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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Best Small Portable PA Systems Top Wireless

Looking to buy one of the best small portable PA systems on the market?

Look no further than the revolutionary line of personal-sized pa systems from AmpliVox Sound Systems.  Our systems come with wireless microphone options, long battery lives, easy-to-use controls, and lengthy warranties of up to six years!

These systems are commonly used by tour guides, education professionals to amplify their voices in their classrooms, entertainers, and even sports coaches.

Belt-Blaster Waistband Amplifier
The Belt-Blaster Waistband Amplifier is loved by tour guides and entertainers alike because it is a lightweight PA system that allows a wide range of motion without the system getting in the way.  It is a 5-watt PA system that weights only 2 pounds!

Not enough proof? Watch this video about the Belt Blaster being used by Blind Ski Guides to guide blind skiers.

Mity-Vox Portable PA System
The Mity-Vox Portable PA System is a wireless system that is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.  The 20 watt system has a storage compartment and comes with a protective case and AC recharger.

Presenters are able to easily plug in their iPhone/iPod, CD player, or musical instrument for crystal clear sound without the hassle.  Watch the MityVox Small PA System video to see just how easy it is to use.

MityLite Portable PA System
The Mity-Lite Portable PA System is a favorite among cheerleading teams and presenters for its wireless microphone, over the shoulder strap, and easy-to-use functions.

Video: Mity-Lite Small PA System

Wireless Audio Portable Buddy
The Wireless Audio Portable Buddy has been an AmpliVox favorite for decades. It comes in a travel-friendly briefcase size package and can clearly project your voice or music up to 1,000 people.  Play your audio through an iPod or any other external device.

Blog: Reviews of Wireless Audio Portable Buddy

The iPod Portable PA System from AmpliVox is another versatile option from AmpliVox.  This 30-watt system features a remote control, iPod dock, and wireless handheld remote control.  The built-in battery and protective case make this a favorite among AmpliVox customers!

Blog: iPod Portable PA System used at Outdoor Car Wash

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