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Friday, August 24, 2012

Pinnacle Testimonial - San Antonio Convention Sports & Entertainment Facilities

We purchased 30 Pinnacle Sound lecterns, 30 Pinnacle Non-Sound lecterns, as well as 15 Tabletop non-sound lecterns from AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems.   The Pinnacle Lecterns replace our old wooden lecterns, which have out-lived their usefulness.

After extensive research and testing of available products in the marketplace, we selected AmpliVox products. Our initial purchase consisted of 30 sound lecterns. We tested and checked their functionality.  After a month of testing the Pinnacles, our decision to purchase additional lecterns was unanimous.  The lecterns are used extensively throughout all our meeting rooms and banquet halls.  They are pleasant to look at, easy to maneuver and set up, and go well with our d├ęcor.

We look forward to continuing our association with AmpliVox and their products.


Jesse Rocha
Stock Control Supervisor
City of San Antonio