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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Mic- Coming to a Podium Near You

Amplivox is proud to announce that a majority of our lecterns and podiums now come equipped with the Hot Mic. This is a sensitive goose-neck microphone that picks up even the softest spoken presenters from over 18” away. In almost any direction this microphone provides clear voice projection without any feedback or vibration noise with a shock absorbing microphone mount.

It allows you to stand naturally at the podium and still be heard clearly. The Hot Mic connects to the PA system through a cable hidden in the reading table, leaving you with no chords to mess with. You can read the full press release here.

The Hot Mic now comes as standard equipment on nearly all of our podiums and lecterns with no extra cost. The podiums and lecterns still come with our regular microphone, giving you two great options for microphone use.

Our lecterns and podiums equipped with the Hot Mic would be great for speeches, office presentations, church services, lectures, and community events.

For more information on all our products, visit ampli.com or call (800) 267-5486.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Helping the Environment with Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

We recently uploaded a new Youtube video on our biodegradable packaging peanuts, one part of our going green initiative.

To watch the video, click on the box below.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Pink Podium Plays some Golf

The Amplivox Pink Podium played some golf recently at a Susan G. Komen golf outing in Fontana, Wisconsin. As you can see, the podium fit right in for the days festivities. The event was a success, raising $13,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness. It was held at the Abbey Springs Golf Course in on August 9th, 2010.
Amplivox is proud to partner with any Breast Cancer Awareness event with our Pink Podium Promise. We will donate a Pink Pinnacle Podium to your event to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. For more information on the Pink Podium Promise or to request one, contact Nancy Gerstein at (847-401-0384) or e-mail Nancy@creativemarketingassociatesinc.com. Check back with our blog to see more updates about where the Pink Podium has been featured.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sound Cruiser Helps Local Campaign Share Message

As election season draws near, hopeful politicians will be out and about sharing with the public their hopes and dreams for the next few years. One hopeful in the Chicagoland area is Robert Dold. Dold, who is running for the 10th Congressional District in Illinois, decided that his campaign needed a bit more power to get his message out. He looked to Amplivox for his solution. Dold and his crew decided to mount an Amplivox Sound Cruiser to one of their touring vans to help spread the message of the campaign. One of Dold's spokesmen Philippe Melin came by the Amplivox office in Northbrook, IL to show off the Sound Cruiser and how it has helped their campaign.

The Amplivox Sound Cruiser can be a major addition to any political campaign or event where your message needs to hit the road. The Cruiser is a portable PA system that includes two horns that can be attached anywhere. It offers clear and quality sound with plenty of power to make sure your message is heard clearly. Check out the spec sheet and customer testimonies. Click the 'Sound Cruiser' tab on the right side of the page to see the testimony.

Amplivox is proud to help out the community in any way possible including Going Green and our Pink Podium Promise. We look forward to finding more ways we can reach out and give back to the communities we love.

If you have any questions or would like to look at more of our products, visit us at Ampli.com.

Check out our new video on Dold's visit!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video: Public Speaking - From Speaking Zero to Speaking Hero

From time to time we provide presentations tips and provide a guide to optimize the sound when you give an oral presentation.

Below is a video titled "Public Speaking - From Speaking Zero to Speaking Hero" which gives great tips on how to improve your public speaking skills with practice. Whether you are used to giving a business lecture, preaching a sermon, or doing a powerpoint presentation, this video will add to your presentation tool box and help mold you into a better, more engaging speaker.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Guia del Sonido Comparación

Amplivox Sound Systems tiene orgullo ofrecer productos del calidad a clientes de todas partes del mundo. Para simplificar la búsqueda para equipe bueno, Amplivox ofrece nuestro "Guía del Sonido Comparación" (Sound Comparison Guide) en 4 idiomas incluyendo: ingles, francés, alemán, italiano, y español.

Los guías le ayudarán decidir cual sistema functiona para su situación incluyendo reuniónes, fiestas, o eventos escolares. Estamos emocionado que tenemos estos guías y como los pueden ayudar a nuestros clientes internacionales.

Los guías son otra manera que Amplivox quiere servir sus clientes. También ofrecemos servicio de atención al cliente bueno y una garantía del seis años en la mayoria de nuestros productos. Cuidamos el medio ambiente también.

Nuestros productos son sistemas del sonido PA portables, atriles, podios, y carros del sistema AV (proyectores, computadoras, y otros tipos de technologia).

Puede contactarnos en Ampli.com o llamar (800) 267-5486.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ways To Connect to Amplivox

Did you know Amplivox has multiple ways to connect with information, deals and customer service?

Of course there is our website http://www.ampli.com where you can find product information, features, images, and download documents. Don't forget our document library where you can download assembly instructions, spec sheets, operating instructions, white papers and more...
http://www.ampli.com/pdf/ And of course our support section of the website... http://www.ampli.com/support.htm

But our website isn't the only place you'll find us!!

You can become a fan of Amplivox on facebook...

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Or if you prefer the classic way, contact us by phone at (800)267-5486 or ask us a question.

Friday, September 03, 2010

5 Tips to Work at Home and Be Productive

At Amplivox we try to help out our customers in any way we can. This includes reaching out and sharing some of the business practices and tips (presentation tips and productivity tips) that we have found helpful. Our CEO has given a few of us the privilege of working a few days a week from home. In not taking advantage of that privilege, I have developed some habits to make sure that I am productive at home. You may find these helpful the next time you have the opportunity to work form home, enjoy.
1. Do- Create a space where you can be productive.
Don't- Think you can work from anywhere.

Too many times when working from home we get in the mindset that we can work from anywhere, the bed, the garage, the backyard, and be productive. But distractions can come up quick when we are not in a focused area. Setting up a work space can greatly help productivity and can make all the difference when it comes to what we get done at the end of the day. Laying around all day would be nice, but not productive and those who have let you work from home have trusted that you can be productive without the supervision.

2. Do- Dress for success, even at home.
Don't- Lay around in your PJ's all day.

I'm not saying you have to wear a suit at home but again, your environment effects productivity. If you dress relatively unprofessional, underwear, shirts with holes in them, you favorite pair of shorts, then you are not going to feel like doing work is that important. When you put on a decently professional outfit your mind says 'it's work time' and your productivity will increase. I'm not saying, 'don't be comfortable', you have every right to be comfortable, you are at home and you've earned it. I'm saying that being mindful of your outfit can increase your productivity.

3. Do- Get up every once in a while and take a walk around the block
Don't- Sit all day

It is a common fact that at home professionals gain on average of 30 pounds their first year at home. Why? Because the only time they get up during the day is to go to the fridge for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Get up, stand up, go on throw your hands up.

4. Do- Keep in contact with a few of your co-workers
Don't- Isolate yourself from the world in your house.

Typically, you will be leaving a community of workers from your company by working at home. Don't completely isolate yourself from them. You can still give them a call during breaks or shoot them an e-mail to see how things are. Don't rub the fact that you work at home in their face, but do make sure that they know you still are interested in them.


5. Do- Manage your time wisely
Don't- Start working 18 hour days because you can.

This may be easier said than done. Your time is valuable to you and you need to manage it wisely. Working 14, 16, or 18 hour days can begin to isolate you from your family, from your friends, and your co-workers. You may be putting all those hours in because you find yourself drifting off during the day with TV, Facebook, etc.

Working at home can be a blessing; just make sure that it doesn't effect or productivity, professionalism, and your home life.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Leave us a note.

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