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Friday, November 27, 2015

New Sentry Workstation from AmpliVox with Height-Adjustable Work Surface Creates Instant Security Checkpoint

AmpliVox Sound Systems proudly introduces its new W480 Sentry Security Workstation, a mobile and durable lectern-style stand that establishes an impressive security checkpoint whenever and wherever needed.

It features a unique height-adjustable work surface to make it comfortable and functional for any users of any height, and can be set for either standing or sitting as needed.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel with an attractive powder coat finish, the Sentry Workstation can be set in indoor or outdoor venues for a wide variety of uses.

The unit includes two adjustable shelves to accommodate equipment.

The semi-gloss powder coated surfaces resist chipping, scratching, fading, and wear longer than any standard paint finish.

Solvent-free powder coating is the most environmentally-friendly paint technology for metal products.

The entire workstation moves easily on 4” heavy-duty casters, all four of which lock securely into position.

The clean, streamlined style of the Sentry can be enhanced with customized logos on the front panel.

All the unique features of the Sentry Workstation are showcased in AmpliVox’s product demonstration video.

In addition to supporting security functions, the Sentry can be put to use as a presentation lectern, welcome center, or other purposes.

It is a natural fit for:
  • law enforcement
  • schools
  • industrial workplaces
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • and other demanding locations where durability is essential

"The Sentry Workstation offers a new level of versatility and rugged construction in a mobile unit," notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.

"Whether it is used for security, instruction, or hospitality, it exceeds expectations for attractiveness and ease of use."

Monday, November 23, 2015

Introducing Our Newest Quality Assurance Intern - Juliana

Juliana with AmpliVox CEO Don Roth
We would like to offer a warm welcome to our latest addition to the AmpliVox family, Juliana Roth Fiuza.

Juliana is our newest Quality Assurance Intern.

Under the general supervision of the QA Lead, the QA Intern is responsible for helping ensure that AmpliVox quality standards are maintained.

QA Intern conducts direct line audits and warehouse audits and tests samples to be certain that quality standards are met.

Intern maintains the storage area where production samples are stored and also performs other various warehouse functions as needed.

QA Intern ensures that the features being developed work as expected and that the end user experience meets expectations.

Juliana hard at work checking frequencies on the SW805A
Specific Accountabilities and Responsibilities
  • Coordinate and supervise the testing and monitoring of materials, finished products, packaging, labeling, and reworks to ensure product quality.
  • Provide daily production support which includes analysis and determines adjustments to products during the manufacturing process.
  • Responsible for QA/QC product analysis, equipment standardization, Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Assist with rework of off-spec products or obsolete raw materials.
  • Work on product development projects as assigned by the QA Lead.
  • Provide feedback for product specifications.
  • Make certain paperwork is complete and accurate.
  • Conduct quality audits on product in the warehouse.
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by the QA Lead or the Plant Manager.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Portable Valet Podium from AmpliVox Enhances Curb Appeal and Security

For many businesses, the first customer point of contact happens outside the front door when drivers pull up to the valet stand.

To make that first impression inspire confidence, AmpliVox Sound Systems proudly introduces its all-new Portable Valet Podium, a mobile stand that provides an attractive, secure, and durable center for valet services.

Constructed of welded steel with zinc hardware and a durable, scratch-resistant textured black powder coat finish, the customizable Valet Podium raises the bar for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, offices, and other venues that rely on valet service for customers.

AmpliVox’s Portable Valet Podium features a locking storage cabinet with integrated hooks for 50 or 100 sets of keys, depending on the model.

Hooks are labeled with screen-printed numbers for quick and easy reference, secured by a slam-action lock with key.

Additional storage includes a top drawer with a slam-action lock and an optional lockbox for tips.

The unit moves easily on four heavy-duty locking casters.

Other specialized valet features include an integrated tip slot and a locking umbrella holder.

The Valet Podium is designed to complement the appearance of the business as well.

The textured black powder coat finish on the weatherproof steel structure resists scratches and delivers an elegant image that stands the test of time.

That attractiveness is enhanced by zinc hardware, recessed handles, and a brushed stainless steel work surface.

The front panel is designed for easy sign mounting.

For a more permanent impact, AmpliVox can order and install a custom company logo for front viewing.

"The quality of a business’s valet service has a great impact on customers," notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.

"Customers expect valets to provide absolute security for their keys and property, and have more confidence when the valet stand is attractive and well maintained.

The AmpliVox Portable Valet Podium makes it easy for any business or venue to deliver that sense of confidence to its customers."

Friday, November 13, 2015

Win a BeltBlaster Pro from AmpliVox Through SchoolsIn Thanksgiving Coloring Contest

Educators! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but before you sit down for a delicious meal with friends and family, why not win some exciting classroom technology for you and your students?

The opportunity is made possible thanks to our friends at SchoolsIn.

The education technology and furniture dealer is running their annual Turkey Coloring Contest from now until November 20 for grade school classrooms across the country.

To enter, simply print out this year’s SchoolsIn turkey, let your students unleash their design skills to color the best bird, and mail in the creations for a chance to win among $7,800 worth of prizes.

As a contest sponsor, one lucky 2nd or 3rd grade class will win an AmpliVox Sound Systems BeltBlaster Pro personal waistband amplifier.

Educators swear by the BeltBlaster Pro as a proven tool to improve classroom management and student attentiveness. The easy-to-use voice amplification feature relieves teachers from straining their voice to speak over the busy atmosphere of group projects and student discussions that are commonplace in the classroom.

When ideal weather or field trips bring learning outdoors, you can communicate to your students with minimal interference and without raising your voice.

No matter the setting, the BeltBlaster Pro allows you to maintain control and clear communication, which is pivotal in creating a positive and successful learning environment. Learn more about the BeltBlaster Pro’s exciting features by checking out the demonstration video below from our YouTube channel.

For more information about the SchoolsIn Turkey Coloring Contest, you can view the contest rules at their website. And be sure to browse our blog to to learn more about how AmpliVox technology can make a difference in your classroom.

BeltBlaster Product Video:

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Buy American - Setting the Bar for Quality and Innovation

We’re all surrounded by iconic “American” brands that actually are now made overseas. Your favorite Levi’s were sewn in Costa Rica; your Chuck Taylor’s rode in on a freighter from Indonesia; your kids’ Barbie and Ken dolls were assembled in China, right down the road from your iPhone’s assembly plant. Even the baseballs that are at the core of the World Series are stitched and shipped from other countries. It’s particularly sad that “Made in America” products are so hard to find because consumers strongly prefer to buy them: according to a Consumer Reports survey, 60 percent of us would buy American-made items even if we had to pay 10 percent more for them. Americans value the quality of US-made goods, as well as the importance of maintaining manufacturing jobs here in America.

At AmpliVox, we’re proud that the vast majority of our products are assembled, packaged, and distributed from our headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, where we’ve been based since the 1950s. AmpliVox maintains its own design, engineering, technology, manufacturing, and woodshop teams, all based in Northbrook, and we strictly control the creation of every AmpliVox product from beginning to end. In cases where the best quality component elements are found off-shore, we only select vendors who share our commitment to excellence, and all imported materials are subject to rigorous testing by our in-house experts. In the interests of full transparency, products that contain non-US materials are clearly identified in our sales materials.

We firmly believe that AmpliVox’s products, predominantly made in the US, set the bar for quality and innovation in our industry. We are also committed to supporting American jobs, enforcing sustainable practices, practicing energy efficiency, and reducing waste. Keeping our manufacturing process close to home has ensured the character of our products and inspired our employees’ pride in the results of their work. When you’re looking for the opportunity to “Buy American”, be sure to remember the AmpliVox promise of complete satisfaction.

For a list of AmpliVox products that are Made in the USA, please visit: