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Friday, June 28, 2019

Clever and Sector 5 Use of AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems at ISTE19

Clever's staff, a group made up of former educators, teachers, and technology professionals working to change the classroom, exhibiting at booth #2838 was in a panic.

They needed an easy to use wireless mic PA system for their ISTE presentations.

Where in this show could they find what they needed?

Monica Vincent, a very resourceful member of the Clever team searched for help all around this very large show floor, and found us on the other end of the show space.

We just happened to have an extra SW245 from our last show (InfoComm, Orlando), and I could tell Monica was in need of our help: AmpliVox to the rescue!

They loved our system’s ease of use and crisp sound that ensured all attendees of their Clever Academy presentations heard every word clearly and their presenters didn’t need to strain their voices to be heard over adjacent booths sounds and the din of the busy show floor.

The fun at ISTE19 didn't end there.

When it came time for Sector 5 to give away another one of their Chromebooks they chose to make announcements of their drawings using an AmpliVox Mity-Meg megaphone.

Public address systems play a key role when communicating with a group or hosting an event. Amplify your voice and music effortlessly throughout your venue while clearly being heard by all in attendance.

Power Pod with Bluetooth®

Specifically designed for classrooms, school yards, tour groups & meetings.

The SW245B is compact and lightweight, but versatile and rugged enough for indoor as well as outdoor venues, offering optimum usability


Extend your voice in large open spaces with the AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphones.

They are ideal for crowd control, announcements in noisy environments or emergency services.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Calling All #ISTE19 Attendees - Visit Us at Booth 350

Stop by booth #350 at the expo to learn how AmpliVox Portable PA Systems and Lecterns help educators be heard.

2.4 GHz Digital

Wireless Portable Media
Player PA System

Titan Wireless Portable
PA System

Digital Audio Travel
Partner Plus

Executive Column

Flat Hardrock Maple


Power Pod
with Bluetooth®

Educators from around the world are coming together at the ISTE Conference & Expo to reignite their spark and stay passionate about learning.

The latest technology for classrooms is amazing: 3D printers for teaching manufacturing; new software for interactive learning... but if the students can't hear the instructions clearly, what is the point?

Our point of focus is clear communication of spoken word instructions and lessons: easy to use public address systems and lecterns with those built in.

Improve the effectiveness of your classroom, lab, auditorium and outdoor presentations by adding AmpliVox systems to your school's technology.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Ready at the Gate: AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation Greets Air Travelers at TSA Checkpoints

AmpliVox stands alone when it comes to security check point stands. Proudly Made in the USA, the AmpliVox W480 Sentry Mobile Workstation supports the staff and technology used by the TSA to keep us all safe when we fly.

Deployed over the last three years under our exclusive TSA contract # HSTS04-15-A-CI4020 for checkpoint sentry locations, you may have walked past one or more of these in your recent air travels: we are everywhere growing our presence.

One reason you may not of noticed our unassuming stand is it’s clean lines, and solid construction: it doesn’t stand out like other "less well constructed" designs that you’ll see falling apart at airports that have yet to update their operations...ug-ly.

So what?

Guess what?

You may purchase one of these for your own parking, ticketing, crowd control or security application. Why shouldn’t you have the best check stand value available?

As a final touch, put your logo on the Sentry Workstation. The AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation ships fully assembled and comes with a 5 year Warranty.

Selected by the US Transportation Security Administration for TSA checkpoints

Contract # HSTS04-15-A-CI4020

The AmpliVox Sentry Mobile Workstation has lots of storage and workspace, it lets you setup wherever you need to: classrooms, conference or training rooms, building entrances, warehouse and production areas and more. It’s also perfect as a security station.

Its tough powdered coated surface resists chipping, scratching, and fading. Its heavy duty steel construction stands up to rugged use. A height adjustable work surface adjusts to different individuals and tasks.

Conveniently wire handling grommet holes accommodate electrical and electronic devices. It rolls easily on four casters, each of which can be firmly locked into place.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Chicago's Classic Hits 94.7 WLS-FM: Dave Got a New Toy

WLS-FM (94.7 FM) is a commercial FM radio station serving the Chicagoland area broadcasting classic hits from its studios located at the NBC Tower.

It's "Mornings with Dave and Kim" airs weekdays between 5 - 10 am providing listeners with pure fun and positive conversation to start their day.

In their latest edition of "Where in Chicagoland is Dave Fogel", Dave handles a listener's complaint of having a hard time hearing him when he is out and about at events around Chicagoland.

Kim was not too pleased with the megaphone, but Dave thinks his new toy is "AWESOME".

Constructed with a durable ABS plastic material, AmpliVox Mity-Megs are industrial grade megaphones made to take abuse with an with an effective range of up to one mile.

Includes multi-function talk/siren/whistle modes with a comfortable pistol grip handle perfect for field use.

Lithium-ion battery pack delivers worry-free operation and recharging whenever you like: no memory effect.

Exclusive battery indicator light feature lets you always know the status of your battery life and how much power you have left for maximum safety and security.

Thank goodness Dave now has an AmpliVox Megaphone so his audience can hear him loud and clear.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Together in Teal - Ending Ovarian Cancer at the Illinois Chapter 22nd Annual Run Walk

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Illinois Chapter 22nd Annual Run Walk, Together in TEAL® - Ending Ovarian Cancer, took place on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at the United Center.

The chapter is comprised of ovarian cancer survivors, supporters, and health care professionals committed to raising awareness, promoting education, and raising funds for ovarian cancer research.

Each member is dedicated to improving survival rates, as well as improving the quality of life for women affected by ovarian cancer.

AmpliVox has joined the effort to save lives and support the fight against ovarian cancer by donating a custom made Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern that was used for the event.

The custom Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern was created in the NOCC representative teal color, personalized with the organization's logo on the front panel for a truly unique and memorable presence on stage.

Virtually indestructible, Pinnacle lecterns are constructed of hard shell plastic that make them weatherproof, waterproof, rugged and durable for outdoor or indoor use.

Its presence will help to connect with new audiences and heighten the awareness and education on the importance of the early detection of ovarian cancer.

"We’ve affirmed our ongoing commitment to the fight against ovarian cancer, which AmpliVox supports", says Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox.

"Donating the Teal Podium to the NOCC for presentations and events is our way of allowing all voices to be heard."

The NOCC is the premier public health organization in the United States devoted to saving and improving the lives of women affected by ovarian cancer.

For more than 25 years, the NOCC has been committed to raising awareness, promoting education, and funding research in support of women, families, and communities impacted by ovarian cancer.

In the past two years alone, the NOCC has made a tremendous impact in the fight against ovarian cancer.