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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Save Big: VHF Wireless Microphone Kits - Clearance Sale

Check out these great deals on our VHF Microphone Kits!

Systems include your choice of Lapel and Headset microphones or wireless handheld microphone.

S1612 - Wireless VHF Lapel
& Headset Mic Kit
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Was $156.00
Lapel & headset omnidirectional mics

ONE transmitter (requires 9-volt battery)

Receiver with ONE operating frequency

AC power supply or battery operated (batteries not included).

S1620 - Wireless Handheld
VHF Mic Kit
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Was $340.00
Unidirectional Handheld mic with built-in transmitter

Includes receiver with ONE operating frequency

AC power supply

4 different frequencies available: 173.8 / 174.1 / 174.5 / 174.8 MHz.

S1624 - Single Channel Wireless
Handheld Microphone System
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Was $250.00
Frequency Range: Single, VHF 230 – 260 Mhz.

Talking Range: 100 feet

System Includes Wireless Microphone Receiver, Wireless Microphone, 1/4 inch to 1/4 inch cord for plugging into any 1/4 inch audio jack. Use with PA amplifiers or Karaoke equipment.

Also includes AC/DC adapter for microphone receiver, 9 V battery for wireless microphone.