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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lapel Microphone Pack with Headset Mic, Transmitter and Receiver

Take advantage of going wireless and keep your hands free during your presentation with a lapel or headset microphone. The AmpliVox S1601 Lapel Microphone Pack is a wireless 16 Channel UHF kit that includes:
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Headset Microphone
  • Bodypack Transmitter
  • Bodypack Receiver
An alternative to the handheld microphone, lavalier and headset mics allow you to place the microphone as close to the talent as possible to get the best audio sound.

The wireless mic is connected by a cable to the body pack transmitter that broadcasts a signal to the receiver. The awaiting receiver is attached to a PA system or audio recording device.
Lapel microphones (also known as lavalier or lav mics) are popularly used for television, theatre, and public speaking where a small microphone is required or the microphone needs to be hidden. Lav mics come with small clips that attaches to collars, ties, jackets, or hidden under clothing, with a cord from the lavalier mic that runs down and connects to a bodypack transmitter placed in a pocket or clipped to a belt around your waist.

Headset microphones attach to the bodypack transmitter in the same fashion as a lav mic, and may be more practical to use in a performance where the subject is moving around quickly such as an aerobics instructor, singer or dancer. The headset is worn as a headband behind the head and around the ear as the mic hovers near your mouth. The sound level of a headset microphone is more consistent than a lavalier since the mic is often positioned just an inch or so from the sound source while a lavalier might be positioned four or five inches away.

Featuring UHF wireless receiver with 16 Channels for incredible clarity wherever you speak, the S1601 Lapel and Headset Mic Kit has an effective range of 300 ft. with a frequency of 584 MHz – 608 MHz.

For more information on AmpliVox wireless microphones, please visit:

Friday, November 23, 2012

AmpliVox Awarded “Made in the USA” Status by Independent Dealer Magazine

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we pride ourselves on ensuring our products are made here in the USA. In fact, about 95% of our expansive and ever-growing product line is designed and produced right here at home.

We’re honored to have been given “Made in the USA” status by Independent Dealer Magazine, a monthly online magazine that highlights success stories and trends in the field of office supply and office furniture development.

You can check out our special profile page at the Independent Dealer Magazine website, which features some of our most popular “Made in the USA” products like the Visionary Lectern, Digital Audio Travel Partner, Acrylic Lectern, Contemporary Lectern and the Pinnacle Lectern.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How Maximize Microphone Gain PA System

Maximizing Gain
1. Decrease the distance between you and the microphone. Adjust the input level for the microphone so that the mic picks up your voice and not the background noise.

2. Increase the distance between the microphone and the speakers. The speakers shouldn’t be very close to the microphone, but don’t get too carried away with this. If the speaker is too far away, you will get an echo effect or lose effective volume for the audience.

3. Point the speakers towards the crowd, not you.

4. Try to direct the sound over the heads of your audience. Reflections off the front of the crowd can actually increase the chance of feedback. Furthermore, the sound is blocked by the people in the front row. They are getting blasted by sound and the people in the back can’t hear at all.

5. Use directional microphones. If your sound system doesn’t have too much bass, then a cardioid microphone will definitely increase gain. Here is another case where too much bass in the system will be counter productive. Bass speakers radiate their sound in all directions, you can get feedback sooner from a system with a lot of bass, even if the speaker is pointed away from you.

Download entire Wireless Sound System Setup Guide Here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

AmpliVox CEO Profiled in "Lincolnshire Review"

AmpliVox CEO Don Roth recently sat down with Natasha Wasinski of the Lincolnshire Review newspaper to talk about his experience as head of AmpliVox Sound Systems and being a long-time Lincolnshire resident.

You can view a selection of the Q & A interview below, or head to the Lincolnshire Review website to check it out in its entirety:

Q: What about Lincolnshire makes you proud?A: It has a very congenial spirit and attitude. People are very friendly. It’s a community that reaches out to one another and supports each other. I’ve also known several of the mayors over the years and they’ve been very, very good. 
Q: What is your favorite restaurant or entertainment venue in town?A: Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Egg Harbor Cafe, and Viper Alley. Cubby Bear North is a great place. (Owner) George Loukas is the best. We have both been on the North Suburban YMCA board for many years. 
Q: If you were mayor for the day, what would you do?A: I would continue our great arbor and green-spirited activities. 
Q: What has changed in Lincolnshire since you moved here?A: We’re not the small, intimate community we used to be but the atmosphere is still there. I have always had wonderful neighbors. The spirit, attitude and camaraderie have not really changed with the town’s growth. 
Q: What got you interested in the electronics industry?A: Because of Xerox I became interested in electronics. I’m not an engineer. By trade I know marketing and finance. It was a great foundation for my career to be at Xerox for all those years. (Prior to purchasing AmpliVox in 1995, Roth was regional vice president for Xerox and executive vice president of Apeco and Numeridex Cad/Cam systems.)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Congressman uses AmpliVox Sound Lectern at Large Banquet Hall

AmpliVox's Presidential Plus Podium was recently featured on a local Fox News story about Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr (see the full story here).

He recently used our elegant podium at a large banquet hall, and filled the entire space with clear and crisp sound from the wired microphone and built-in sound system of the Presidential Plus Podium.

The Presidential Plus Podium has been seen in action in a few other places...
To see more politicians using AmpliVox products for speeches and presentations, read the following blog:

At Least Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing: AmpliVox!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Pink Podium Got a Face-lift!

Our Pink Podium (which is in the same product family as the Pinnacle Podium) has a new design!

The slight modification of adding the front cross bar and shaping the podium's edges enhances an already stylish podium.

For more information, please visit the Pink Podium Promise page on our website or watch the video below on how the Pink Podium initiative got started.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sound System Interference vs. Noise

Interference vs. Noise
Two other common problems are interference and noise. If you are getting a constant hum from your AC powered sound system, the cause could be what is known as ground loop. It is caused by improperly grounded components in the sound system. It is characterized by a low itched hum. To get rid of it requires that you carefully make sure all the components of the system are properly grounded. This problem can be avoided by using DC powered system such as a portable car top unit.

Other causes of noise are introduced by using long cable runs between speakers and amplifiers and between microphones and amplifiers. The cables can act as antennas and get local radio stations, CB and other radio frequency (RF) noise. If your system is going to require over 100 ft. of cable, be sure to use balanced cables.

Balanced cables feature three leads. The outer shield is braided wire surrounding the internal wires and forms the ground. There are two wires inside that carry the + and – of the audio signal. The outer wire shields the audio lines from interference originating from the RF sources.

Other Noise Sources
Background Noise - is caused by your microphone picking up the sounds around you. You have the mic set to high or too “hot”. Turn down the mic level so these sources of audio aren’t picked up by the mic.

Wind Noise – The wind is a constant source of irritation for announcers and outdoor presenters. Use a foam windscreen to reduce this problem. It will also reduce popping from having the mouth too close to the microphone. If the wind is still a problem, use a larger wind screen or reduce the mic level slightly. Try to block the wind with your body.


Download the whole Wireless System Setup Guide here.

Friday, November 02, 2012

AmpliVox Celebrates Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Congressman Bob Dold

On October 30th, we celebrated our grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony at our new headquarters in Northbrook with over 200 guests, including Congressman Bob Dold and business and community leaders from the surrounding Northbrook area. 

The event began as AmpliVox CEO Don Roth, with the help of Congressman Dold, State Representative Elaine Nekritz, Northbrook Village Trustee Jim Karagianis and North Suburban YMCA Executive Director/CEO Howard Schultz cut the ceremonial red ribbon outside the new offices. 

Following the ribbon cutting, we invited our guests inside, and offered them a tour of the new space and the chance to see some of our most distinguished products up close, including the popular Pink Podium.

Visitors then made their way to the spacious AmpliVox warehouse, where products are designed and built. Awaiting them were an array of refreshments and a meet-and-greet with the special guests.

Against the backdrop of the "Dold For Congress" tour bus and several of our preeminent podiums, Mr. Roth thanked guests for their attendance and support of AmpliVox over the years, before turning it over to Dold, Nektritz, Schultz, Karagianis and Northbrook Chamber of Commerce President Tensley Garris for brief words.

Congressman Dold recognized Mr. Roth’s success with AmpliVox as a symbol of the importance and potential of small business within communities and the country, “We’re here to celebrate all that Don and AmpliVox have been able to accomplish, expanding by 60 percent,” said Dold, who followed his remarks with a brief Q & A with audience members. “We don’t hear those stories very often these days. We see a lot of companies tightening their belts and downsizing because they aren’t sure what tomorrow will bring. So when we find a company that’s expanding, I really want to recognize you for all you’re doing.”

Added Nekritz, “Anytime we can celebrate the growth of a company, we should take advantage of it.”

Schultz spoke about Mr. Roth’s impact on the community, “The YMCA is all about saving communities, and we have saved ours with the help of Don Roth and AmpliVox.”

Lastly, Trustee James Karagianis took to one of our lecterns to announce a resolution passed by the Village the week before declaring October 30 “AmpliVox Sound Systems Day.” The resolution, which he read to those in attendance, reaffirmed Northbrook’s appreciation for the company‘s decision to remain local, and complimented Roth’s work to lead a profitable and growing organization in spite of current economic times. .

We would like to thank Congressman Dold and our other distinguished guests for helping celebrate our grand opening with us, as well as all of our dealers, customers and friends for their continued support and appreciation. You can view more pictures from the event below, and visit our Facebook page to see the album of photos in full.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Looking to Buy Portable PA System Lectern? What You Need to Consider

Are you looking to buy a Portable PA System or a lectern? The following questions you will want to consider before you make your final decision.

Should my system be portable?

Titan Wireless PA System
Are you going to want to use your system indoors, outdoors, mainly in one place, or in many?

The benefit of having a portable system is that you can easily pack up and take with you instead of having to unhook all of the cords.

Does your system need to cover a wide area and large crowd?

AmpliVox Portable PA Systems range from 5 watts to 250 watts of powerful sound that can project to crowds of 50 people up to 7,500 people (even more with additional speakers!).

Mity-Lite Small PA System
PA Systems with built in rechargeable batteries are important for presenters and event planners who are on the go.  Several of AmpliVox's systems last up to 200 hours on a single charge.  That's no typo: 200 hours!

When you buy an item like a public address system, you want to make sure that it lasts.  AmpliVox knows this and place our powerful systems in rugged cases to protect the technology and also offer an industry leading warranty on our PA systems, some with a six-year warranty!

Ease of Use?
Nothing is worse than making a purchase you are excited about, just to realize you will not be able to use it because it is so complicated!

AmpliVox PA Systems are known for their simple use.  View our videos on How to Set up a Portable PA System.

Digital Audio Travel Partner
The AmpliVox Digital Audio Travel Partner is the best all-in-one PA System on the market.  It has a built in CD Player, can play external devices, comes with a remote control as well as wireless microphones.

For more information please visit Ampli.com or call (800)-267-5486.