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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jen From The Little Couple On TLC Extends Her Voice With An AmpliVox Megaphone

What a great surprise to see The Little Couple's Jennifer Arnold, MD extend her voice with help from our megaphone!

On Season 11, Episode 7 of "All Aboard!", Jen found herself working in a warehouse that was set up as a mockup of three patient care rooms. The mockup was to test and evaluate what might be the best design for a set of intensive care units that are being built in a new 19 story tower at the Texas Children's Hospital.

Project "Cardboard Hospital" was teamed by doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and an architecture firm to design the layout of the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit.

The team created rooms with cardboard walls, filled with real equipment, and used high-tech mannequins with physiological responses to create scenarios that will allow participants to care for a patient and test the risk aspects of the room design.

To coordinate all the moving pieces and start the simulations, Jennifer used an AmpliVox Megaphone to direct all the participants.

The AmpliVox model 601R Mity-Meg 15 Watt Megaphone used by Jen can go anywhere you need to extend your voice. It is ideal for crowd control, announcements in noisy environments, or emergency services.

Mity-Megs 15 Watt power lets you reach even far away audiences. Use the Mity-Meg not only to talk but sound emergency signals.

This charge and go Meg is powered by either conventional batteries or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be reused hundreds of times.

A battery strength indicator shows you when it is time to recharge or replace the batteries. You can switch battery type anytime so you are never out of power. There is an optional carry bag that protects the megaphone.

For more information on AmpliVox Megaphones, please visit:

Friday, February 19, 2016

Acrylic Steel Column Arc Lectern Series

Get the lectern that seems to float above the floor, the AmpliVox Acrylic Steel Column Arc Lectern has a sweeping arc design that makes your presentation seem momentous and memorable.

Its beautiful acrylic table and brushed stainless steel base and column provide contemporary elegance.

Model SN3196 provides a spacious 24” wide reading table. Models SN3199 and SN3200 are even wider 28”.

Model SN3200 even has an adjustable height feature to accommodate presenters of different heights, just unlock the column and push the button then raise the table to your desired height.

Choose from three different models of this stunning lectern.

Model SN3196 has:
  • 24” wide reading table
  • Clear reading surface
  • Presenter side height 40 inches
  • Brushed stainless steel column and base
  • 16" diameter weighted base for stability
  • Holds up to 40 lbs.

Model SN3199 has:
  • 28” wide reading table
  • Anti-reflective reading surface
  • Presenter side height 40 inches
  • Brushed stainless steel column and base
  • 17" diameter weighted base for stability
  • Holds up to 40 lbs.

Model SN3200 has:
  • 28” wide reading table
  • Anti-reflective reading surface
  • Presenters side height that adjusts from 36” to 44” in five locking positions
  • Brushed stainless steel column and base
  • 17" diameter weighted base for stability
  • Holds up to 40 lbs.

All models feature a one year warranty.

Extend your voice and project your image with AmpliVox.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Portable PA Systems Bring Game Atmospheres To Sports Practice

Sports coaches work daily to create practice formats that will best prepare their teams for competition. Research has proven teams that compete at practice with energy, enthusiasm, and at a game-like tempo, typically are successful during competition.

All coaches would agree, at times, it can be hard to get players to consistently be energetic and enthusiastic about practice. Without their 100% commitment, practice time can easily diminish from a time of improvement to a time where teams develop bad habits for games.

How can coaches impact practices in a way that will consistently get players to commit to being energetic and enthusiastic during practice time? Creating a fun and competitive game-like atmosphere at practice can be the solution.

Although using a portable sound system at practice isn’t particularly popular in athletics, many coaches are beginning to rely on this strategy to impact preparation for games.

Portable Sound Systems can create a game-like environment for teams during athletic practices.

Research shows that implementing player-driven audio soundtracks during practice can increase team energy and enthusiasm.

This concept allows athletes to be more engaged with the tone of practice.

Some coaches may fear that audio application could be more distracting than beneficial, however, this concept emphasizes the importance of self-motivation and team discipline.

Another strategy that can create game-like atmospheres at practice involves, adjusting the audio level output during important team period drills.

This forces players to listen and communicate with one another during chaotic situations. Team chemistry and unity will be positively impacted, while also preparing players for intense game situations.

Lastly, sometimes a coach's position on the practice field can make communication efforts difficult. Portable sound system application to a practice environment would allow coaches to be clearly heard no matter where they are, or which direction they are facing. Coaches can establish and maintain a game-like tempo by having a more vocal role in practice.

Whether your intentions are to create a practice environment with energy and enthusiasm or to be more vocal with your team at practice, AmpliVox has you covered.

The following AmpliVox sound systems best fit a practice field:

Half-Mile Hailer

The Half-Mile Hailer lives up to its name, you can easily be heard over a half mile away with this loudspeaker system. It's simple, straightforward controls, and lightweight design makes it the most practical and portable outdoor speaker sound system on the market.

If you need to project your voice to large crowds and up-tempo environments, this is your solution.

Digital Audio Travel Partner

The Digital Audio Travel Partner has a 250-watt amp that can project sounds up to 25,000 square feet, and to groups up to 10,000 people.

It features such as it’s 16 channel UHF wireless microphone receiver, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote controlled media player that puts this PA system above all others.

Titan Wireless Portable PA System

The AmpliVox Titan Wireless Portable PA System is a sound system that can be used indoors or out, to reach up to 2,500 people with crystal clear sound. The system contains a built-in locking handle and wheels for mobility purposes, as well as a storage compartment convenient for microphone and remote.

Its most popular feature is Bluetooth capability in which you can play music remotely from your iPad or smartphone. You can also add an optional tripod for even greater sound dispersion.

Mity-Meg Megaphones

Extend your voice quickly and powerfully to large open areas with AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphones.

They are ideal for crowd control, noisy environments, and emergency situations. Mity-Megs 25-watt power allows you to reach those that are even far [further] away.

With it’s simple “push-to-talk” function you can be heard however far you want, whenever you want.

AmpliVox products are reliable for any athletic field sound application. Take the initiative and revolutionize your practice habits with this audio trend. Depend on AmpliVox to create a game-like atmosphere for your next practice!