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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jewish Pulpit: What is a Shtender?

A shtender is similar to a pulpit or lectern in the Jewish Synagogue. It is often used as a stand for a Jewish Rabbi to place his notes or books. The shtender has a compartment used to keep Jewish ritual objects that are frequently used in the synagogue. It is often looked at as a symbol for prayer, study, and observance in the church.
Most wooden shtenders are crafted with patterns or designs to symbolize a concept or story from Jewish history, such as tree branches that personify nature or doves symbolizing purity or grace.

What is the difference between a shtender and a lectern? Besides the way they are used, their differences are few. Both are used as a functioning stand to hold notes or anything else a speaker might need. The main variation is the compartment located directly below the surface. A shtender has a locked compartment for ritual items while a regular lectern may not feature that compartment.
Here are some AmpliVox shtenders that might work well as a pulpit, a torah or tank stand. Although they are not made in Israel, they are made in the United States and shipped globally.
Have some style while you’re speaking with this Amber Mahogany Presentation Lectern with Acrylic Panel. The curvature of the pulpit gives it a modern look. Also, the Amber Mahogany wood finish and Acrylic base gives it a contemporary yet professional appearance.

The Contemporary Aluminum Acrylic Lectern Pulpit is made with strong aluminum side moldings to insure durability. The 26 inch reading tabletop is helpful for all your presentation aids. All of these models come fully assembled and are shipped from UPS.

Present your topic with confidence behind this great looking lectern. It comes with four hidden casters for easy movement, two wood finishes to pick from, and to compartments located behind the lectern for any presentation tips or power point slide.s.

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