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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UHF Wireless Microphone: 16 Channel Lapel, Headset or Handheld

AmpliVox wireless microphones broadcast over 16 UHF channels, expanding the capability and range of earlier two-channel models by allowing multiple mic users in the same venue to select separate channels. A dramatic improvement for sound clarity and system versatility, the additional channels also enable users to avoid interference with competing wireless frequencies, assuring crystal-clear sound amplification in any venue.

lapel and headset mic S1601 - UHF Wireless Lapel & Headset Microphone Kit

  • Bodypack Transmitter (S1690T)
  • Bodypack Receiver (S1690R)
  • Lapel and headset Microphone
  • Frequency: 584 MHz - 608 MHz

Lapel mics come with small clips that attaches to collars, ties, jackets, or hidden under clothing, with a cord from the lavalier mic that runs down and connects to a bodypack transmitter placed in a pocket or clipped to a belt around your waist.

Lapel microphones are popularly used for television, theatre, and public speaking where a small microphone is required or the microphone needs to be hidden.

The headset microphone attaches to the bodypack transmitter in the same fashion as a lav mic, and may be more practical to use in a performance where the subject is moving around quickly such as an aerobics instructor, singer or dancer.

The headset is worn as a headband behind the head and around the ear as the mic hovers near your mouth. The sound level of a headset microphone is much more consistent than a lavalier since the mic is often positioned just an inch or so from the sound source while a lavalier might be positioned four or five inches away.

handheld wireless mic S1623 - UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone Kit

  • Interchangeable Microphone Head
  • LCD Screen
  • Power / Mute Control Switch
  • Select Button
  • Microphone Input Sensitivity Adjustment

Handheld mics are easy to pick up and use, however, they keep you from using both hands and they are subject to some handling noise.

People trained in microphone dynamics can be very effective with handhelds since the gain can be controlled and even the tonal quality of the sound varied by using the microphone in different ways.

"The availability of additional channels raises the standard for wireless mic technology," commented AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. "We're proud to bring our customers the most reliable, advanced, and versatile sound equipment in the industry."

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