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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Home Funeral Services: Ron Bernardi Amplifying Intimate Farewells

In Northbrook, IL, Ron Bernardi's name has become synonymous with service, kindness, and an unwavering commitment to giving back.

Having served on the board of numerous organizations, including the Northbrook Historical Society, the Chamber Board, the Civic Foundation, and the North Suburban YMCA, Ron has dedicated over 40 years of his life to enriching the community he loves.

A well-known community ambassador for Sunset Foods, Ron also shares his infectious enthusiasm and friendly spirit as an auctioneer, raising substantial funds for local organizations.
Bernardi's commitment to service has found a new path: serving as a funeral celebrant for home funerals.

These intimate ceremonies, hosted within the comforting surroundings of a loved one's home, provide families with a deeply personal and meaningful way to honor the life of the departed.

Home funerals have been embraced for their ability to create a special space where loved ones can gather to engage in spiritual practices and remember the deceased in creative and unique ways.

As a celebrant, Ron Bernardi brings his unique spirit of warmth and empathy to these ceremonies. He has led numerous home funerals, conducting services, religious prayers, and scripture readings.

Ron's gift of service, fortified by his strong faith and dedication to personal Bible study, has proven to be a comforting and inspiring presence at these gatherings.
Supporting Ron in his role as a funeral celebrant is AmpliVox Sound Systems, who have generously donated their new Capri Lectern equipped with the SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner.

The Capri Lectern embodies a blend of style and practicality, with its sleek curved design, scratch-resistant melamine laminate finish, and durable construction.

Made of a scratch resistant melamine laminate finish

Inside shelf to hold
water bottle or other belongings

Elegant sleek curved construction and
radiused corners

Generous 24" W
x 18" D reading table
with paper stop
Coupled with the SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner, an all-in-one PA system known for its portability and powerful sound, this combination brings clarity and audibility to Ron's heartfelt words, ensuring every message is heard clearly.

The Capri Lectern is lightweight, mobile, and effortlessly assembles in a mere 15 minutes without the need for tools. It features a slanted reading table with a paper stop, allowing Ron to easily present his materials during the service.

The use of the Capri Lectern and the SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner not only enhances the overall ceremony but also provides a professional and organized approach to home funerals.

Home funerals are a deeply personal choice for families, and individuals like Ron Bernardi play a crucial role in creating a comforting and healing atmosphere during these services.

With the AmpliVox Capri Lectern and SW925 Digital Audio Travel Partner, these important moments of farewell can be shared and heard, connecting everyone in the powerful ritual of saying goodbye.