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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Set up a Portable PA System | Sound System Setup Instructions

Public Address System bundles are a great way to make your voice and message heard at a large gathering.  We know that some PA systems are not user friendly and difficult to set up which is exactly why we made setting up an AmpliVox Portable Sound System as easy as it gets.  Most of our products are virtually ready to use out of the box, but this page shows how to set up some of the larger systems with more pieces.

The Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System Platinum Bundle include our signature product, the Digital Audio Travel Partner PA System, and gives presenters speaker tripods, mic stands, extra speakers, and cases for the system.  There are three different bundles available.  Click on the link to view an informational video on the Digital Audio Travel Partner Loudspeaker PA System.  The video below explains how easy setting up a Digital Audio Travel Partner Bundle is.

The Wireless Voice Projector Kit SW227 is a stereo wireless speaker system combines our Voice Projector PA System with an additional speaker, tripods for the speakers, and a case to neatly store all of your equipment.  It is a 50 watt system that combines stylish speakers in black carpeted acoustic boxes in an easy to set up bundle.  The video below is set-up instructions on a wired model.

Sound Cruiser Mountable Loudspeaker Car PA System is a 50-watt system that extends your voice with power.  It easily mounts onto your car, truck, golf cart, or other vehicle with straps and suction cups so you can easily move it from vehicle to vehicle. Click on the link to see an informational video on the Sound Cruiser Car PA System.