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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Celebrating Ron Bernardi's 80th Milestone: A Tribute from AmpliVox

As Ron Bernardi turns 80, it's a momentous occasion not just for him but for the entire Northbrook community and beyond.

Known for his enduring commitment to community service and his role at Sunset Foods, Ron is a man who has touched countless lives.

On behalf of AmpliVox Sound Systems and myself, Don Roth, I'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate Ron's 80th birthday and commend his remarkable accomplishments.

Ron Bernardi is not just a name; it's a legacy.

Starting his career at Sunset Foods at the tender age of 16, Ron has been a cornerstone of the Northbrook community.

Ron lives by Sunset Foods' motto of the three T's: "we give our time, our talents, and our treasures." Whether it's serving the Rotary of Northbrook for over 44 years or volunteering his auctioneering skills to raise funds for local nonprofits, Ron has been a beacon of community service.

A Friend and a Mentor

I, Don Roth, have had the privilege of knowing Ron Bernardi for many years. His impact on the community is immeasurable, and his friendship is invaluable.

Ron is the kind of person you call when you need something; he's always been that way.

His dedication to service and his enormous heart make him a role model for all of us at AmpliVox Sound Systems.

As Ron Bernardi celebrates his 80th birthday, we are reminded of the incredible impact one person can have on a community. His life is a tapestry of service, commitment, and love for his fellow man.

On behalf of all of us at AmpliVox Sound Systems, we wish Ron Bernardi a very happy 80th birthday filled with joy, love, and continued service.

Here's to many more years of making a difference, Ron!

Monday, August 28, 2023

Elevating the Voice of Safety and Integrity: Our Support for Mary Cole

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we've always believed in the power of clear communication. As a local small business, we've seen firsthand the importance of community, safety, and the values that bind us together.

Today, we want to use our platform to amplify a voice that resonates with our core values: Mary Cole, a candidate for Lake County State's Attorney.

Mary Cole's commitment to ensuring the safety of our community aligns perfectly with our mission.

Just as we aim to provide clear and effective communication tools, Mary seeks to bring transparency, integrity, and justice to our criminal justice system.

Her vision of a safer Lake County is one we wholeheartedly support.

Mary's personal story, growing up in Deerfield, is a testament to her deep-rooted connection to our community. Her parents chose Deerfield for its safety and quality education, values that Mary aims to uphold and enhance.

As a local business, we understand the importance of a safe environment for our families, employees, and customers. Mary's dedication to preserving and improving this safety is commendable.

Her journey through the legal landscape is both inspiring and telling of her commitment. From her early days advocating for domestic violence victims to her tenure as a public defender, she's seen the system from multiple angles. This comprehensive understanding ensures that she's not just another politician but a seasoned professional ready to make impactful changes.

Attorney Mary Cole announces bid to be Lake County State's Attorney behind an AmpliVox Flat Hardrock Maple Lectern

The current State's Attorney's office has faced criticism for its approach, which many believe is too politically motivated. Mary has been vocal about the need to depoliticize the office and focus on the core mission: justice and safety. Her insights into the current administration's shortcomings position her as a candidate who's not only aware of the problems but also equipped with solutions.

Mary's vision goes beyond just addressing the current issues. She promises to restore trust, honor, and integrity to the State's Attorney's office. Her commitment to removing politics from the equation and focusing solely on justice is a refreshing and much-needed stance. With Mary at the helm, we can expect a balanced, compassionate, and effective criminal justice system that truly serves the people.

In recent times, the State's Attorney's office has been swayed by political agendas that don't necessarily prioritize the safety and well-being of our community. Mary Cole's stance against such politicization is a breath of fresh air. Her focus on the community's best interests over political experimentation is a direction we believe in.

Election Day in November 2024 is not just a date on the calendar; it's an opportunity for us to shape the future of Lake County. We urge our fellow community members to get involved, learn more about Mary Cole, and consider supporting her vision for a safer, more secure Lake County.

For more information on Mary Cole's campaign and how you can get involved, visit www.maryforlakecounty.com. Let's amplify the voice of safety, integrity, and positive change!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Ensuring the Safety of Postal Workers: Chicago Rally Calls for Action

ABC OTV. "USPS postal workers, supporters rally for protection on South Side" August 8, 2023, https://tinyurl.com/33vm39z9

In a passionate display of unity and concern, postal workers and their supporters gathered on Chicago's South Side to address a pressing issue that's been causing distress in the community. The safety of postal workers has come under threat due to an alarming rise in violent attacks on mail carriers in the city.

Organized with the aid of AmpliVox Sound Systems' megaphone, the rally served as a rallying cry for immediate action to protect these essential workers.

WGN News. "'Protect our carriers': Chicago postal workers call for end to violent attacks" August 9, 2023, https://tinyurl.com/mvm7sr6y
As the number of violent incidents against mail carriers continues to escalate, postal workers and their advocates have raised their voices in a call for attention.

The alarming trend has left workers worried for their well-being and has the potential to disrupt the regular delivery of mail services. The urgency of their plea was matched by their call for elected officials to step up their efforts in ensuring the protection of these workers who serve our communities.

AmpliVox Sound Systems played a vital role in the rally, with their powerful megaphone amplifying the voices and concerns of the workers.

With the assistance of AmpliVox's megaphone, the calls for safety reverberated through the South Side, reaching the ears of those who have the power to make a difference.

AmpliVox lightweight, battery operated megaphones are essential to your public address activities and emergency preparedness kit.

Crafted with a durable all-ABS body, this lightweight powerhouse offers an impressive 50 watts of power to ensure crystal-clear communication across an impressive distance of up to 1760 yards or one mile.

This makes it suitable for various applications, including large gatherings, sports events, emergency situations, and more. The megaphone features built-in Bluetooth technology, enabling wireless connectivity with your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth compatible device.

You can stream audio directly from your device, eliminating the need for tangled cables and ensuring hassle-free audio transmission during your events or gatherings.

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Elevating Guided Tours with Portable Sound Systems

Guided tours are a popular way for people to explore new places, learn about history, culture, and local attractions. While the role of a tour guide is crucial in providing insightful information, the use of a small portable sound system can significantly enhance the tour experience.

Improved Audibility
One of the primary advantages of using a portable sound system during guided tours is improved audibility.

Especially in outdoor or crowded environments, it can be challenging for participants to hear the guide's voice clearly.

A sound system ensures that everyone in the group can hear the guide's commentary, even those at the back of the group.

Reduced Vocal Strain
Tour guides often need to project their voices for extended periods, which can lead to vocal strain and fatigue.

By using a portable sound system, guides can speak at a comfortable volume, avoiding the need to strain their vocal cords.

This not only benefits the guide's health but also ensures a consistent and energetic delivery throughout the tour.

Enhanced Engagement
A guided tour's success depends on the guide's ability to capture the audience's attention and keep them engaged.

With a portable sound system, guides can use a variety of vocal techniques, storytelling elements, and even music or sound effects to make the tour more captivating.

This dynamic approach fosters a deeper connection between participants and the tour content.

Focus on Content
Tour guides often have a wealth of knowledge to share, and a portable sound system allows them to focus more on the content itself rather than projecting their voice.

This enables guides to provide in-depth information, answer questions, and share anecdotes without the distraction of vocal strain.

As a result, participants receive a richer and more comprehensive tour experience.

Adaptability to Different Environments
Guided tours can take place in a variety of environments, from bustling city streets to serene natural settings.

A portable sound system can be easily adjusted to suit different acoustic conditions.

Whether it's managing ambient noise in a busy market or ensuring audibility in an open outdoor space, the adaptability of the sound system ensures a consistent experience across diverse settings.

Professionalism and Credibility
Using a portable sound system showcases the guide's professionalism and commitment to delivering a high-quality tour experience.

Participants perceive guides who use advanced tools as experts in their field, enhancing the tour's overall credibility.

Incorporating a small portable sound system offers a range of benefits that ultimately contribute to a more immersive, engaging experience for participants.

From improved audibility and reduced vocal strain for guides to enhanced engagement and adaptability, the advantages are clear. By embracing technology in this way, tour guides can elevate their tours and leave a lasting impression on their audiences.

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Summer Savings on Half-Mile Hailers - Limited Time Offer

Call AmpliVox CEO Don Roth at (847) 404-8224 for special promotions

This summer, AmpliVox is making some noise with another sizzling hot deal! We're offering an incredible 30% off MSRP on our top-of-the-line Half-Mile Hailers : the S610A, SW610A, and SW615A.

Whether you're hosting a large outdoor event, leading a sports practice, or coordinating a public safety drill, our Half-Mile Hailers ensure your voice carries, loud and clear.

For 35 years, the Half-Mile Hailer’s solid engineering and rugged construction have helped the unit live up to its name, broadcasting clear sound up to a half-mile.

It’s ideal for:

Public Safety

Crowd Control

Traffic Control

Athletic Activities

Band Practice


The unit comes with weatherproof reverberant horn speaker and 50-watt amp that’s easy to turn on and power up.

It includes dual wireless microphone jacks for multiple presenters, auxiliary input for Smart Phone or CD player, line-out for recording, additional speaker jacks and volume and tone controls.

Don't miss this chance to save big on these high-quality, portable PA systems. Amplify your message without amplifying your budget. Hurry, this offer won't last long! Expires 8/20/23.