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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Preparation Saves Lives - How to Plan for Emergencies

The best investment you may ever make for your school, company, or organization is an emergency preparedness kit.

Emergency situations require reliable communication channels between safety marshals and groups of moving – and sometimes panicky – people.

When emergency situations arise, rest assured that you have the equipment to provide students and personnel with clear instructions regarding safety procedures, exits, and timely updates. Safety of all individuals involved in a dangerous situation hinges on clear communication.

Be sure your facility has equipment such as megaphones, with reliable and rechargeable batteries, that are easily accessible.

Megaphones are available in many sizes – some small enough to fold and store in compact locations, like desk drawers or file cabinets.

The Mini-Meg (S600) is AmpliVox’s smallest and most compact megaphone and is perfect for indoor communication up to 100 yards. One Mini-Meg per building hallway gives personnel quick access and the ability to make important announcements in the event of a crisis situation – especially when evacuation procedures are required.

When large groups of people congregate, sometimes a more powerful communication method is necessary for safety and organization. The “Hailer Family” includes portable amplifiers and radios that project sound from ½ mile to 1 mile.

Half-Mile Hailer
The Half-Mile Hailer features an amplifier with a built-in wireless 16 channel UHF receiver and a piercing siren, effective for groups of up to 5,000 people. Durable and portable, this Hailer allows freedom of movement – essential in an emergency situation.

Since crisis situations do not wait for good weather, all hailer horns are weather resistant. The “All-Weather Hailer PA System” adds additional protection with a weather-resistant case that contains the amplifier for excessively wet, snowy, and otherwise extreme conditions. For communication up to one mile, the “Radio Hailer” combines an amplifier with built-in 16 channel UHF receiver, 2 Murs radios, and a powerful siren feature. Kits that bundle the Hailers and radios with tripods and carrying cases introduce additional convenience and versatility to the Hailer system.

As a school administrator, event coordinator, building or marina manager, club organizer, or golf course, construction site, or parking manager, safety is your responsibility when a crisis situation occurs in your area.

Budget for and insist upon funds to create a safe and organized environment when emergencies arise. Your community will benefit from your preparedness.

The safety experts at AmpliVox are available to work with you to determine your needs and custom-tailor an emergency system within your budget that will provide peace of mind for you and those that depend upon you.

By Vita Schweighart