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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Buy American - Setting the Bar for Quality and Innovation

We’re all surrounded by iconic “American” brands that actually are now made overseas. Your favorite Levi’s were sewn in Costa Rica; your Chuck Taylor’s rode in on a freighter from Indonesia; your kids’ Barbie and Ken dolls were assembled in China, right down the road from your iPhone’s assembly plant. Even the baseballs that are at the core of the World Series are stitched and shipped from other countries. It’s particularly sad that “Made in America” products are so hard to find because consumers strongly prefer to buy them: according to a Consumer Reports survey, 60 percent of us would buy American-made items even if we had to pay 10 percent more for them. Americans value the quality of US-made goods, as well as the importance of maintaining manufacturing jobs here in America.

At AmpliVox, we’re proud that the vast majority of our products are assembled, packaged, and distributed from our headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, where we’ve been based since the 1950s. AmpliVox maintains its own design, engineering, technology, manufacturing, and woodshop teams, all based in Northbrook, and we strictly control the creation of every AmpliVox product from beginning to end. In cases where the best quality component elements are found off-shore, we only select vendors who share our commitment to excellence, and all imported materials are subject to rigorous testing by our in-house experts. In the interests of full transparency, products that contain non-US materials are clearly identified in our sales materials.

We firmly believe that AmpliVox’s products, predominantly made in the US, set the bar for quality and innovation in our industry. We are also committed to supporting American jobs, enforcing sustainable practices, practicing energy efficiency, and reducing waste. Keeping our manufacturing process close to home has ensured the character of our products and inspired our employees’ pride in the results of their work. When you’re looking for the opportunity to “Buy American”, be sure to remember the AmpliVox promise of complete satisfaction.

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