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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Introducing the AmpliVox S602MBT Mity-Meg Bluetooth Rechargeable Megaphone

The S602MBT Mity-Meg Bluetooth Rechargeable Megaphone is a portable and versatile megaphone designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Crafted with a durable all-ABS body, this lightweight powerhouse offers an impressive 50 watts of power to ensure crystal-clear communication across an impressive distance of up to 1760 yards or one mile.

This makes it suitable for various applications, including large gatherings, sports events, emergency situations, and more.

The megaphone features built-in Bluetooth technology, enabling wireless connectivity with your smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth compatible device.

You can stream audio directly from your device, eliminating the need for tangled cables and ensuring hassle-free audio transmission during your events or gatherings.

The S602MBT doesn't limit you to one audio source. It comes equipped with built-in USB and SD Card readers, enabling you to effortlessly play MP3 digital audio files.

Additionally, the 3.5mm auxiliary input jack allows you to connect and play audio from external devices. Whether it's pre-recorded messages, background music, or sound effects, this megaphone has got you covered.

Say goodbye to constant battery replacements. The S602MBT comes with a rechargeable battery pack that includes an integrated wall charger.

Simply plug it into any 110-240V AC outlet, and you're good to go. For added convenience, the megaphone also works with 8 C-cell batteries (not included), giving you up to a whopping 40 hours of continuous talk time.

Weighing a mere 2.5 lbs without batteries, the S602MBT is exceptionally lightweight. Its ergonomic pistol grip ensures comfortable handling, allowing you to use it for extended periods without strain.

The detachable handheld microphone with a shoulder strap adds further convenience, providing flexibility and ease of use in various scenarios.

It offers six audio projection modes, allowing you to customize your communication experience.

From voice talk and attention-grabbing siren alerts to utilizing the USB/SD/AUX jack, recording messages, or streaming audio via Bluetooth, this megaphone adapts to your unique needs with ease.

Take control of your audio playback effortlessly with the intuitive play/pause, previous, and next functions for seamless audio management. Moreover, the adjustable volume control allows you to fine-tune the sound output according to the situation, ensuring that your message reaches your audience effectively.

Download S602MBT Spec Sheet

Overall, the S602MBT Mity-Meg Bluetooth Rechargeable Megaphone offers powerful communication capabilities with its 50-watt output and various audio playback options.

Its lightweight design, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple projection modes make it a versatile choice for both personal and professional use.