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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cruise ship PA System Prankster Causes Panic

Cruise Ship Tells Passengers to Abandon Ship 
A thousand cruise-ship passengers got the fright of their lives when a prankster took over the vessel's public-address system and told them to "abandon ship."

"When the alarm went on the second time and we came out here, we were just thinking, certainly, it's something silly, surely someone just bumped the door or something, certainly they didn't come back," said Linda Huggins, who owns the store with her husband Randy.
Powerful equipment in the wrong hands could mean trouble for your business or organization.

It is important to have a back up communication plan if your main one malfunctions or gets into the wrong hands.

The Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System is a powerful way to communicate to large crowds of panicked people in emergency situations.

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