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Monday, April 21, 2014

Staples - How to Get your Client's Attention and Make More Happen

Staples latest step in its brand relaunch with the "Make More Happen" campaign has definitely gotten our attention, featuring an AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphone with its siren blaring at a not so observant client.

It is all part of showcasing the new Staples, the world's second largest internet retailer with more products in more categories in more ways to shop.

Staples is adding thousands of new products beyond office supplies, expanding their selection and offerings that small businesses might not expect they carry.

The 300,000+ items being added appeal to businesses across a wide range of industries including retail store, safety, education and healthcare. The website promises to soon offer packaged solutions for restaurant and food service, sewing and tailoring, florist and garden, salon and spa with online orders capable of being sent to a nearby store.

Staples is so serious about their expansion, they are even changing their logo. The bent staple in Staples' logo (the letter "L") is being removed and swapped with items such as water bottles, dog biscuits, two wheeler carts, dining room chairs, rubber boots, paint brushes, floor waxers, and glass cleaners.

Staples also carries many of our AmpliVox products ranging from our selection of lecterns, portable pa systems, microphones, audio visual carts, presentation speakers and mobile workstations.

In its latest TV spot, titled "How to Get your Client's Attention", Staples introduces their custom marketing materials providing architectural prints, brochures, to oversized printouts and banners that will bring your designs to life.

The funniest part of the clip arrives at the 0:22 mark when the client is awaken with an AmpliVox Mity-Meg using its siren function. The Mity-Meg's are currently receiving a upgrade by introducing a rechargeable battery pack to operate as a rechargeable megaphone system.

rechargeable bullhorn
megaphone rechargeable battery
megaphone rechargeable

The Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs now enables the Mity-Megs with an alternative power source to its previous required C-cell batteries. The recharger is built-into the battery case with a LED charge status indicator and automatic charge protection that stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

Never run out of power again, the Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs coupled with the battery indicator lights on the Mity-Megs allow you to always know the status of your battery life and how much power you have left.

Constructed with a durable ABS plastic material, the Mity-Megs are an industrial grade megaphone made to take abuse with a comfortable pistol grip and 3 functional modes of: Talk, Siren, and Whistle.

For more information on AmpliVox megaphones, please visit:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AmpliVox Launches "14 for 2014" Additions to Product Line

AmpliVox Sound Systems announced a major expansion of its product line for 2014, with innovative additions to its collection of top-quality sound equipment and presentation furniture. Many of the "14 for 2014" collection of products are designed to integrate multimedia accessories and high tech audio with attractive lecterns and audio systems, to make presentation delivery simple, seamless, and effective. Others enhance safety and crowd control with versatile multi-function designs.

Multimedia integration has become a crucial element of presentations in all kinds of settings, thanks to the boom in device and app development.

AmpliVox has responded with a line of multimedia presentation furniture that provides easy set-up, use, and storage of all types of devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, document cameras and projectors.

Eleven different lectern styles make up the multimedia line, each with a wide selection of finishes and optional accessories to create a customized finished product.

From the workhorse efficiency of the compact Multimedia Center Workstation to the elegant statement of the solid wood Ambassador Lectern, AmpliVox offers a multimedia option to fit any setting, purpose, and budget.

Complementing the presentation furniture line, AmpliVox has developed an innovative two-piece configuration for its popular Duo-Tandem Line Array Soundbar PA System. This new option allow for a fully integrated rack-mount sound system within a multimedia lectern, with the soundbar speaker projecting toward the audience and the amplifier controls facing the presenter from the back of the lectern. Thanks to this unique AmpliVox design, the user enjoys the convenience of complete audio control right at his or her fingertips.

Keeping pace with the use of Bluetooth technology in handheld devices, AmpliVox has added a Bluetooth receiver to its Titan Wireless PA system and made it available as an option on several other PA systems.

The Bluetooth receiver enhances the user's ability to include music and other audio before, during, and after a speech, wirelessly streaming content and controlling volume directly from the presenter's device within a range of up to 30 feet from the receiver.

The same Titan PA also projects sound from a 16-channel wireless microphone, a built-in CD/MP3 player, or a USB or SD card input.

AmpliVox also continues its leadership as a developer of emergency sound equipment for police, first responders, and others who have responsibility for crowd control and communication.

The new Safety Wand Megaphone system combines a highly visible LED-illuminated traffic baton with a powerful 20-watt megaphone.

The unit includes a corded detachable microphone with volume control, an alarm whistle, and a rechargeable battery for maximum utility in any traffic or emergency management situation.

"AmpliVox's designers have delivered a collection of outstanding products for 2014 that support all the developing technologies used in presentations," said Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. "We are always looking for innovative ways to make our lecterns and sound equipment more versatile and adaptable, while preserving the style and quality that make our products an excellent investment."

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Choosing a Lectern - Stand Up and Be Heard

Multimedia lecterns provide you with a working platform
to do a complete computer-based presentation
Whether you’re working in a corporate setting, an education environment or in a house of worship, communication is the common currency. Putting a live speaker in front of a group of people is the most basic form of mass communication and goes back thousands of years.

But the problem of how best to make the podium support a message has been with us ever since. Corporate, education, church — all of these are presentation venues for groups of various sizes and purposes.

The right presentation equipment, including appropriate lecterns, sound systems, and other presentation tools, provides the foundation for effective communication in any of these settings.

Public speakers have used lecterns for centuries. In years past, an imposing lectern enhanced any speaker’s image as a voice of authority, along with providing a place to set down a printed speech and a glass of water. Today, however, the descendants of the traditional lectern deliver a host of options that greatly expand the range of esthetic and practical possibility. There’s no need to settle for “one size fits all” — with so many choices available, administrators, educators and pastors can select specific lecterns that perfectly fit the diverse functions within their respective institutions. In addition, lecterns come in an expansive range of design styles to enhance any décor with a high degree of customization.

A well-chosen lectern is an essential classroom tool. For large auditorium settings, the best lecterns will incorporate multimedia connectivity to give the speaker easy access to video and audio controls.

Multimedia features do not have to drive style choices, however. High-tech options can be included in a wide range of furniture styles, from traditionally formal to sleekly modern. Choose a lectern that complements the style of the lecture hall it’s going to be used in.

Small-room presentations frequently require the same level of media support as a lecture hall speech, but the speaker often needs to manage multiple different types of equipment to keep information flowing.

Thus, space constraints play a pivotal role in the selection of lecterns for conference rooms. When projectors and other devices are needed, a mobile computer cart/lectern combination is an efficient choice that can easily move from room to room. These types of lecterns can also take the form of:

Public speakers today rely heavily on evolving technology to help get their message across, and lecterns have evolved to accommodate multiple devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and document cameras.

Sound systems also play a vital role in larger rooms, carrying the speaker’s voice to the far reaches of the audience.

Features to look for include dedicated shelving, lockable storage, and integrated power and other outlets to simplify connections.

Tabletop lecterns also play a versatile role, serving the functions of space-efficiency and mobility. Some tabletop units include full-featured sound systems for great presentation delivery in a portable package.

For occasional use, some tabletop lecterns can even be folded, collapsed, and stored flat.

A valet stand can create a good or bad first impression. The first thing a customer might see is the lectern outside of your establishment. Why waste a perfect opportunity to make a good impression?

An attractive, weatherproof lectern provides a secure point of contact for arriving visitors and guests. Highly durable lecterns in polyethylene are available a range of colors, combining an attractive appearance with great practicality.

Easy to move on four casters, two of the casters lock so once you get into position you can lock the lectern to where you need it to be.

Side drop leaf shelf area is where you can set key down and two locking compartments for anything you need to have secure with a large workstation table for writing on a notebook or reservation list.

Lockable storage, easy mobility, and customized logos are all valuable assets to consider for a concierge desk or valet stand.

An appealing lectern enhances the quiet dignity of your facility’s sanctuary while providing presentation support for services. In churches, separate lecterns allow ancillary areas to become ad hoc worship spaces.

Religious sanctuaries require furniture and equipment that complement the tone of the message being delivered. When all eyes are turned toward the pulpit, the setting requires a lectern that evokes dignity, elegance and permanence, while unobtrusively accommodating sound equipment, reading space, storage, and other necessities.

As a focal point of the chapel, the lectern should match the overall décor of the space. Elegant lecterns are available in many varied materials, from solid wood to clear acrylic.

If the chapel activities require sound amplification, look for lecterns with discreet built-in speakers or with connectivity to established house systems.

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