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Friday, April 22, 2011

Look at This: Youtube Comedian EdBassmaster uses Amplivox Sound Cruiser in Video

Several Amplivox Sound Systems employees have been fans of Youtube Comedian "Ed Bassmaster" for several years now. Edbassmaster is known for his "Elmo Prank Call Video", "Ugly Face Video", a hard to understand character named "Mumbles", a sassy Tequila, and socially awkward nerd named Skippy.

About a month ago, the Amplivox marketing department decided to contact Ed about using our Sound Cruiser Car PA System in a video of his.

He took us up on the offer using one of his most awkward characters. His humor niche loves it and has viewed the video about 100,000 views in only a couple of days and about 700,000 in a few months! Enjoy!

Look at this video:
Here is our Youtube video on the Sound Cruiser:

We will keep you posted of more videos Edbassmaster posts using Amplivox products.

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