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Friday, May 30, 2014

AmpliVox 14 for 2014: New Products and Major Upgrades Will Be Showcased At InfoComm 2014

AmpliVox Sound Systems has launched a range of innovative products, enhanced features, and versatile accessory packages to its line of top quality sound systems and AV presentation furniture.

The “14 for 2014” collection will be showcased at InfoComm 2014, the world’s largest exhibition of professional AV products, in Las Vegas from June 18-20.

As part of the 14 for 2014 collection, AmpliVox now offers:

1. Ten New Lectern Upgrades Feature 150W Amps, Easy-to-Reach Panel Controls
Many of AmpliVox’s best sound-equipped lecterns are now better than ever, with upgraded, enclosed 150W amplifiers, new A/C power plug included, and sound control dashboard panels integrated right on the reading table.

Lecterns featuring these new improvements include:


Presidential Plus Lectern

Executive Column Lectern

Executive Adjustable Lectern

Multimedia Computer

Pinnacle Tabletop Lectern

Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern




2. Bluetooth® Now Standard on Three Popular AmpliVox Portable PA Systems
With new integrated Bluetooth® receivers, users can easily stream music from handheld devices to AmpliVox’s versatile SW800 Titan Wireless Portable PA, SW915 Wireless Digital Audio Travel Partner, and SW720 iPad/iPhone/iPod Wireless PA.

3. Online Video Library Ensures Systematic Preview of AmpliVox Products

AmpliVox offers an extensive online video library to assist customers with product demos, functional insights, application suggestions to maximize performance, and choice.

These videos have been fully updated and indexed for the customer’s convenience on the AmpliVox YouTube channel, accessible through www.ampli.com.

4. Updated Megaphones with Industry-Leading Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

AmpliVox now offers four versions of its bullhorns/megaphones (the SB602MR, SB602R, SB601R, and SB600R) that include the industry’s first Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with built-in battery chargers, as well as an AmpliVox-exclusive battery power indicator light.

AmpliVox’s battery pack delivers up to eight hours of normal use on a single charge, and holds its charge while inactive for a virtually unlimited time.

5. Innovative Design for Easy Access to Line Array Soundbar Control

AmpliVox’s popular Line Array Soundbar PA is now available in a two-piece design that separates the amplifier and controls from the line array speakers, allowing numerous different mounting configurations in mobile and stationary AV furniture and carts.

The new Duo Tandem Line Array SSB1240/SWB1240 comes in two rack-mountable modules: a speaker module that can project toward the audience, and an amplifier module that can be positioned with its controls facing the presenter at the back of the lectern.

6. AmpliVox Multimedia Furniture: An Option for Every Need

To meet the growing demand for simple ways to use multimedia devices in presentations, AmpliVox’s wide selection of Multimedia Furniture makes it easy to integrate devices with lectern choices that fit every presentation technology need, d├ęcor, and budget.

AmpliVox presentation furniture provides support and connectivity for tablets, projectors, document cameras, and more.

7. Safety Products from AmpliVox Deliver Effective Crowd Communication.

AmpliVox is proud to offer unique and innovative megaphone products that enhance safety and efficiency in crowd control situations.

The new S606 Safety Wand Megaphone combines the functions of a high-visibility traffic baton with a mic and loudspeaker, delivering both visual and spoken instructions from police officers, school and campus safety officers, parking lot attendants, or emergency personnel.

Similarly, the S604 Safety Strobe Megaphone adds a distinctive flashing strobe to the portable megaphone PA, improving visibility and adding functionality.

8. AmpliVox is the Pros’ Choice for Illinois PGA Golf Events and USTA Training

For golf tournaments, tennis matches and other sports events, AmpliVox products fit the bill for durable, weatherproof performance. Lecterns like the Pinnacle SN3250 deliver multi-purpose versatility as starter’s tables, trophy presentation podiums, and customer relations stations. Meanwhile, portable sound systems like the SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner project starting times and other announcements with crystal clear sound under any conditions.

Products like these have earned AmpliVox preferred vendor status with the Illinois PGA section and private golf clubs around the country. AmpliVox also has earned the loyalty of the US Tennis Association, which uses AmpliVox products in a wide range of training and competition events.

9. Pinnacle Lecterns Now Offer Weather-Resistant Sound Control and Reading Light Dashboard at Your Fingertips

New for 2014, AmpliVox’s Pinnacle SW3240 and SW3250 feature a weather-resistant integrated sound system dashboard right on the lectern’s top reading surface.

Outdoor presentations can now be delivered with perfectly amplified sound under any conditions.

The Pinnacle is available in customizable colors for any setting, including specialized collegiate and military models. It moves easily with built-in casters and embedded handles.

10. Contemporary Lecterns with New Wired or Wireless Sound Systems

These versatile furniture pieces, available in a multitude of styles and finishes, fit well in corporate, religious, and hospitality settings.

All flat panel and curved panel Contemporary Lecterns are available with wired (SS) or wireless (SW) sound systems for crystal clear sound amplification.

Wood panel inserts are integral to the lectern; no assembly required, just open the box and use.

11. New Additions to Acrylic Lecterns Provide New Options for Style and Color

AmpliVox’s line of beautiful acrylic lecterns has been expanded again for 2014, offering a stunning array of new styles and a wide selection of customizable colors. Over 25 new styles have been added, perfect as pulpits in religious settings, as well as meeting rooms, conference areas, art galleries, hotels, and other upscale venues.

12. New Portable PA Packages Add Flexibility and Power to Systems

AmpliVox’s most popular portable PA systems now come with optional accessory packages to customize your systems to the customer’s needs.

The SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner comes in basic, premium, and platinum packages, with an increasing number of speakers and microphones for larger settings.

Similarly, the SW800 Titan is available in a bundle package that includes a companion speaker, carrying case, and other accessories to enhance the Titan’s versatility.

13. Weatherproof Power Horn Speakers for Clear Sound Under Any Conditions

AmpliVox’s S1270 Sound Horn Speaker deliver far-reaching, clear sound and extreme durability under outdoor conditions.

The S1270 connects to amplifiers up to 100W, supporting an 8 Ohms impedance, with a tough ABS plastic construction.

The S1270’s mounting bracket rotates up to 90 degrees to direct sound wherever needed most.

14. Environmental Policies that Promote Green Standards

In its commitment to environmental and social responsibility, AmpliVox manufactures its PA systems and lecterns to comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) and WEEE (Waster Electrical and Electronic Equipment) standards.

More information about AmpliVox’s environmental standards is described in the company’s Green Statement on its website.

“AmpliVox has rapidly grown into an industry leader thanks to our focus on innovation, versatility, and ease of use for our customers,” notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO. “We strive to make the selection process simple and pleasant for our customers, to the point of creating Sound Comparison Guides in Spanish, French, German, and Italian for our international clients. We are excited to showcase our products at InfoComm, and every day on our comprehensive website.”

AmpliVox Sound Systems will be exhibiting in Booth C10023 at InfoComm 2014.

For an interview with an AmpliVox representative, contact Nancy Gerstein, Creative Marketing Associates, at nancy@cmacreative.com.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AmpliVox Sound Systems Donation Supports Special Olympics Events

AmpliVox Sound Systems has made a major sponsorship donation of portable sound equipment to each of the eighteen Areas of Special Olympics Illinois and supporting three Special Olympics Chapter events taking place throughout 2014.

AmpliVox is supplying Half-Mile Hailer sound systems valued at $35,000 MSRP to the eighteen Area Offices of Special Olympics Illinois, for use in crowd management, awards ceremonies, and communication during a variety of events including the annual Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby, Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull, and Summer Games.

Special Olympics is a global organization that unleashes the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sport, every day around the world.

Through programming in sports, health, education and community building, Special Olympics endeavors to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. The Illinois branch of Special Olympics provides opportunities for more than 21,000 athletes, 40,000 volunteers, and thousands more people statewide.

Don & Nancy c.1968

Special Olympics has been close to the heart of AmpliVox CEO Don Roth for decades. In fact, he and his wife Nancy were present at the first International Games of Special Olympics, which took place at Chicago’s Soldier Field in July 1968.

Originally envisioned as a one-time event, over 1000 athletes from all over the US and Canada competed.

“It is a thrill to see how far Special Olympics has come in the decades since those first games at Soldier Field,” reflects Roth. “This organization has inspired hope and provided encouragement for young people around the world, and made all of us appreciate the strength and determination of individuals with disabilities.

AmpliVox is very proud to support Special Olympics Illinois in all their endeavors, and we look forward to seeing our sound systems in use at their upcoming events.”

photo: eunicekennedyshriver.org
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
, founder and honorary chairperson of Special Olympics,
looks over Soldier Field on July 20, 1968 as the debut Special Olympics Games get underway

AmpliVox’s donated equipment will be put into service in Special Olympics fundraisers that engage the wider community, including the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby on August 7.

Throughout the spring and summer, volunteers staff “Adopt-a-Duck” booths around Chicago, culminating in a race with around 50,000 entries on the Chicago River.

Additionally, the AmpliVox hailers will be used at the Sixth Annual Torch Run Plane Pull on September 27, an “Ultimate Tug-o-War” competition where teams from law enforcement groups and other organizations race to drag a UPS jet weighing almost 100 tons.

The AmpliVox sound systems will also take center stage at the Annual Summer Games on June 12-14, where over 4,000 athletes with special needs will participate in aquatics, track and field, gymnastics, soccer, and other competitions.

To learn more about Special Olympics of Illinois, visit http://www.soill.org. To learn more about AmpliVox products and community cause marketing initiatives, visit http://www.ampli.com.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

Financial experts Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze, best-selling authors of ‘Smart Money Smart Kids, Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money’, were recently on the ‘Katie’ Couric show (4/23/2014) sharing their tips on how to talk to your kids about money.

In their book and on the show, Dave and Rachel teach parents how to raise money-smart kids in a debt-filled world.

Their message helps parents teach their children the basics of money management and experience the value of money through acts of working, spending, saving and giving.

Even our very own Brady Roth, 5 year old grandson of AmpliVox CEO Don Roth, was in on the discussion as the children on the show were asked questions about money, often responding with quite humorous comments.

All too frequently parents do not discuss the topic of money with their children. Teaching your kids the basics of money sets a positive precedence for future decision making. Having money conversations early with your children gives kids the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to be financially independent and responsible in adulthood, to make good choices and to save and spend wisely helping them prepare for the future.

Most adults have problems with money because of habits they developed when they were young. Parents may be inadvertently handing down bad habits to the next generation by not introducing concepts of building wealth, beating debt, and making smarter decisions with money by understanding their family's spending habits.

Parents are often scared to talk to their kids about money, for one simple reason: more than 70% of Americans don’t use their money well, and end up living paycheck to paycheck. To keep your children from falling into this same trap, though, you need to talk regularly to your children about money. A few tips on how to talk to your kids:

Set a good example The most important way to talk to your kids about money is by setting a good example. If you aren’t managing your money well, your kids are going to pick up those same habits.

So, make sure you follow the advice you give your kids, what your kids see you do is a lot more powerful than what they hear you say.

The strongest impact on children is when they hear and see a consistent message from their parents on how to spend and save.

Stick to a budget (and talk to your kids about the budget)
Set a monthly (or weekly) budget, and stick to it. If you are saving up for your children’s college education, talk to them about that, and make sure you stick to your budget.

Take your kids along when shopping for groceries or making purchases for the home, talking to them about the value and cost of different items.

Don’t be afraid to tell your children that what they want isn’t in the budget, and talk to them about what the budget is.

Don’t teach kids it’s okay to have debt One of the latest crazes is getting credit cards for teenagers to teach them how to use credit responsibly. Unfortunately, this teaches them that it’s okay to go into debt! Instead, teach them how to save their money for a car or for college. Teaching kids how to save disciplines them to set and reach their own goals.

Teach kids to use cash instead of debit cards Credit cards for your kids or teenagers are a bad idea, but what about debit cards? Debit cards are a great way for kids to have access to their money, but make sure they’re using them right. Don’t use the debit card to pay for purchases; instead, take your weekly or monthly budget for cash, and use cash to pay for your purchases. Cash has more emotional value to it, so your kids are more likely to think about their purchases when they’re using cash.

Teach kids that when the money is gone, it’s gone
It’s a simple concept, right? When it’s gone, it’s gone. However, many kids don’t get that concept, because Mom and Dad are always there with more money. Stop that! Teach your kids that once they have spent their allowance, they don’t have any more money until their next allowance. It might be hard, but it will teach them to better value and spend their money.

These simple, but far from easy, tips will teach your children just about everything they need to know about money. At least, for now. When they get older, you should talk to them about retirement plans and so forth, but instill in them early on the value of money and the talks later will be much easier. Most importantly, walk the talk!