video shot outside our office of the 2011 Snowpocalypse Blizzard)

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Does your Business Need A Utility Player? Versatile PA Systems/Lecterns are our Specialty

For several years my favorite baseball player was Mark DeRosa who then played for the Chicago Cubs.

The reason I liked him was the flexibility he gave to the Cubs manager. Over the course of his career, DeRosa has played 3B, 2B, RF, LF, SS, and 1B.

Having a player who can allow his manager to rest his regular players to rest with a more than adequate fill-in is like always having a wild-card in your hand.

Having that kind of flexibility will help you be able to focus more on the more important things than figuring out who will fill in during a pinch.

Mutli-use systems and technology is the wave of the future, just think about the iPhone with a phone, internet, music, camera, video...all-in-one. No need to spend extra money and use extra space on separate phone, camera, mp3 player when you can have an all-in-one.

Why are we talking sports and technology on a blog about portable sound systems? Because there are many Amplivox products that can be the perfect utility-player for your school, business, or organization.

The Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System is one of those products that will amaze you with its multiple uses and give your budget a rest!

(Click on the link to see a video on the Digital Audio Travel Partner)

  • plays CDs, MP3s (including an iPod/iPhone and other players)
  • can be used with any kind of wireless and wired microphones
  • is totally portable with rolling wheels and battery-operated (AC power cable to charge included)
  • comes with a 6 year warranty
  • includes a remote control
  • is the ideal system for indoor or outdoor use
  • can come in a bundle
  • has several expansion slots to add whatever your organization needs.
(Video of one example of how to use expansion slots: Tricked Out PA System!)

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