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Friday, March 30, 2012

Albert Einstein Quotes on Education: 15 of His Best Quotes

German Physicist Albert Einstein is known for being a genius and his name is even a moniker for a brilliant person (or in sarcasm, a less than brilliant person).

He is famous for his Theory of Relativity as well as intellectual inventions like E=MC2. Many think of him as the father of modern physics and one of the more intelligent people in recent history.

 His brilliance is an inspiration to the scientific and educational communities alike.  Being an academic, he gave some good insight into the education process.

We compiled a list of his 15 most "tweetable" quotes on Education and Science:
Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.
Albert Einstein
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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
Albert Einstein

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I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
Albert Einstein 
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A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Albert Einstein
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If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein
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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.
Albert Einstein

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Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Albert Einstein
Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.
Albert Einstein
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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.
Albert Einstein
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Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.
Albert Einstein
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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein
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Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.
Albert Einstein
Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
Albert Einstein
The only source of knowledge is experience.
Albert Einstein
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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein
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by Kevin Halloran

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 Image Credits: rlerdorf, La Melodie, sfjalar  

Magician Loves AmpliVox iPod Portable PA System for Show's Live Sound!

Our magician friend Anthony recently posted this video describing his love for the iPod Portable PA System from AmpliVox.  He uses this system during his magic show presentations and is able to reach a large audience with his show.

This music pa system features crystal clear booming audio and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Anthony gives advice to help answer the question of which sound system you should buy!

Here is another customer review (a magician also!) who loves the AmpliVox BeltBlaster:

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Valet Stands For Valet Parking Services

A valet stand can create a good or bad first impression. The first thing a customer might see is the lectern outside of your establishment. Why waste a perfect opportunity to make a good impression? AmpliVox can help you make your best first impression. We offer a variety of lecterns to accomplish this.

The Presidential Plus Lectern is a great choice for a valet stand. It features 4 heavy duty swivel casters for easy movement, a large top for notes, and a large storage space to keep the customer's keys in. This lectern also has an optional sound system to help your voice to carry.

The Pinnacle Multimedia Hard Shell Plastic Lectern is a good weather proof option. For proof watch this video (Will It Float Pinnacle Lectern). This lectern is durable, water resistant, and redesigned for a sharp look. This particular lectern has a 12 year limited warranty on the shell and a 6 year warranty on the optional electronics. (See the Pinnacle Tabletop Lectern as another option)

The Full Height Wooden Lectern is durable and will get the job done. It is cost efficient and it will withstand the abuse thrown at it. It is also available in two different colors medium oak and mahogany. This one piece, full height, great value lectern will be a great purchase for any restaurant.

The Patriot Plus Wood lectern will wow your customers at first sight. Being used multiple times by white house members such as the president himself, this lectern has shown its worth. It is elegant yet sturdy enough to last the test of time.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

School Listening Centers and Stations with Head phones, Splitters and a List of Ideas and Resources

Digital Audio iPod Listening Center
Do you want your students to be active participants in the learning process?

Do you want many opportunities for students to interact with their teacher? 

A listening center gives teachers and students a great avenue for unlimited interaction and an engaging way for students to learn to read, learn a language, or be apart of a special needs learning environment.

Listening centers unite several different technologies like microphones, headphones, audio players, and recorders in a seamless way that allows students to concentrate on their schoolwork while participating in dynamic learning activities. These systems allow 6 students to listen to their assignment without bothering or being distracted by other students while working at their own pace.

This system has volume control for each station, 6 personal sized headphones with volume control, and a gold-plated headphone adapter. The Top loading CD player and recorder with AM/FM radio and LED display auto stop cassette recorder is a great addition to any classroom. it operates on AC/DC power or 8 D-Cell batteries and is protected in a tough plastic carrying case.

AmpliVox Models:

Digital Audio iPod Listening Center Bundle
Digital Audio iPod Listening Center and Bundle

Includes the exciting NEW digital iPod Audio Listening Center. Provides iPod docking, amplified speakers and a 6 station listening center in a compact package that's perfect for every classroom.

Connect an iPod with dock connector or iPhone and get power and crystal clear audio. Line in connection allows any stereo audio device to utilize the amplified speakers or headphone jacks.

Deluxe 6 Station Listening Center
Deluxe 6 Station Listening Center
Stereo 6-station jack box with volume control for each station. 6 Stereo/Mon headphones with volume control for each ear, soft leatherette ear cushions and padded headband covers. CD Player Boombox, top loading CD player with AM/FM stereo tuner and LED display. Full auto stop cassette recorder.

Records from CD and radio. 110/220V dual voltage, UL listed for safety. Operates on AC/DC power or 8 D-cell batteries (not included).

Personal 6 Station Listening Center
Personal 6 Station Listening Center

6-station jack box with volume control for each station. 6 personal sized headphones with volume control and screw-on 1/4" adapter with gold plating. CD Player Boombox with top loading CD player with AM/FM stereo tuner and LED display.

Full auto stop cassette recorder. Records from CD and radio. 110/220V dual voltage, UL listed for safety. Operates on AC/DC power or 8 D-cell batteries (not included).

Reviews and Testimonials:

Teacher Loves It!
"When teachers have to buy their own supplies and equipment due to the poor economy, we need good value and prices. This listening station is just the right thing for my classroom. It works well, the price was wonderful, and it came in such a short amount of time, I was able to begin using it right away. I have always had excellent results when ordering from Amazon, whether it be items for my classroom or personal items. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Amazon!
Teacher in Florida  

Listening Center Ideas, Resources, Activities, and Tips:

Top 10 Ideas (from video below)
  1. Read along with an audio book
  2. Record Custom Activities
  3. Test Auditory and Listening Skills
  4. Use with iPad for Different Learning Styles
  5. Learn Language Pronunciation
  6. Supplement Activities with Worksheets
  7. Have Students Respond with Journaling or Drawing
  8. Use it as a Reward for Good Student Behavior
  9. Have students record themselves for reading and pronunciation practice
  10. Finish the ending: have students listen to first part of book then write their own endings

To buy an AmpliVox Listening Center, please visit: AmpliVox School Listening Centers and click "Add to Cart" or call (800)267-5486.

For more information, please read:
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Here are some great resources and ideas from the web:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 Tips for Making Yourself Look Like a Professional Presenter

Professional Presentations need a professional image for the presenter.

Without the proper clothing, equipment, and overall look, listeners will be distracted or worse yet--not be able to hear your message at all!

(Click here for YouTube Videos on Professional Presentations)

Here are several tips to sharpen your presenting style:

1. Wear something comfortable.  Everyone has one or two pieces of clothing that fits perfectly, looks great, and is appropriate for your setting.  Wear it!
2.  Not too Flashy Though. Leave your parachute pants and leather wear at home.  Make sure your clothing is neutral and not distracting.  The longer the presentation, the more your audience will get distracted.
3. Minimize Distractions.  With smart phones, windows, and daydreaming, people do not need any additional distractions like a speaker fumbling through their unorganized notes, lots of like verbal fillers and uh other distracting language, and messing with your sound system or microphone.
4. Have the Right Equipment. Public speaking equipment like lecterns, PA systems, and microphones are all necessary to communicate professionally and audibly.  Having the right lectern with a built-in sound system will help the audience focus on the presenters words and not strain to hear their message.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice. The presenter needs to be free from reading notes and also practice enough to avoid surprises during the presentation. Try and avoid Murphy's Law (that if something can go wrong it will) by preparation.
6. Double Check. Before your presentation starts, make sure that everything is plugged in properly, that volume levels are at the proper level, and that your notes are in order and pages numbered (which helps if you drop your notes!).  Go up to the podium or stage and scan the environment to make sure everything is ready to go.
7. Time to Present!  Good luck!


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Monday, March 19, 2012

Titan Wireless PA System in use at Sales Conference Awards Ceremony

The AmpliVox Titan Wireless PA System was recently used in Canada to at a sales conference to announce vendor prizes.

Here are some shots of the Titan in action!  The Titan PA System could be heard clearly and powerfully over the cheers of the crowd.

With the wireless microphone and rechargeable battery, there were no messy or tangled cords to worry about in setting up for the presentation.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

PA Systems with a Custom Logo to Help Brand Your Organization

AmpliVox is doing more for you by offering customization on select products. Offering this can help you with one of the most important keys to company success: branding. Use these products at sponsored events such as a marathons, banquets, golf outings, or other events.

We offer customization on The Half Mile Hailer, The Mity-Meg, and, The Digital Audio Travel Partner. We also offer the same service on Lecterns.

Bring an AmpliVox custom product to your next event to extend your voice and to show off your companies logo. Buying from AmpliVox will not only get your message out clearly to your audience, it will also spread the name and logo of your company to all in attendance.

Branding is everything in the business world so why not use AmpliVox to help you out at your next event?


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 Safety Precaution Tips for Boaters

One of the most valuable lessons learned is you can never be to prepared whether you are going on a fishing trip, boat tour, or a pleasure trip.   

Something that should be on every boaters mind is safety and precautionary measures while out on the water. If your on a rowboat, speed boat, show boat, or a pontoon these tips should be useful.

1. Always check your local weather service before you go out on the water. If for some odd reason your weather provider's prediction is wrong, look for darkening clouds, a temperature drop, or changing winds. Be safe and get off the water if a sudden weather change occurs.

2. Make a check list before going out. We all forget stuff when we are rushing ourselves. Make a check list before you head out, it will ensure you don't forget anything important.

Some marine safety supplies that might be helpful are a flashlight (click here to see video of  Safety Strobe Megaphone with flashlight), first aid kit, additional life jackets, visual distress signal, and an audio distress signal. All these supplies can be helpful in an emergency situation and can save your life.

To extend your voice even more look into a Portable PA System or a megaphone. These items would help you communicate to other boaters and safety professionals during emergencies or disaster situations.

3. Familiarize yourself with the boating regulations, the layout of the lake, and the layout of your vessel. Knowledge of all theses things is beneficial. It will provide extra safety on the water for you, and your passengers.

4. Put passengers to work. If you need help navigating or watching for other boats you could as your passengers to help you out.

5. Get onto land or back into the boat as soon as possible if you fall in freezing water. Being in cold water steals your body heat 32 times faster then cold air. Find the nearest spot to get out of the water and swim there immediately. Treading water trying to make a decision can shorten survival time by 50%.

6. Know how to swim. As crazy as it sounds, there have been incidences of people falling off their boat and not being able to swim. It would make sense to take a swimming class if your going to be around the water all day.

7. Get a free vessel safety check. These are offered by the United States Coast Guard for free. You can find a local vessel safety check using this website http://www.safetyseal.net/GetVSC/. They check safety equipment and the overall condition of your boat.

8. Watch out for the prop. A prop can spin 160 times per second so it's best to not board your boat via the drive unit. Get a ladder and board the safe way.

9. Install a carbon monoxide device in your boats cabin. Carbon monoxide is odorless and deadly. So it's not a bad idea to install one if your boat has an indoor cabin to prevent you from inhaling the fumes. Carbon monoxide exposure while rare can be fatal, do the smart thing and buy a carbon monoxide detector.

10. Never go boating under the influence. The probability of getting into an accident while under the influence is doubled. Alcohol is intensified by natural stressers like exposure to sun, wind, and motion on the water. Don't put yourself in danger along with all you're fellow boaters on the water.

Here are some AmpliVox products that can be useful for boaters.

Amplivox offers a product that could be helpful for your next boating trip. The Half Mile Hailer can be heard over a half mile away (thus the name). It would be great if your boat happened to stall in the middle of the water or if your vessel gets stuck. The Hailer also comes with a siren that you can use to as a distress signal.

The MityMeg is another option for boaters. This megaphone is a lighter weight option to the half mile hailer. It only weighs two pounds and is weather resistant. This is also handy if you are pulling a water skier or wake boarder. Don't worry about yelling over the loud motor just use the Mighty Meg.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Every Presentation Ever: Communication FAIL

This video should be funny to everyone who has ever been at a presentation...which is just about everybody!

Product featured in second video: Safety Strobe Megaphone

Friday, March 09, 2012

Time Capsule: Half-Mile Hailer in the 1970's

Pictured on the left is a photo we saw in a movie trailer for Baseball, Dennis, and the French that features an older version of the AmpliVox signature product "Half-Mile Hailer."

 AmpliVox has been around since 1952 and occasionally we will be reminded of our age like in the links below:

AmpliVox Time Capsule
-Vintage Sound Cruiser Car PA System

-Vintage Audio Portable Buddy

-Vintage Roving Rostrum Tabletop Lectern/PA System

Why do we blog with old pictures of our products?
  • It shows we have offered quality products for decades
  • It reminds us of the durable and functional design AmpliVox products feature
  • It tells customers that AmpliVox products last for years.  Watch this video of Kurt the Auctioneer giving a testimony of using his Half-Mile Hailer for over 15 years!
  • People have been using AmpliVox products to Extend their Voices for years!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wooden Portable Table Top Lectern Review and Testimonial

One of our customers was so happy that they bought the S250 Wooden Portable Table Top Lectern that they sent us these pictures of them using it during a multimedia presentation.

This lecture happened at a library and featured a LCD projector and the Portable Tabletop lectern with a built in sound system.

The speaker used the wired microphone during their presentation and was able to communicate to their audience clearly and professionally.

During their presentation, presenters were able to seamlessly use the AmpliVox Tabletop Sound Lectern with a:
  • Laptop Computer
  • Projector
  • Built-In Sound System
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    Monday, March 05, 2012

    AmpliVox Sound Systems at the 2011 NSSEA School Equipment Trade Show

    AmpliVox was one of the 181 presenting companies at the 2011 NSSEA School Equipment Show in San Antonio, TX.  The show lasted from November 30-December 2, 2011.

    Pictured is our newly designed Pinnacle Podium ST3250 model plugged into their sound system.

    It is a great public speaking presentation podium and is able to plug into the in house sound system so the speaker can speak through the podium's microphone as shown in the pictures.

    All of our lecterns are able to have custom logos to make your brand or organization stand out.  Recently, Liberty University used a Pinnacle Podium at an outdoor event.

    Thursday, March 01, 2012

    Construction Equipment PA Systems from AmpliVox

    Construction sites are a place of development and ingenuity, but can also be a dangerous place with loud noises and powerful equipment.

    For workers, foremen, and people in the surrounding community to stay safe, it is imperative that workers have a means of communication to the people around a construction site.

    To talk above the noise of bulldozers, backhoes, and cranes, construction professionals need to be able to project their voice.

    The following products are great for construction sites:

    1. Half-Mile Hailer: The Hailer lives up to its name and can project your voice up to one half mile away.  It is perfect for loud environments and is easy to use: just flip the switch on and talk.  It has wireless options that make this a construction foreman's best friend.
    The newest feature on the updated Half-Mile Hailer is a loud emergency siren.

      2. Mity-Meg Megaphone: The AmpliVox line of megaphones are a great addition to any outdoor worksite because of their ease of use and functionality.  You are able to project your voice up to one mile and alert workers with the siren and whistle.

      The Safety Strobe Megaphone features a whistle, siren, flashlight, emergency strobe light, and a voice recorder so it can project recorded messages repeatedly, greatly aiding communication during an emergency.

      Celebrity users of the AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphone include President Barack Obama and Comedian Tom Green.

      3. The Sound Cruiser Car PA System is the perfect system to strap on top of any car, truck, or construction machine to project the driver's voice clearly and effectively.