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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From AmpliVox!

From Mrs. Michele Santini's 3rd grade class--
Zion Lutheran Elementary School, winners of an
AmpliVox Personal Waistband Amplifier
in the SchoolsIn Turkey Coloring Contest
Happy Thanksgiving! The entire team at AmpliVox Sound Systems has so much to be thankful for. We have enjoyed another wonderful year filled with many successes and new opportunities. None of it would have been possible without the tireless work of all our employees, the rock solid support of our friends and family, the strong bonds we share with our dealers and partners, and our fantastic customers whom we have the pleasure of serving.

We welcome the opportunity Thanksgiving provides to pay special appreciation towards our great heritage and traditions, and to remind ourselves how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country that affords us liberty and freedom. Enjoy your holiday!

“So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

--Luke 11:9

AmpliVox will be closed November 27 and November 28. Please visit our website at Ampli.com.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivational Speaker Inspires Safety and Leadership Among Teens

Dennis Mitchell’s son was killed years ago by an impaired driver and since then he has made it his life’s mission to teach others about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Little Dennis Jr. only got to blow out his birthday candles five times, twelve days after he turned five he was tragically killed by an impaired driver while he was outside playing in north Spokane, Washington.

The sad event changed Dennis Mitchell’s life forever. He didn’t let his son’s death wreck his life; he turned tragedy into triumph by using his experience and story to effect positive change.

For years Mitchell has been a motivational speaker, sharing his own experience in hopes of inspiring others to think before they get behind the wheel. Students love Dennis’ interactive hands on approach.

As a motivational speaker, Dennis needs a highly portable public address system to bring along to his events as he speaks to various groups in many schools, colleges and universities. AmpliVox has reached out to Dennis by donating a SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner to support his program. Dennis's first thoughts when unboxing the AmpliVox SW915:

"The SW915 Travel Partner arrived on Friday and although I have to learn its many features this is way more than I thought it would be, I had no idea you could preset it to the sound you want, that's awesome. Another pleasant surprise is I was able to walk to different rooms in my house and it picked up without line of sight although I would never do that for a presentation, nice to know there's that flexibility. Also love the variable pitch control for the CD player is a nice touch.

Of course there are a lot of features I don't know what they are will just have to play with it and learn but of course a biggie is the ability to run on batteries, that's HUGE! It has eliminated one of my problems, I have always had to run my computer off battery power because when it was plugged up to external power there was awful feedback, by using usb no feedback issues. Getting used to a remote might be a challenge but once I learn and memorize the key controls it will be beneficial.

We have some decent weather this week so I will be taking it outside to try it out and learning how to get maximum performance out of it.

Have a great week. Thank You!

- Dennis Mitchell, www.safedrivingforteens.com

We at AmpliVox wish Dennis all the best as he continues to educate and motivate the youth to make the right choices in their life. For more infomation on Dennis and his cause, you may visit: www.safedrivingforteens.com

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hostess Stands and Podiums for Restaurants and Hospitality

Everyone understands the value of a positive first impression. This is especially relevant in the restaurant industry, where the relationship with customers begins the moment they enter. What’s the one piece of equipment in your restaurant that virtually everyone encounters?

It’s the host stand, where your staff greets each customer and sets the tone for the entire dining experience. A poor first impression at that encounter can lead to the new customer heading back out the door.

The host stand, used effectively, acts as the nerve center for your dining room. The right equipment enables your team to smoothly manage flow, store and protect valuable items, and communicate easily with customers in the restaurant and on the telephone. At the same time, the appearance of the host stand contributes to your customers’ overall impression of your restaurant’s quality. Fortunately, a wide range of lectern products are available to meet the varied functions your business demands with style and practicality.

Sending the Message: Attractive Host Stand Options that Work

Banquet Halls, Hostess & Valet Stations

  • Multiple locking doors
  • Slide-out locking shelf
  • Industrial casters (2 locking)

Restaurant Podiums & Lecterns
  • Boardroom quality lectern with beautiful,
    durable solid hardwood veneer
  • Moves easily on 4 hidden casters

Alfresco Outdoor Lecterns
  • Weather & Waterproof
  • Holds up under tough use
  • Convenient shelf for storage
In choosing a host stand, consider how the piece will complement the look and tone of your entire restaurant. What materials are used in the dining room? Is the décor coolly contemporary, traditionally formal, or casually relaxed? Thanks to a wide range of options in material and design, it is easy to select lecterns that fit your style needs without sacrificing function.

The fabrication of the lectern contributes the most to its appearance and durability. The most traditional décor settings may call for a solid wood lectern, although a high quality veneer can blend in well and offer practical advantage for cost and mobility. Contemporary décor is suited to different materials, including metallic finishes and Lucite. For outdoor patio or other dining areas, polyurethane lecterns offer the practicality of a weatherproof material available in a virtually limitless range of colors.

Customize Lectern with your Restaurant's Name or Logo on Front Panel

Customization can maximize both the impact and the utility of your host stand selection. For a distinctive option to promote your brand, try incorporating your restaurant’s name or logo on the front panel of the lectern. Depending on the fabrication, logos can be applied in a full‐color or tone‐on‐tone design that complements the overall look of the piece. By creating a unique statement piece with your logo, you present your brand in a positive light from the first moment the customer approaches the host stand.

Practicality also plays a vital role in choosing design options. The scale of the stand must be appropriate to the overall space available while providing an adequate workspace for staff. Consider the functions that will be accomplished from this location: table assignment coordination, menu storage, telephone reception, and checkout operations all require adequate space and thoughtful layout.

Interior shelves and lockable storage are indispensable features for most settings. If the staff will be communicating with patrons over a sound system, the best lectern option will include integrated mics and amplifiers to reduce cords and clutter behind the stand. Finally, consider a lectern with discreetly hidden casters to allow for ease in mobility.

Beyond the Host Stand – Special Use Lecterns

Lecterns can also be essential tools in other areas of your restaurant for both your staff and your customers:

•  Valet Stands – An attractive, weatherproof lectern provides a secure point of contact for arriving customers. Lockable storage, easy mobility, and customized logos are all valuable assets to consider for a valet stand. Some models even incorporate an umbrella stand to give your staff and patrons extra shelter.

•  Business Meetings – Customers holding private business functions at your restaurant will appreciate the availability of on‐site equipment to support their presentation needs. Multimedia carts provide mobile, space‐efficient presentation staging areas for devices including projectors, computers, tablets, and sound systems.

•  Portable Tabletop Lecterns – For occasional use by customers or staff, a tabletop lectern can be placed almost anywhere to create additional check‐in or presentation space. Tabletop lecterns often are available in styles and materials to complement full‐size lecterns in use elsewhere in the restaurant. For the easiest storage solution, tabletop lecterns are even available in folding designs that can be collapsed, carried, and stored flat.

Put in the Time to Make the Best Choice

With so many options available, don’t make a snap decision on your restaurant’s host stand selection. Carefully consider the many factors at work, both esthetic and practical. Measure the available front of house space with an eye to scale and traffic flow.

Talk to your staff about features they will be using: their insights may surprise you. When you take the time to choose wisely, your host stand investment will pay off in years to come with efficiency, versatility, and style.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

AmpliVox Sponsors SchoolsIn Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Contest

Educators! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but before you let your students break for the holiday, you can win some exciting classroom technology thanks to our friends at SchoolsIn. The popular education technology and furniture dealer is currently running their Turkey Coloring Contest for grade school classrooms across the country. Teachers are encouraged to print out the SchoolsIn turkey and let students unleash their design prowess to color the best bird, and submit it to SchoolsIn for a chance to win several prizes.

AmpliVox Sound Systems is serving as a sponsor of the contest, and one lucky 2nd or 3rd grade class will win our popular personal waistband amplifier, the Belt Blaster Pro. The five watt PA system can be worn around your waist, and comes equipped with a lapel and headset microphone, easily adjustable volume controls, a neoprene protective cover, and operates on rechargeable batteries (included).

Teachers swear by the Belt Blaster Pro as a proven tool to improve classroom management and student attentiveness. The voice amplification feature relieves teachers from straining their voice to speak over the busy atmosphere of group projects and student discussions that are commonplace in the classroom. When ideal weather or field trips bring learning outdoors, you can communicate to your students with minimal interference and without raising your voice.

No matter the setting, the Belt Blaster Pro allows you to maintain control and clear communication, which is pivotal in creating a positive and successful learning environment. You can learn more about the Belt Blaster Pro by checking out the demonstration video below from our YouTube channel. For more information about the SchoolsIn Turkey Coloring Contest, check out their contest rules. And be sure to browse our blog to to learn more about how AmpliVox technology can make a difference in your classroom.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Bridging the Gap Between Old and New Technology with the AmpliVox Boombox

SL1010 AmpliVox Boombox

Technology is constantly changing, but many of our old systems and equipment remain functional and effective. When it comes to the evolution of sound, everything seems to be going digital, many enjoy the innovation and capability that today’s gadgets like iPhones and computer software provide, but there is undoubtedly a need still to bridge the gap between older and newer technologies. For this reason, we are proud to introduce our SL1010 Boombox and SL1014 Listening Center/Boombox Combo, an all-in-one multimedia player and recorder.

The AmpliVox Boombox combines established auditory technology and cutting edge features to play sound from numerous platforms. Standard on each model is a top-loading CD player, AM/FM radio, auto-stop cassette player, USB port and SD slot. The addition of the Listening Center allows for up to six users to plug in headphones and hear audio without disturbing others.

SL1014 AmpliVox
Boombox/Listening Center
 “The AmpliVox Boombox is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to maintain older audio resources,” commented AmpliVox CEO Don Roth. “This unit delivers excellent sound quality, durability, and versatility with easy operations that anyone can use.”

Schools, churches, non-profits, and other organizations often find themselves with limited resources, and the prospect of having to continually upgrade their systems every time a new audio technology is introduced is daunting. At the same time, these organizations likely still have CD’s, cassettes, and other physical technology that remain effective to use in the classroom, church groups, and in other activities. The AmpliVox Boombox embraces technology that has always worked by making it available alongside today's innovative technologies.

You can learn more about the AmpliVox Boombox, as well as our entire line of School Listening Centers at the AmpliVox website. Looking for more information on #edtech news? Follow us on Twitter