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Thursday, November 15, 2012

AmpliVox CEO Profiled in "Lincolnshire Review"

AmpliVox CEO Don Roth recently sat down with Natasha Wasinski of the Lincolnshire Review newspaper to talk about his experience as head of AmpliVox Sound Systems and being a long-time Lincolnshire resident.

You can view a selection of the Q & A interview below, or head to the Lincolnshire Review website to check it out in its entirety:

Q: What about Lincolnshire makes you proud?A: It has a very congenial spirit and attitude. People are very friendly. It’s a community that reaches out to one another and supports each other. I’ve also known several of the mayors over the years and they’ve been very, very good. 
Q: What is your favorite restaurant or entertainment venue in town?A: Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Egg Harbor Cafe, and Viper Alley. Cubby Bear North is a great place. (Owner) George Loukas is the best. We have both been on the North Suburban YMCA board for many years. 
Q: If you were mayor for the day, what would you do?A: I would continue our great arbor and green-spirited activities. 
Q: What has changed in Lincolnshire since you moved here?A: We’re not the small, intimate community we used to be but the atmosphere is still there. I have always had wonderful neighbors. The spirit, attitude and camaraderie have not really changed with the town’s growth. 
Q: What got you interested in the electronics industry?A: Because of Xerox I became interested in electronics. I’m not an engineer. By trade I know marketing and finance. It was a great foundation for my career to be at Xerox for all those years. (Prior to purchasing AmpliVox in 1995, Roth was regional vice president for Xerox and executive vice president of Apeco and Numeridex Cad/Cam systems.)

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