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Monday, April 11, 2011

Can Your Cheerleader Be Heard Above the Noise? Portable Sound Systems for Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders use a lot of equipment, including loudspeakers, portable sound, pa systems, poms poms, cheerleader shoes and cheerleader outfits. But many sports such as gymnastics and football benefit from purchasing a portable sound system.

There are many options when it comes to cheerleading sound systems. The ability to adjust pitch and the speed of music being played through our cheerleading public address systems is essential for competitions. But when it comes to quality and dependable products, Amplivox Sound Systems has been in the portable sound system business since the 1960s. Amplivox boasts a long history of business and satisfied customers through our business growing, profit increasing products, industry leading warranties, and great customer service.

Great Products for Cheerleading

SW722 IPOD Portable PA System - Plug your iPod into the dock and have crisp, clear music instantly. Also has voice over features and wireless mics.
SW800 TITAN - 100 watt amplifier, built in storage makes this product perfect for traveling.
SW212 MityVox - One of the smallest pa systems with a wireless microphone. The Mity Vox can even be used outdoors with its protective case.

S602 MityMeg Megaphones - Light and powerful, weighing only 2 lbs. This megaphone will make sure your heard no matter what the conditions.

S207 Belt Blaster Pro - Save your voice with our belt worn personal sound system. Leaves you hands free, and keeps your voice from fatigue.

SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner - Ideal for indoor and outdoor competitions. 250 watt amplifier fills the room with full rich & clear sound.

SW300 Mity-Lite - Lightweight and portable pa system. The Mity Lite only weighs 6 1/2 lbs so it wouldn't seem like an anchor to your cheerleaders.

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