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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cruise ship PA System Prankster Causes Panic

Cruise Ship Tells Passengers to Abandon Ship 
A thousand cruise-ship passengers got the fright of their lives when a prankster took over the vessel's public-address system and told them to "abandon ship."

"When the alarm went on the second time and we came out here, we were just thinking, certainly, it's something silly, surely someone just bumped the door or something, certainly they didn't come back," said Linda Huggins, who owns the store with her husband Randy.
Powerful equipment in the wrong hands could mean trouble for your business or organization.

It is important to have a back up communication plan if your main one malfunctions or gets into the wrong hands.

The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System is a powerful way to communicate to large crowds of panicked people in emergency situations.

For more information please call (800) 267-5486. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Acylic Lectern Testimonial from the Dow Chemical Company

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for all that you did to get the lectern order processed and the lecterns made. It was so exciting for me to get back from NY to see them here. 

In addition, you went above and beyond by drilling the holes for the goose neck microphone mounts. I can’t thank you enough and I will always recommend and encourage our team to work through AmpliVox in the future.

Kindest Regards,
Melissa M. Polega

The Dow Chemical Company

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pinnacle Testimonial - San Antonio Convention Sports & Entertainment Facilities

We purchased 30 Pinnacle Sound lecterns, 30 Pinnacle Non-Sound lecterns, as well as 15 Tabletop non-sound lecterns from AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems.   The Pinnacle Lecterns replace our old wooden lecterns, which have out-lived their usefulness.

After extensive research and testing of available products in the marketplace, we selected AmpliVox products. Our initial purchase consisted of 30 sound lecterns. We tested and checked their functionality.  After a month of testing the Pinnacles, our decision to purchase additional lecterns was unanimous.  The lecterns are used extensively throughout all our meeting rooms and banquet halls.  They are pleasant to look at, easy to maneuver and set up, and go well with our d├ęcor.

We look forward to continuing our association with AmpliVox and their products.


Jesse Rocha
Stock Control Supervisor
City of San Antonio

All-In-One Portable PA System | Digital Audio Travel Partner

An all-in-one PA System like the Digital Audio Travel Partner is the ideal system for a variety of events and uses.

If you run a school, organization, or a business, you will want a system to work for all of the different events or applications.

Since there is no use buying a different PA system for each activity, you need a utility player like the Digital Audio Travel Partner.

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight design
  • 250 powerful watts
  • Plays music/audio from an iPod/iPhone or other external device, CD player, USB drive, SD card slot
  • Optimized for up to 8 wireless microphones with our wireless microphone kits
  • Expandable for the future

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Setting Up Your Sound System

Setting Up Your System
Feedback results when the amplified sound hits the microphone at nearly the same volume as the source. You are generating a sound wave which is picked up by the microphone, amplified by the sound system, picked up again and amplified more by the sound system and so on. It is characterized by howling from the speaker or a ringing noise.

The easy cure for microphone feedback is to turn down the volume. The feedback goes away but now everyone can’t hear what you are saying. The better approach is to set up the system so feedback is prevented in the first place. What you are trying to do is get more gain from the system.

Gain is the difference (in sound level) between the original source and the amplified signal.  For example, an audience member is sitting 35 feet from you. You are speaking without an amplifier. The audience member hears the sound at 65dB. When the system is turned on, you are heard at 77dB. 77 minus 65 is 12. That is a gain of 12dB.

A decibel is a measure of sound that is based on proportional measurements and is logarithmic in nature. To get 3dB more gain is equal to doubling the sound level. Although 12dB doesn’t sound like much of an increase, it is 16 times louder. The whole idea is to get as much gain from the system as possible without feedback.
Download entire Wireless Sound System Setup Guide Here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prevent Injuries at the Workplace with Clear Communication

Disaster in the workplace: It can happen to you.
Everybody hates the needless doctors visits, tedious paperwork, and endless phone calls that come after suffering an injury at the workplace.

 In order to make sure your company, school, or organization is the best place to work, you need to ensure a safe work environment.

This involves avoiding hazards in the workplace while focusing on occupational safety and at work health. An estimate from 2005 thinks that $45 Billion is spent yearly on work place injuries.

All safety and occupational health plans need to be communicated clearly to ensure safety at the workplace.  If you neglect this, you will pay the price.

Still not convinced?  These workplace safety statistics speak for themselves:
  • $6.9 billion to treat employee injuries due to “Falling On The Same Level.”
  • $4.6 billion to treat employees “Struck By An Object”
  • $3.0 billion went towards injuries due to “Repetitive Motions”
  • $2.0 billion was paid to treat injuries resulted from employees “Caught In Compressed Equipment.”
Therefore, the staggering costs of injuries and illnesses in an occupational setting emphasize the importance of being safe and preventing accidents.

Here are 6 Safety Tips to prevent injuries in a workplace and cultivate workplace safety:

1. Identify Hazards. While your workplace probably has hazards specific to your industry and location, there are some common hazards that we all need to be careful of.  Puddles on the ground, boxes stacked too high, stray items that may cause others to trip and fall are all things to be avoided.

One great At Work Safety Tip is to beware of injuries for commonly used body parts.  If you sit at a desk and work on a computer, your hands (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and your back (due to bad posture) could be most susceptible to injury.

For more mobile workers, one of the more common workplace injuries is also an injury to the back, this time from improper lifting techniques.  The old adage, "Lift with your legs, not your back" is not an old fashioned saying but a truth of life.

2. Safety equipment.  Having job appropriate safety equipment like a hard hat, a heavy lifting belt strap, and an AED (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) can save a lot of pain--or a life--if they are kept on hand.  A first aid kit is standard for any job and should be kept at a location easily accessible to every employee.

3. Safety training and procedures.  In addition to regular safety meetings and memos, employees should be introduced to work safety tips and procedures as a part of employee orientation.  Each member of your team should understand their role and how it fits into the larger safety training plan of your organization.

4. Posted safety procedures and goals.  
It is not enough to merely have safety procedures and goals, but it is imperative to make them clear and available to everyone on a daily basis.

Signs like the one pictured on the right are small ways to instill a company culture that values safety and doing the right thing.

5. Safety inspections.  Have emergency professionals double check that your safety procedures meet every occupational safety law.  Rules and regulations are not helpful if you don't follow them properly.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers many tools and resources to help you see if you meet the requirements for work safety.

6. Clear lines of communication.  For outdoor activities and emergency evacuation situations, you need a dependable way to communicate with those around you.  Disasters may strike at any time, it is important to have a disaster preparedness plan in place that includes being able to clearly communicate loud and clear to a potentially panicked group of people.

Megaphones or other emergency communication systems like the Radio Hailer are great options for those wanting to project their voice to communicate emergency messages loudly and clearly.  The Safety Strobe Megaphone features an emergency siren, voice recorder/playback, a flashlight, and flashing strobe light.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flash Mob Portable Sound Systems Battery Powered

This post is a follow up to the previous one called "How to Plan/Organize a Flash Mob."  Below are several portable PA systems that would be great for large and diverse groups like a flash mob:

iPod Wireless Portable PA System:
This 30-watt system can reach an audience size of up to 500 people and simultaneously plays and charges your iPod or iPhone!  It is also compatible with other MP3 players with a standard headphone jack.  With the Voice Priority Feature that dims the music down when speaking into the microphone, the iPod Portable PA System is a presenter’s best friend because of its ease of use and functionality.  

Video: iPod Portable PA System

Digital Audio Travel Partner:
This is our most powerful PA system at 250 watts and has every audio and mic option that you can imagine.  It has an extendable luggage handle and rolling wheels to make this travel like a small piece of luggage.  It has a built in CD player, USB port, integrated electronics for full and clear sound, and boasts three expansion slots to keep you up date with new technologies.  This product comes witn an industry leading 6 year warranty. Connecting an iPod/iPhone to this PA system is a cinchWant more power? Upgrade to a Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System Bundle for even greater sound coverage.

Video: Digital Audio Travel Partner


Wireless Audio Portable Buddy:
The Wireless Audio Portable Buddy is a 50-watt sound system that comes in a discreet small briefcase sized case and weighs only four pounds (eight with batteries).  The battery life is an incredible 200 hours!  That is no typo.  This small PA System can reach an audience of up to 1,000 people.  This system can play music from an external device like an iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player and comes with a Six Year Warranty so you can enjoy crisp and clear sound for years to come.

Video: Wireless Audio Portable Buddy PA System

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Auctioneer Portable PA System Review AmpliVox

Professional Auctioneer Lyn Liechty of A Real Auction recently sent in this testimonial regarding his purchase of the Audio Portable Buddy PA System:

"....I could not be happier with Amplivox.  You folks have always treated my extremely well and if you wish to put any of my words on your website or other forms of advertising, please do so.  You also have permission from me to use Lyn Liechty Auctions as a reference.  You can give my email (available at his website) to any prospective buyer if they desire a testimonial from a professional auctioneer.
 Regards,  Lyn Liechty, Auctioneer"

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Best Small Portable PA Systems Top Wireless

Looking to buy one of the best small portable PA systems on the market?

Look no further than the revolutionary line of personal-sized pa systems from AmpliVox Sound Systems.  Our systems come with wireless microphone options, long battery lives, easy-to-use controls, and lengthy warranties of up to six years!

These systems are commonly used by tour guides, education professionals to amplify their voices in their classrooms, entertainers, and even sports coaches.

Belt-Blaster Waistband Amplifier
The Belt-Blaster Waistband Amplifier is loved by tour guides and entertainers alike because it is a lightweight PA system that allows a wide range of motion without the system getting in the way.  It is a 5-watt PA system that weights only 2 pounds!

Not enough proof? Watch this video about the Belt Blaster being used by Blind Ski Guides to guide blind skiers.

Mity-Vox Portable PA System
The Mity-Vox Portable PA System is a wireless system that is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.  The 20 watt system has a storage compartment and comes with a protective case and AC recharger.

Presenters are able to easily plug in their iPhone/iPod, CD player, or musical instrument for crystal clear sound without the hassle.  Watch the MityVox Small PA System video to see just how easy it is to use.

MityLite Portable PA System
The Mity-Lite Portable PA System is a favorite among cheerleading teams and presenters for its wireless microphone, over the shoulder strap, and easy-to-use functions.

Video: Mity-Lite Small PA System

Wireless Audio Portable Buddy
The Wireless Audio Portable Buddy has been an AmpliVox favorite for decades. It comes in a travel-friendly briefcase size package and can clearly project your voice or music up to 1,000 people.  Play your audio through an iPod or any other external device.

Blog: Reviews of Wireless Audio Portable Buddy

The iPod Portable PA System from AmpliVox is another versatile option from AmpliVox.  This 30-watt system features a remote control, iPod dock, and wireless handheld remote control.  The built-in battery and protective case make this a favorite among AmpliVox customers!

Blog: iPod Portable PA System used at Outdoor Car Wash

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hotel Industry Lecterns PA Systems

Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System: This system is a staple for emergency preparedness because it allows the user to communicate over large areas and to large groups of people from a remote location, up to one mile away!

Video: Radio Hailer Emergency Communication Systems
The Digital Audio Travel Partner is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event needing a large-area PA system for presenters and music.  It is 250 watts and allows users to easily plug in an iPod/iPhone as well as use other external devices and instruments.  It is capable of using 8 different wireless microphones simultaneously with a wireless microphone kit!

The iPod Portable PA System combines portability with convenience in a nice lightweight package.  The wireless microphone and remote control complement the powerful 30-watt speaker and iPod dock that plays and charges your iPod or iPhone simultaneously!

The Titan Wireless PA System is 100 watts and neatly organizes your microphones and other equipment in the top console.  It is a favorite among presenters and entertainers because it is so easy to use!

The Victoria Multimedia Lectern is a stylish option for presenters that features solid wood construction, scratch resistant coating, and an optional sound system built in.

Custom Logos for lecterns are available.

The Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern is the most versatile and durable lectern on the market.  It is made of durable plastic (that features a 12 year warranty!), has rolling casters for easy movement, and has an optional built in sound system.  To hook up your in-house public address system all you need to do is plug in one cord!  Watch video for proof.

It also makes an excellent valet parking stand!

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Monday, August 06, 2012

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Skokie Flyers vs Northwest Chargers Breast Cancer Awareness Game 2012

This past March 31st, 2012 the Skokie Flyers Midget program hosted their 6th annual Breast Cancer Awareness charity hockey game.  The event has seen improvement each and every year.  Unlike past springs, two separate games took place this year.  

Also different from years past, this years games were no contact. Although no hockey player likes to play no contact, all of the players involved in this years events enjoyed themselves very much.  Neither teams in both games were concerned with the outcome, they were participating to have fun playing the game they love and support a good cause at the same time.  

To help make announcements during each game, AmpliVox did the Flyers a favor and donated a Pink Podium for the event.  To go along with the Pink Podium at AmpliVox we also have a Blue Podium for Prostate Cancer Awareness.  
In the first game the midget minor (U16) Skokie Flyers played against the Carmel Catholic High School JV team.  

The second game the Skokie Flyers midget major (U18) team took on the (U18) Northwest Chargers 

Coach of both the midget minor and midget major Skokie Flyers Michael Tompkins who helped put this event together, had this to say about this years event, 
"Our 6th Annual Breast Cancer Avon Walk Event was very impressive this year, with the passing of Lori Tednes, my sister in law 4 days before the event it was a very emotional evening but a great success."  

Tompkins also said this year, the games this year raised over $5,000 for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer was raised.  That money will then be donated to the Jonathan Tednes Avon Walk account where he will be walking this year in memory of his mother Lori.  

Coach Tompkins and the Skokie Flyers organization plan to continue this event in memory of Lori Tednes along with all of the other women and survivors.  

Along with the five dollar donation to get into both games, there were items that were being auctioned away in a silent auction as well.  

Some of the more profound items that were available to be purchased in the silent auction were jerseys from both National Hockey League teams the Ottawa Senators and Columbus Blue Jackets.

As a player who has played in this event the past three springs, I have noticed an improvement every year.  It seems we raise more money year after year.  

The number of people that come out and support the event gets bigger by the year and it makes the game even more enjoyable and special than it already is.  Seeing that this would be my last time playing in this event, I hope that I can take part in events as awesome as this in the future. 

For more information on the Pink Podium Program, please visit The Pink Podium Promise webpage.

By Steve Kreusch

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