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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Portable Audio Solutions To Make Life Easier On The Soccer Field

If you or members of your family participated in soccer leagues growing up, you know the scene: hundreds of kids of varying skill-sets and levels playing soccer across a half dozen fields. It's a sport that has risen in popularity among children in the United States over the last two decades, which has prompted parents, park districts, and others to organize and run seasonal soccer leagues.

Most of the time, the day’s worth of soccer games happens without a hitch. But there is a challenge for those in charge of managing these leagues. How do you communicate with so many people spread across such a great distance at a moment's notice? Click the "read more" button below for the answer.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preparation Saves Lives - How to Plan for Emergencies

The best investment you may ever make for your school, company, or organization is an emergency preparedness kit.

Emergency situations require reliable communication channels between safety marshals and groups of moving – and sometimes panicky – people.

When emergency situations arise, rest assured that you have the equipment to provide students and personnel with clear instructions regarding safety procedures, exits, and timely updates. Safety of all individuals involved in a dangerous situation hinges on clear communication.

Be sure your facility has equipment such as megaphones, with reliable and rechargeable batteries, that are easily accessible.

Megaphones are available in many sizes – some small enough to fold and store in compact locations, like desk drawers or file cabinets.

The Mini-Meg (S600) is AmpliVox’s smallest and most compact megaphone and is perfect for indoor communication up to 100 yards. One Mini-Meg per building hallway gives personnel quick access and the ability to make important announcements in the event of a crisis situation – especially when evacuation procedures are required.

When large groups of people congregate, sometimes a more powerful communication method is necessary for safety and organization. The “Hailer Family” includes portable amplifiers and radios that project sound from ½ mile to 1 mile.

Half-Mile Hailer
The Half-Mile Hailer features an amplifier with a built-in wireless 16 channel UHF receiver and a piercing siren, effective for groups of up to 5,000 people. Durable and portable, this Hailer allows freedom of movement – essential in an emergency situation.

Since crisis situations do not wait for good weather, all hailer horns are weather resistant. The “All-Weather Hailer PA System” adds additional protection with a weather-resistant case that contains the amplifier for excessively wet, snowy, and otherwise extreme conditions. For communication up to one mile, the “Radio Hailer” combines an amplifier with built-in 16 channel UHF receiver, 2 Murs radios, and a powerful siren feature. Kits that bundle the Hailers and radios with tripods and carrying cases introduce additional convenience and versatility to the Hailer system.

As a school administrator, event coordinator, building or marina manager, club organizer, or golf course, construction site, or parking manager, safety is your responsibility when a crisis situation occurs in your area.

Budget for and insist upon funds to create a safe and organized environment when emergencies arise. Your community will benefit from your preparedness.

The safety experts at AmpliVox are available to work with you to determine your needs and custom-tailor an emergency system within your budget that will provide peace of mind for you and those that depend upon you.

By Vita Schweighart

Monday, May 13, 2013

AmpliVox Attends Ingram Micro Consumer Electronics Spring 2013 Vendor Expo and Golf Outing

AmpliVox Sound Systems was one of over 100 manufacturers and B2B resellers to attend the Ingram Micro Consumer Electronics Vendor Expo (IMCE) last week in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The annual vendor expo and charity golf outing brought together consumer electronics and technology manufacturers from across the country for a series of breakout sessions and seminars on topics related to the consumer electronics industry, as well as opportunities to network with other attendees and learn ways to introduce new products into current markets.

The three-day event also included the chance for Ingram Micro representatives and their customers to tour the expo’s show floor, meeting with vendors and learning about new products featured in their exhibit booths. The Amplivox booth was headed by our Director of sales, Bill Gamber, who showcased several of our newest and most popular portable audio devices including:

SW915 - Digital Audio
Travel Partner

The 250 watt system will clearly project your voice or music over an audience of up to 7500 people in a room size of up to 25,000 sq. ft.
SW800 - Titan Wireless
Portable PA

Equipped with a 100 watt amplifier, 8" speaker, built-in accessory storage and microphone battery recharger.
SW720 - iPad, iPhone, iPod Wireless PA System

Made for today’s music and video, now includes the S1732 Cable and Adapter to be fully compatible with iDevices from Apple.
S/SS/SW 1234 - Line Array Passive Speaker

Lightweight, compact line array design can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Wireless, wired or passive speaker available.
S/SS/SW 1230 - Mity Box Passive Speaker

Full range performance in a small compact design, easily mounts to a wall or computer cart. Wireless, wired or passive speaker available.
S/SW 610A, SW615A - Half-Mile Hailer

Its simple straightforward controls, and lightweight design make it the most practical and portable outdoor speaker sound system.
S/SW 222, SW223 Audio Portable Buddy

Take your pa system with you, battery powered sound system goes anywhere you go and runs for up to 200 hours.
S600 - Mini-Meg 10-Watt Megaphone

Our high quality sound in a smaller size, the Mini-Meg can cover up to 100 yards and groups of up to 50 people.
S604 - Safety Strobe Megaphone

10 watt megaphone with record & play feature and emergency flashing strobe light. Flash light illuminates from bell.
S601 - Mity-Meg 15-Watt Megaphone

Lightweight and powerful with new Piezo dynamic technology. Comfortable pistol grip and 3 modes: Talk, Siren, and Whistle.
S602 - Mity-Meg 25-Watt Megaphone

Weatherproof high impact plastic and steel. Battery indicator light shows power status (low, med, hi) on the outer housing.
S602M - Mity-Meg Plus Megaphone

Lightweight and powerful with optional S1405 Rechargeable Lithium Pack saves you money on batteries.
S207 - BeltBlaster Pro

This personal sound system is perfect for anyone who needs a moderate improvement in their sound coverage and voice clarity.
S206 - BeltBlaster

Personal sound system provides moderate boost to voice or music, leaves your hands free and saves your voice from fatigue.
According to Gamber, “The opportunity to meet face to face with Ingram Sales reps and their customers affords us the opportunity to demo all the different designs and features of our portable sound systems .”

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ingram Micro is the world’s largest wholesale technology distributor and has helped bring AmpliVox products to dealers, resellers and retailers across the country.

Be sure to visit ampli.com to learn more about how AmpliVox Sound Systems can serve your portable audio needs.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Portable Podium - Educational uses for Lecterns

As an educator, you can provide students of all ages with a realistic public speaking experience in any classroom. You don’t need a dedicated area to give your students the practice they need. A portable, tabletop lectern gives all educators the flexibility to customize a presentation area for K-12 students as they refine their communicating skills. Tabletop lecterns allow flexibility to create a comfortable speaking height for students of any age.

Public speaking skills prepare students of all ages for future leadership opportunities. Training and practice develops confidence, focus, and poise as students learn to become better communicators. Speaking skills can be learned in many places, from traditional schoolrooms to organizations such as Toastmasters. Portable podiums provide individuals, road warriors, or groups “on the move” with clear sound and iPod functionality for an affordable price.

Debate teams, speech teams, educators, and road warriors will all find the perfect lectern from AmpliVox Sound Systems. Whether you need a portable and easy-to-carry tabletop lectern, or a full height lectern for meets, AmpliVox has a wide selection of hardwoods, laminates, acrylics, and eco-friendly recycled products for every budget.

Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern

Product Spec Sheet: W242 Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern

For the ultimate in convenience, consider the Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern. Carried easily from room to room, or to speech tournaments, it sets up in moments to provide a realistic public speaking experience anywhere and anytime!

Incredibly lightweight and portable, this lectern saves space when not in use and can fit into a large tote bag. A built-in handle also allows for easy carrying.

EZ Speak Folding Lectern

Product Spec Sheet: W/S/SW 272 EZ Speak Folding Lectern

The EZ Speak Folding Lectern is also an excellent portable lectern with the added benefit of sound. This lectern contains an amplifier with a built-in wireless 16 channel UHF receiver, and can be connected to any iPad, iPod, or iPhone. For clear sound in rooms up to 10,000 square feet, this portable lectern – with attached handle – folds into the size of a briefcase and facilitates public speaking with a built-in microphone. Additional wireless mics are available as well.

Whether you choose a portable or full height lectern, AmpliVox has models for every speaking need. You may choose lecterns that clearly project sound on their own, or through your in-house sound system. Most lecterns are also available in non-sound models. Our friendly customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions you may have about lecterns, sound systems, and how they can satisfy your particular needs. With sound – or without – all lecterns are customizable with your logo or school colors for a modest additional fee.

For more information visit our Portable Podiums or call AmpliVox customer service at 1-800-267-5486.

Product Spec Sheet: W242 Travel-Lite Folding Tabletop Lectern
Product Spec Sheet: W/S/SW 272 EZ Speak Folding Lectern
Product Spec Sheet: S1732 iPod Cable and Adapter

By Vita Schweighart