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Monday, March 30, 2020

How to Change Wireless Channels on the AmpliVox 96 Channel Receiver

With the proliferation of wireless communications there is also an increasing chance for channel interference.

That’s why the AmpliVox 96 Channel receiver will help you ensure interference free wireless communication.

Here’s How to Change Channels using this 96 Channel Wireless Receiver
First find the wireless receiver on your unit and turn it on.

It will show the last wireless channel used.

You’ll be using either a handheld with it’s own built-in transmitter or a microphone with a belt pack transmitter.

Let’s first look at the handheld microphone.

Sync channels with the handheld microphone:
  1. Turn on the handheld microphone using the switch at the base
  2. To automatically sync the microphone to the same channel as the receiver, hold the microphone near the receiver and push the sync button on the receiver
  3. Then push the set button on the microphone
  4. After a few seconds, the channels will align
Should you want to manually change channels:
  1. You can use the up or down arrow buttons on the receiver
  2. Then hit the set button on the microphone
  3. Select the same channel you selected on the receiver
  4. Then hit the set button again to lock it in place

To sync channels using a microphone with a beltpack transmitter:

Sync channels with beltpack transmitter:
  1. First turn on the transmitter
  2. Then push the sync button on the receiver
  3. Followed by the set button on the beltpack transmitter
  4. The channels will automatically sync
For Manual Channel Switching:
  1. First toggle to a new channel on the receiver using the up or down arrow buttons
  2. Then push the set button on the beltpack transmitter matching the channel on the receiver
  3. Then push the set button again to lock the channel in place
AmpliVox helps you enjoy interference free wireless communication.

Friday, March 27, 2020

We Can Beat It Together: Older People Need Protection From COVID-19

The susceptibility of older people to infection, serious complications, and death from COVID-19 is troubling.

A USA Today analysis found that in 341 counties -- 11 percent of all U.S. counties -- at least a quarter of residents are 65 or older. Meanwhile, the Census estimates that only 16 percent of the national population is over 65.

Coronavirus cases could soar in these US counties with high populations of senior citizens:
  • Texas has the most number of senior-heavy counties with 27
  • followed by Nebraska
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Florida
  • and North Carolina
In addition, 83 percent of senior-heavy counties are classified by the Census as rural, which means their residents are farther from medical and social services.

Many healthcare specialists are very worried that high rates of contagion in such counties could be catastrophic, particularly in regions where getting help often means long trips to lightly staffed and equipped centers.

"Rural America is older, sicker, and poorer," said National Rural Health Association CEO Alan Morgan.

"Now combine that with 2,000 rural hospitals where 1,300 have 25 or fewer beds, half of which have just one ventilator on site. Our system was designed for efficiency, not surge capacity."

Another major problem for rural seniors during the pandemic is sporadic broadband access, which is crucial for telemedicine visits.

Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference Transitions to Virtual Event

As a Supporting Industry Partner, AmpliVox Sound Systems recognizes the importance of senior care and joins Argentum to shape the collective voice advancing excellence in senior living.

Through the virtual event, we can continue to educate and advance the industry on important matters through a medium more accessible and convenient given the extraordinary circumstances we are facing as an industry and as a country.

We can incorporate much of what we are learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as focus on what support the industry needs to get through – and eventually beyond – this crisis.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Support Your Local Restaurants - Lincolnshire & Northbrook, IL

While many local Illinois restaurants are temporarily closed, some of them are open for carryout business.

Over the years, AmpliVox has supported local restaurants such as:

... and The Claim Company in Northbrook, IL

Please note that Claim Company is an independent local business that is currently continuing to support their customers with carryout orders.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Save Big: VHF Wireless Microphone Kits - Clearance Sale

Check out these great deals on our VHF Microphone Kits!

Systems include your choice of Lapel and Headset microphones or wireless handheld microphone.

S1612 - Wireless VHF Lapel
& Headset Mic Kit
Add to Cart

Was $156.00
Lapel & headset omnidirectional mics

ONE transmitter (requires 9-volt battery)

Receiver with ONE operating frequency

AC power supply or battery operated (batteries not included).

S1620 - Wireless Handheld
VHF Mic Kit
Add to Cart

Was $340.00
Unidirectional Handheld mic with built-in transmitter

Includes receiver with ONE operating frequency

AC power supply

4 different frequencies available: 173.8 / 174.1 / 174.5 / 174.8 MHz.

S1624 - Single Channel Wireless
Handheld Microphone System
Add to Cart

Was $250.00
Frequency Range: Single, VHF 230 – 260 Mhz.

Talking Range: 100 feet

System Includes Wireless Microphone Receiver, Wireless Microphone, 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch cord for plugging into any 1/4 inch audio jack. Use with PA amplifiers or Karaoke equipment.

Also includes AC/DC adapter for microphone receiver, 9 V battery for wireless microphone.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

AmpliVox 2020 Catalog - Featuring Made in USA

Download 2020 Product Catalog

The versatility of our portable public address systems, elegant lecterns and integrated wireless sound systems provide the perfect complement to any presentation, indoor or outdoors, clearly reaching audiences from 10 to 10,000

Our experienced representatives are always happy to assist customers in finding the right products, and, we offer quick response to any after-sales trouble-shooting or support.

What's New: 96 Channel Wireless PA

Wireless Microphone Receiver

Wireless Speaker Transmitter
The 96-channel wireless receiver and transmitter is a significant upgrade over the 16-channel in the previous models and has been introduced in several Portable PA Systems and the entire line of 150 Watt powered Multimedia Lecterns.

Reach crowds up to 3,000 people and cover the length of a football field

Download 2020 Product Catalog

Made in USA SW800-96 launching May 1st

AmpliVox Multimedia Lecterns and Rack Cabinets are made in McHenry, Illinois USA

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis - We Are All In This Together

Like all other businesses, AmpliVox Sound Systems is taking steps to safeguard the health of our customers and employees in this challenging time.

We are also dedicated to ensuring the continued availability of emergency communications productsmegaphones, hailers, and other sound systems -- to ensure that our customers can communicate effectively as needed.

We thank you for your support.

We will overcome this challenge together!

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Commercial Integrator Shares Don Roth's Fundraising Efforts In Memory of his Wife Nancy

Commercial Integrator (CI), a leading trade magazine for commercial technology professionals, is a dedicated resource that focuses on installations, products and the business of commercial integration.

Beyond products and installations, Commercial Integrator tackles operational topics like job-estimating, project-bidding and big-picture market forecasting and more.

Craig MacCormack, Executive Editor of CI, recently video conferenced with AmpliVox CEO Don Roth to publish his story of fundraising efforts to raise money to support ocular melanoma research.

Don Roth still gets understandably emotional about his wife Nancy’s six-year fight against ocular melanoma, which she lost in September 2018, despite countless doctor’s visits, expert opinions and treatments.

But while Roth will likely never truly get over the loss of his wife of 52 years, he’s figured out a proactive way to make the best of it by working to raise money to find a cure for the disease that took Nancy’s life at age 76.

Roth has led efforts to raise about $35,000 for the Eye Tumor Research Foundation and the Ocular Melanoma Foundation through a GoFundMe fundraising page as well as partnerships with local restaurants and neighborhood businesses near AmpliVox’s headquarters in the Chicago area.

Among the local restaurants to donate portions of their proceeds to Roth’s fundraising efforts are City Barbecue, Eddie Merlot and The Warehouse, but they’re not the only ones, he says.

"My dedication and my goal is to raise money in many, many different ways for the Eye Tumor Research Foundation," says Roth.

AmpliVox employees “have all been very supportive in every way," he says, as have the company’s customers and suppliers.

"There will always be a little hole in my heart. They fill the gap when all of these people are so supportive," says Roth.

"Our customers and our suppliers and our employees have made our lives worthwhile."

"They’ve made what we’re doing worthwhile."

Roth has invited all of AmpliVox’s suppliers and customers to contribute to the GoFundMe page in Nancy’s memory .

Donate Now

"Many of them have been very generous," says Roth, noting AmpliVox also includes information about donating to the effort on its purchase orders and invoices "to get the word out."

Roth has offered to match donations at various times as well in hopes of generating as much support as possible.

Never Giving Up: Supporting Ocular Melanoma Research and ETRF in 2020

Roth certainly will never stop missing his widow, but he has no regrets about the way they worked to battle her cancer as it metastasized and spread from the lesion in her eye to her liver.

Nancy Roth went through chemotherapy and treatments in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York hoping to be cured.

Shields and Shields in Philadelphia have a dedicated eye tumor research specialist hoping to solve the problem that plagued Nancy Roth and others whereby their DNA makes them more susceptible to the spread of the melanoma. Ocular melanoma strikes about 2,000 people each year, says Roth.

Shields and Shields recently named the patient consulting room in Nancy’s honor and memory.