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Monday, January 30, 2012

Win $50. We Need Your Ideas for a Prank!

We all love a good prank.
About six months ago, YouTube prankster Edbassmaster (200 million+ views) used the Sound Cruiser Car PA System to film a prank (click here to watch Look at This Sound Cruiser).

Comedian Tom Green used an AmpliVox Megaphone in a prank video one time...and it was hilarious!

We want to film another funny video...but we need your help.
1. Choose One:
Wireless Half Mile Hailer: This Portable PA System reaches up to one half mile away and would be a great option to startle someone because the speaker could hide with the wireless mic and still communicate 700+ feet away from the system.

The New Hailers have an emergency siren on them.

iPod Portable PA System: This system is best for those who want a wireless microphone and a system that plays music through an iPod/iPhone.  Some funny video options for this include breakdancing, flash mob, or public karaoke.

Safety Strobe Megaphone:  This megaphone has a whistle and siren button and also has a built in recorder that projects your recorded voice and puts it on repeat.  The video could be similar to Tom Green's video.

Sound Cruiser Car PA: These speakers strap on top of a vehicle and project your voice up to one half mile.  This is what Edbassmaster used to talk to random people from his car in his funny video.  We could do something similar or something fresh and new.  The sky is the limit...or maybe I should say the road is the limit. 

2. Choose a Place and Person/Group to Prank.  
This could be the AmpliVox office or a public place.  The Sound Cruiser would have to be public.
3. Tell us your idea.  Please let us know in a comment on the blog, our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube so we can keep your idea in consideration.  The person with the best idea will win a gift card.

Your entry should include 2 things:
  1. The AmpliVox Product to use in the video
  2. The prank idea.
4. Share this Post/Video with your friends.  Share this on Facebook/Twitter or in Reddit or StumbleUpon to help the cause.

5. Win $50 Visa Gift Card and a mention on our blog.
We will select the best idea submitted and film the video.  The winner is the person with the best idea which will turn into a video.  They will win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

The contest ends Friday, March 16th, with the target date for the video upload being April 1, 2012 (April Fool's Day).

Friday, January 27, 2012

Best Speeches of All Time: Sports, Historical, Fictional, Inspirational, Motivational

History is often made and defined during great speeches.  Usually coinciding with events of historical proportions or inspiring circumstances, the best speeches of all time normally feature one or two quotes that the become known to the entire world.

Many of these public speakers use public speaking equipment necessary for a professional looking speech.  AmpliVox Sound Systems manufactures, designs, and sells lecterns, podiums, and portable pa systems for public speaking events.

Greatest Politician Speeches
1. Abraham Lincoln: Gettysburg Address.  This is one of the most famous speeches by an American President and lasted just over two minutes.  Lincoln spoke on human equality and called the Civil War a struggle for a new birth of freedom in the United States.  Click here for video of speech A suggested product for Abraham Lincoln is the
Product: Digital Audio Travel Partner Bundle

2. Ronald Reagan: "Tear Down This Wall!":  In June of 1987 Ronald Reagan stood in West Berlin, Germany and told the leader of the USSR (modern day Russia) to tear down the wall that separated East and West Germany.  Truly an inspiring moment.
      The product we recommend for Reagan is the Patriot Plus Lectern, which is the same style as the one used in this video.

      3. John F. Kennedy: Inaugural Address.

      The most famous line from this speech is, "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what can you do for your country."
      Product: Presidential Plus Podium

      Click here to view the speech

      4. Patrick Henry: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"
      This speech was given in 1775 which no doubt helped play a part in the establishment of the United States of America.
      Product: EZ Speak Folding Lectern. Many people who helped start the American Revolution were on the run and would need highly portable public speaking equipment.

      5. Winston Churchill: "We Will Fight on These Beaches"

      Churchill gave this famous speech in 1940 to warn his country about how their part in World War II would escalate.
      Read the full text of this speech here.
      Product: Voice Carrier PA Presentation System

      6. Franklin D Roosevelt: "First Inaugural Address"
      The longest standing United States President said that "the only thing to fear is fear itself" in this memorable address.
      Read or Listen to this Speech Here.
      Product: Pinnacle Podium with outputs for external Sound System

      1. Martin Luther King Jr: I Have A Dream.  This is highly regarded as one of the top ten speeches of all time.  During the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960s King gave this speech that has one of the most recognized lines in any of the top motivational speeches which is, "I Have a Dream."
        Product Suggestion: The Half-Mile Hailer PA System Kit


        2. Socrates: Apology.  Socrates delivered this speech that has the message that human knowledge is woefully limited. Best Line: "The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways — I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows."

        Product Suggestion: Wireless Audio Portable Buddy

        3. Ghandi: Non-Violence Speech. In 1919 Ghandi delivered his famous address on non-violence.

        A product suggestion for the leader from India is the Roving Rostrum Tabletop PA System.

        4. Jesus Christ: The Sermon on the Mount
        One of the most influential people to ever live gave this sermon that is a collection of his moral sayings and teachings.  He gave this in Galilee which is in northern Israel and is still today quoted both behind the church pulpit as well as in the public at large.

        Product Suggestion: The Ambassador Multimedia Lectern, or as a Jewish person might say, a "shtender."

        Motivational Speeches
        1. Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture, Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
        In 2007, College Professor Randy Pausch heard that he was terminally ill and decided to give a lecture on life lessons he had learned and give advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.  Because of the touching story and practical wisdom, this video immediately went viral.

        Product: Multimedia Presentation Podium to help organize his powerpoint projector and computer

        2. Jimmy Valvano: Never Give Up
        The North Carolina State Basketball Coach found out he was terminally ill with bone cancer and gave this speech with the now famous tag line, "Don't Give Up.  Don't Ever Give Up."

        Product Suggestion: The Victoria Solid Hardwood Lectern

        3. Lou Gerhig: Retirement Speech
        In 1939, New York Yankee Star Lou Gehrig learned that he had a debilitating disease called ALS (now called Lou Gehrig's Disease) and gave this speech as a farewell to his beloved sport of baseball.  This is one of sports history's famous speeches and contains a very famous line, "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth."

        Product Suggestion: Elite Lectern for an elite ballplayer.

        4. Herb Brooks Miracle Speech
        Herb Brooks, the coach of "The Miracle On Ice" 1980 United States Men's Olympic Hockey Team gave inspiring speech to his players.

        Product: Belt Blaster Waistbandl PA System

        5. Knute Rockney: "Win one for the Gipper"
        In the 1920's Notre Dame Football Coach Knute Rockney rallied his team with this speech to play their hearts out for their ill teammate, nicknamed "the Gipper."   This is easily one of the Top 10 Speeches quoted during sports, usually by the losing team. Watch the video below:

        Product: A custom Green and Gold Collegiate Multimedia Lectern for the University of Notre Dame

        Honorable Mention:
        In the Fictional Category: Mr. Bean's Speech on Whistler's Mother
        who is behind a lectern that looks much like the Large Top Acrylic Lectern by AmpliVox.

        Wednesday, January 25, 2012

        Jewish Pulpit: What is a Shtender?

        A shtender is similar to a pulpit or lectern in the Jewish Synagogue. It is often used as a stand for a Jewish Rabbi to place his notes or books. The shtender has a compartment used to keep Jewish ritual objects that are frequently used in the synagogue. It is often looked at as a symbol for prayer, study, and observance in the church.
        Most wooden shtenders are crafted with patterns or designs to symbolize a concept or story from Jewish history, such as tree branches that personify nature or doves symbolizing purity or grace.

        What is the difference between a shtender and a lectern? Besides the way they are used, their differences are few. Both are used as a functioning stand to hold notes or anything else a speaker might need. The main variation is the compartment located directly below the surface. A shtender has a locked compartment for ritual items while a regular lectern may not feature that compartment.
        Here are some AmpliVox shtenders that might work well as a pulpit, a torah or tank stand. Although they are not made in Israel, they are made in the United States and shipped globally.
        Have some style while you’re speaking with this Amber Mahogany Presentation Lectern with Acrylic Panel. The curvature of the pulpit gives it a modern look. Also, the Amber Mahogany wood finish and Acrylic base gives it a contemporary yet professional appearance.

        The Contemporary Aluminum Acrylic Lectern Pulpit is made with strong aluminum side moldings to insure durability. The 26 inch reading tabletop is helpful for all your presentation aids. All of these models come fully assembled and are shipped from UPS.

        Present your topic with confidence behind this great looking lectern. It comes with four hidden casters for easy movement, two wood finishes to pick from, and to compartments located behind the lectern for any presentation tips or power point slide.s.

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        Tuesday, January 24, 2012

        The Best School Portable PA Systems

        Here are the products mentioned in this video:
        • The Belt Blaster Waistband Amplifier is perfect for teachers who want to amplify their voice in the classroom.  This classroom amplification system is an easy to use and lightweight system that will keep teachers from needing to raise your voice and will keep you from losing your voice after a long day in the classroom.  Read more on classroom amplification systems data.

        • The iPod Wireless PA System is another great classroom amplification system that has a variety of uses indoors and out.  Amplify your voice or music for a classroom setting or larger area.  This is great for the "fun events" due to its iPod/iPhone dock and remote control. 

        • Digital Audio Travel Partner is an all-in-one system that is 250-watts and gives you the most audio and wireless mic options.  This system is entirely portable like the others and features a built in rechargeable battery.

          Monday, January 23, 2012

          INTRODUCING: Safety Strobe Megaphone with Siren, Whistle, Lights, and Recorder

          The New Safety Strobe Megaphone is the
          Ultimate Emergency Companion.

          In addition to all of the features you would expect on a megaphone, this has the following features not found on many megaphones:
          • Emergency flashing strobe light
          • Flashlight illuminates from bell
          • Record and playback common messages
          • Talk, siren, and whistle functions
          • 10 Watts
          • Effective range of up to 100 yards
          • wrist strap
          • Requires 8 AA batteries
          • Battery power indicator lights
          • Piezo microphone Technology provides up to 40% longer battery life
          • Lasts for up to 30 hours of Continuous talk
          Perfect for any school or corporation's emergency plan or for daily use.

          Whether it be a power outage, earthquake, or a common fire drill, the Safety Strobe Megaphone is a team player providing the versatility, functionality, and convenience that you want!

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          Webpage: Suggested Products for Emergency Professionals
          Video: Barack Obama Uses AmpliVox Megaphone

          Saturday, January 21, 2012

          New Product Spotlight: Digital iPod Audio Listening Center

          Do you want to engage your students with relevant technology while fostering student independence?

          School listening centers are loved by students and teachers alike because they provide a unique learning experience and are proven to be a great tool in education, especially for those learning to read or speak another language.

          The AmpliVox Digital iPod Audio Listening Center is a new product that helps to improve listening skills, removes distractions by keeps students attention, and fosters independence. You can cater to different learning styles and compliment your regular curriculum with a variety of activities to give students a break from more traditional learning methods. It is made for the iPod but works with the iPad or other mp3 players with a standard headphone jack.

          READ: The Digital iPod Listening Center Meets 4 Key Components of Learning Through Technology

          For language learners, a listening center helps students learn pronunciation through audible listening and allows them to be assessed at a more personal level.

          For new readers, playing an audio book through the listening center can help challenge students by reading more difficult books they would normally read. It also allows students to go at their own pace and not feel rushed or held back by others. The headphones allow students to eliminate distractions and the fear of making mistakes.

          Potential iPod Listening Center Activities include:
          • Creating your own activities
          • Reading along with Audio Books
          • Testing auditory listening skills
          • Recording voices for pronunciation and testing purposes.
          Video: Top 10 School Listening Center Ideas 
            Other AmpliVox listening centers include a variety of options including a recorder, CD player, mp3 player, cassette player, and different headphone options.

            For more information on the AmpliVox iPod Listening Center, or the deluxe version, please visit http://www.ampli.com/listening.htm.

            Here are two free listening center ideas: Page 1  Page 2

            Thursday, January 19, 2012

            IS Group's THRIVE National Annual Show in Indianapolis

            AmpliVox was at the 2011 IS-Group Thrive National Conference

             Here are some pictures of our booth.

            For more information please visit this link.

            Monday, January 16, 2012

            Firestorm Solutions Video: Emergency Preparedness Tips

            Our friends over at Firestorm Solutions seek to prepare people, organizations, schools, and businesses for emergency and disaster situations.  Here is a video of Jim Satterfield the COO of Firestorm giving some tips during a news broadcast on a local Fox channel:

            AmpliVox also seeks to educate people about emergency and disaster preparation by:
            --Writing blogs about Emergency and Disaster Readiness
            --Making videos about Emergency and Disaster Preparation
            --Contribuiting to the Facebook Group on Emergency and Disaster Preparation (hint hint you should join!)

            Have you heard that the AmpliVox Half-Mile Hailer recently saved the day in a hostage situation?  Click on the link to see the video!

            Thursday, January 12, 2012

            PA System Testimonial from BMX Biker: Half-Mile Hailer Review

            Ready to Announce in No Time!
            "I received the SW630 (Wireless Half-Mile Hailer Kit) yesterday afternoon... just before our weekly BMX (bicycle motocross) race. I literally tore open the shipping box, pulled out the big black case, and drove to the store for batteries. Once at the BMX track, my 14 year old son and I took everything out of the bag and had it set up in a very short time. A little tweaking of the volume knob and I was ready to announce our race! The wireless mic was a real plus. I was able to make announcements from all points on the track and the sound quality was superb. This was in spite of the fact that I forgot to plug in the wireless receiver antenna!. In sum, we are very happy with the SW630 and it is the perfect PA for our needs."

            Bob Hammond - Vice President Far North BMX - Fairbanks, Alaska

            Half-Mile Hailer YouTube Video Playlist 

            Monday, January 09, 2012

            Professional Presentation Tips from Kay Meyer

            What is communication? What is a presentation? This blog post describes how to develop professional communication skills to improve any presentation. Great public speaking develops leadership skills and business communication skills---both vital in the workplace today. Learning how to speak in public will never go out of style.

            Presenters need to present in style which might include podiums, lecterns, and pulpits that house technology and speaker systems.

            Kay Meyer, a friend of AmpliVox and professional speech consultant, spent some time with AmpliVox and filmed the following videos, sharing her wisdom and presentation skills.

            Best AmpliVox Products for Public Speaking:
            -Multimedia Presentation Plus Lectern
            -Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern
            -Voice Carrier Presentation PA System
            -Wireless Audio Portable Buddy PA System

            Thursday, January 05, 2012

            Do You Hate Losing Things?

            The rechargeable battery for the AmpliVox camera has been lost.  A few hours have been lost frantically looking for the battery that costs $90 to replace.

            Don't you hate losing things?  The time it takes to look for it and the cost of replacing the lost item can hurt.

            When public speaking, it is important not to lose your most important asset: your voice.

            The best way for a public speaker to not lose their voice by shouting above crowds is to use a personal amplification system.

            This can be a small waistband system (like the AmpliVox BeltBlaster Amplifier) a slightly bigger system that can reach up to 150 people (like the MityVox Portable PA) or a huge Digital Audio Travel Partner that is 250-watts.

            You can choose from a wide selection of microphones including wireless microphones to make your presentation just the way you want.

            Our lecterns and podiums also include optional built-in sound systems and are created to be portable (they run on 10 D-Cell batteries).

            10 Public Speaking Tips from Toastmasters International
            Presentation Tips from AmpliVox
            Video: Microphone Feedback and Sensitivity
            YouTube Channel: AmpliVox Portable Sound Systems on YouTube