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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Juliana Roth Fiuza Baptism - 4/12/2015

AmpliVox CEO Don Roth celebrated the baptism of his granddaughter, Juliana Roth Fiuza. The baptism was performed at the same church his daughter Carolyn was baptized at which he and his wife Nancy have been a member of for the last 40 years.

Wishing little Juliana a blessing from above.

May this special occasion be filled with peace, love and wonderful memories.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Baseball Field Outdoor PA: Public Address Sound System

Bring the thrill and excitement of a Major League Park to your local baseball field by adding an outdoor PA sound system to your next Little League or High School baseball game.

Enhance the enthusiasm of the crowd and the passion that our young players bring to the ballpark with the support of baseball field PA system.

Quickly transform the feel of any game, keep the fans involved and push the experience over the top for both players and spectators alike.

Take advantage of an outdoor baseball PA system to:

  • Make Start and End Game Announcements
  • Pre-Game National Anthem
  • On-Deck Batter Walk-Up Music
  • Between Innings Music
  • Concession and Team Promotion Announcements
  • Sponsorship Announcements
  • 7th Inning Stretch Announcements
  • Post-Game Tournament Award Ceremonies and Announcements

Make Start and End Game Announcements
Command the attention of everyone in the area and communicate information to the teams and crowd all at once. The use of PA system during game play allows you to make all sorts of announcements before, during and after the game such as start times, field changes, or weather forecasts.

Pre-Game National Anthem
Gets players and fans ready for a game with the singing of the National Anthem. Feature a live singer or play a pre-recorded version to ensure a consistent and quality performance.

On-Deck Batter Walk-Up Music
Playing batter walk-up music and announcing the batter's name before their plate appearance is a feature that the players will enjoy the most. Nothing gives a Little League player more of a rush than their name blaring over the loud speakers, accompanied by their favorite pump-up song. This aspect really gives a professional feel to a baseball game, and allows the announcer to have some fun as well.

Between Innings Music
Playing music while the teams change sides keeps the energy level at the ballpark high, and gets fans singing and dancing along. It also makes the players feel like big-leaguers, as they warm up in the field with the music pumping, and energizes them to get back out on the field, rather than meandering back to their positions.

Concession and Team Promotion Announcements
Having a deal on hot dogs and soda at the concessions stand? Or is a team having a fundraiser by selling candy bars? Great! Rather than relying on fans to wander by the concessions stand, a PA system lets you to spread the word quickly and efficiently, ensuring that everyone is aware of the current deals or promotions.

Sponsorship Announcements
A PA system can provide a great new source of revenue for your league as well, through sponsorship announcements. While jersey sponsorship only allow for a finite number of sponsors, the potential here is unlimited, allowing you to make as many announcements as necessary. Sponsors will be quick to jump on board, as they realize the potential for reaching the entire audience with creative, appealing announcements.

7th Inning Stretch Announcements
A PA system allows for the playing of the traditional "Take Me Out To the Ball Game," as well as making any necessary updates or announcements that might arise during the course of the game.

Post-Game Tournament Award Ceremonies and Announcements
Award ceremonies simply aren't feasible without a PA system. Relying on the tournament director to shout the names of players and award recipients is a recipe disaster, and is easily fixed by the implementation of a PA system. This allows for players and coaches to be properly recognized for their efforts, without having to yell to be heard. A PA system also lets you make announcements on upcoming games or tournament schedules, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Baseball fields can be arranged with a permanent, temporary or mobile public address system and speakers.

Mobile and Permanent Baseball PA Systems
A baseball field outdoor PA system can be as simple as bringing along a handheld SW615A Half-Mile Hailer with you to the Press Box or permanently mounting horn speakers on fencing or poles.

The AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer is perfect for those looking to bring along a small PA system to use in the press box.

Its simple and straightforward controls and lightweight design is the most practical portable speaker sound system to be heard in large and noisy outdoor crowds.

Assorted Half-Mile Hailer Kits expand the PA systems capabilities with multiple horn speakers that can be permanently installed to park fixtures.

Temporary Baseball PA Systems on Tripods

A portable sound systems is an alternative to installing permanent horn speakers to the baseball field and can be setup on tripods before each game. Easily uninstall the PA system and put away at the end of the game or have the PA moved to another field to host a soccer, football or softball game.

Multiple Field Layouts

Support multiple sport fields and cover several games at once from the same public address system.

Baseball events like youth AAU tournaments, Little League baseball games, and In-house recreation leagues need the proper equipment to function smoothly. Hailers, Wireless PA Systems, and Megaphones are all tools that can really impact a baseball season.

AmpliVox’s Ball Park Double-Play
AmpliVox’s Ball Park Double-Play opportunity is ideal for all little leagues, high schools, & collegiate baseball diamonds. The Half-Mile Hailer family is a perfect PA system for baseball field announcements, batter walk-up music, and middle of the inning music options while teams exchange the field. Offer the complete baseball atmosphere with audio from a portable Half-Mile Hailer in a press box behind home plate.

The Athletic Director and baseball coach at Lincolnwood High School had this to say about AmpliVox hailers:

“I would highly recommend this system to anyone who is looking to upgrade or install a new system. It saves so much time, very high quality and will not break the bank.”

Our Digital Audio Travel Partner & Titan Wireless PA systems can satisfy on-the-field audio for pre-game national anthems and post-game award ceremonies. These lightweight PA systems can also be placed on a tripod stand for an enriched speaking appearance, and to extend the voice of a speaker/announcer to even greater distances.

This two-fold opportunity can provide your baseball organization with not only quality PA systems that can cover the entire diamond, but also a FREE Mity-Meg Megaphone. When you call and ask about our “Ball Park Double-Play Opportunity” you enter a chance to receive a free Mity-Meg Megaphone upon acquisition of a ballpark PA system. Don’t miss out on the “AmpliVox Ball Park Double-Play Opportunity”, find out more at Ampli.com!

For more information on getting your baseball field setup with its own PA sound system you may contact us at: