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Monday, April 21, 2014

Staples - How to Get your Client's Attention and Make More Happen

Staples latest step in its brand relaunch with the "Make More Happen" campaign has definitely gotten our attention, featuring an AmpliVox Mity-Meg Megaphone with its siren blaring at a not so observant client.

It is all part of showcasing the new Staples, the world's second largest internet retailer with more products in more categories in more ways to shop.

Staples is adding thousands of new products beyond office supplies, expanding their selection and offerings that small businesses might not expect they carry.

The 300,000+ items being added appeal to businesses across a wide range of industries including retail store, safety, education and healthcare. The website promises to soon offer packaged solutions for restaurant and food service, sewing and tailoring, florist and garden, salon and spa with online orders capable of being sent to a nearby store.

Staples is so serious about their expansion, they are even changing their logo. The bent staple in Staples' logo (the letter "L") is being removed and swapped with items such as water bottles, dog biscuits, two wheeler carts, dining room chairs, rubber boots, paint brushes, floor waxers, and glass cleaners.

Staples also carries many of our AmpliVox products ranging from our selection of lecterns, portable pa systems, microphones, audio visual carts, presentation speakers and mobile workstations.

In its latest TV spot, titled "How to Get your Client's Attention", Staples introduces their custom marketing materials providing architectural prints, brochures, to oversized printouts and banners that will bring your designs to life.

The funniest part of the clip arrives at the 0:22 mark when the client is awaken with an AmpliVox Mity-Meg using its siren function. The Mity-Meg's are currently receiving a upgrade by introducing a rechargeable battery pack to operate as a rechargeable megaphone system.

rechargeable bullhorn
megaphone rechargeable battery
megaphone rechargeable

The Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs now enables the Mity-Megs with an alternative power source to its previous required C-cell batteries. The recharger is built-into the battery case with a LED charge status indicator and automatic charge protection that stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

Never run out of power again, the Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs coupled with the battery indicator lights on the Mity-Megs allow you to always know the status of your battery life and how much power you have left.

Constructed with a durable ABS plastic material, the Mity-Megs are an industrial grade megaphone made to take abuse with a comfortable pistol grip and 3 functional modes of: Talk, Siren, and Whistle.

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