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Monday, February 18, 2019

Please Help Support Research and Treatment of Ocular Melanoma

In Memory of Nancy Roth – a Personal Story
By Don Roth, CEO AmpliVox

On September 4, 2018, my wife Nancy Roth lost her six-year battle with ocular melanoma.

This rare disease, which occurs in 2,000 adults each year, currently has no cure in its metastatic form.

There are two excellent organizations working diligently to help fight this disease -- the Ocular Melanoma Foundation, and the Eye Tumor Research Foundation.

But let me tell you more of Nancy’s story, and of her courageous battle that she ultimately lost.

Nancy’s life

Don & Nancy c.1968

Nancy was born on August 23, 1942, and grew up in Lincoln Park, MI. She attended Lincoln Park High School and the University of Michigan, graduating in 1964 with a degree in nursing.

She was a nurse at Evanston Hospital in Evanston, IL, when she and I met. We married on July 2, 1966.

She became a dedicated flight attendant at United Airlines, flying for decades, bringing enthusiasm and quick wit to passengers around the globe. She traveled the world many times over and as a patriotic and proud American, she especially loved the U.S. troop transports. Nancy never met a stranger.

Nancy and I were blessed with three children – Donald Jr., Eric, and Carolyn – and multiple grandchildren, with whom Nancy had a very close and loving relationship.

Her struggle

Nancy with granddaughter Juliana

Six years ago, our local ophthalmologist, Dr. Ira Garron diagnosed Nancy’s condition, and referred us to the world-renowned Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. There, we spent many days and hours under the care of Drs. Jerry and Carol Shields and their great team.

Over a two-year period, Nancy’s eye responded to treatment; only a remnant of the tumor remained. However, we came to understand that there was a 50% chance that the tumor would metastasize, which happened at the three-year mark.

We continued the battle at the Perlmutter Cancer Center operated by New York University Langone Health. Their sophisticated treatment included drug mixes created only in Australia and then flown in for immediate patient application. Nancy battled gallantly, but I could tell her belief in a cure was being put to the test.

Treatment continued with regular chemotherapy and radiation at Highland Park Hospital, as the cancer spread to other areas of Nancy’s body.

Despite our fight, we finally realized that Nancy was slipping away.

My hope for her
I never stopped believing that the Holy Spirit would cleanse Nancy and we would resume our joyful morning and evening review of current events of our kids and grandkids. For 32 years, I drove her to the airport and picked her up from her trips around the world as a flight attendant. I loved shopping, getting her what she needed. Nancy was my conscience and my guide, and I miss her greatly. Yet I’m filled with love and gratitude for her and our many years together.

My hope for others
If your contributions can help even one person win the battle that Nancy lost, my sharing this story with you will have been well worth it. Thank you for helping me remember my wife Nancy, and for your thoughts and prayers for anyone struggling with this disease.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Woodstock Farmer's Market - Homegrown and Handmade

The Woodstock Farmer's Market operates as a year-round "producers-only" market, allowing only products that are grown, produced, or made by the local Farmer or Artisan.

Farmers Markets are a great place to buy local products directly from farmers.

Food purchased at a local Farmers Market comes with outstanding freshness, quality, flavor, and variety.

You know exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown.

Additionally, you support a sustainable regional food system that helps small family farms stay in business, protects land from development, and provides fresh, local food.

Shop for fresh produce and local products all summer and winter long.

The Winter Market is held on the first and third Saturdays of the month, 9A-1P, November thru April, at the McHenry County Fairgrounds, 12015 Country Club Road, Woodstock, IL 60098.

The market is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the producers. The Board establishes the rules, assigns spaces and fees, and develops publicity strategies.

Board members also inspect each vendor’s facility to ensure that all products are grown or produced by that vendor. That means you will find only the freshest, tastiest, in-season produce and healthy, locally-grown plants.

The Woodstock Summer Farmers Market has approximately 40 Saturday Vendors and 30 Tuesday vendors.

Discover organic and homegrown produce and fruits in season, delectable baked goods and delicious cheeses.

Other products such as beef, eggs, pork, honey, and wine are all grown or produced locally.

In addition to all of these wonderful goodies you’ll find woolen products and fleece; delightful soaps and body products; knife sharpening, and even some crafts.

Plus beautiful perennials; bedding, heirloom, and ornamental plants; hanging baskets, fresh cut flowers.

Keith Johnson, Market Manager, is shown in the video clip, using AmpliVox SB602R Megaphone, to thank all of the vendors and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

AmpliVox’s Mity-Meg Rechargeable Megaphones provide a reliable, powerful sound amplification for market vendors, improving crowd control and communication between team members during their outdoor summer months and indoor winter market.

The SB602R Mity-Meg is a lightweight, weather-resistant design unit, delivering sound coverage of up to a mile with talk, whistle, and siren modes.

An integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery and AmpliVox-exclusive power indicator light keeps the unit running for up to eight hours of typical use.

Weighing just two pounds, the Mity-Meg carries easily with the included wrist strap and comfortable pistol grip.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

New AmpliVox Karaoke Player Takes the Party Anywhere

Nothing says instant party like karaoke, and the AmpliVox Party Pro Karaoke System lets you really blast out the sound to amplify your fun.

The basic system, SK765, has what you need to play music and sing the lyrics including two microphones.

You can play karaoke music from either a CD, USB stick, SD card or via your Bluetooth device.

The built-in 7" color LCD screen lets your easily select your song and then simply follow the lyrics.

The Party Pro system includes a full set of controls:
  • Power and Function Mode
  • Headphone Jack
  • USB port
  • SD card slot
  • Master Volume
  • Mic 1 Volume
  • Tone Control
  • Echo Effect
  • Music/Voice Balance
  • and Mic 2 Volume

You also get:
  • Video input and output
  • Audio input and output
  • DC power input
  • USB Charger input

Karaoke enthusiasts will enjoy using the AmpliVox system for its user-friendly design features. A Bluetooth-equipped speaker pairs with included wireless microphones, allowing for complete freedom of movement during performances.

The seven-inch TFT digital color screen displays sharp text that can be read from a distance. Vocal performances can be customized using onboard controls for microphone volume, analog echo, and balance, and can be recorded directly to an SD card. Connect the player to gaming consoles, big-screen televisions or home entertainment centers for even more dramatic effects.

The unit includes a universal cradle for external devices with a built-in USB charger, two wireless microphones with dedicated storage, audio and video input/output ports with RCA cables, an AC power adapter for the player, and a battery-operated remote control.

But if you really want to crank up the sound, use the Audio Outputs to hook up a powerful AmpliVox 800 or 925 PA system.

B8004K Karaoke Party Pro Bundle:
  • Karaoke Party Pro System
  • 800 Titan Wireless Portable PA system and Companion Speaker to reach audience up to 2500
  • Choice of two wireless mics
  • Professional wired handheld mic
  • S1073 Mic Stand
  • Two S1080 Heavy Duty Tripods
  • Protective cover
B9254K Karaoke Party Pro Bundle:
  • Karaoke Party Pro System
  • SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner and Companion Speaker to reach audience up to 7500
  • Choice of two wireless mics
  • Professional wired handheld mic
  • S1073 Mic Stand
  • Two S1080 Heavy Duty Tripods

Using either of the bundled systems you can have as many as seven people singing with microphones simultaneously.

Amp up your choral group practice and party fun with the AmpliVox Party Pro System and Bundles.

"Karaoke continues to be a fun event activity that appeals to all ages, and our Party Pro system makes top-quality sound available to every kind of user," notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.

"Professional singers can use the system to accompany them during performances, restaurants and clubs can bring in customers for karaoke events, and casual fans will enjoy sharing the experience with family and friends.

This system is adaptable to a wide variety of settings, at an extremely affordable price point."