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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top 10 Uses of AmpliVox Products

AmpliVox is a diverse company.  We make many different products that can be used in a number of different ways.  Our products can be used in your neighborhood elementary school, in the event of an emergency, in a business meeting or even at a large outdoor event.  The list goes on and on and the following is a list of the top ten uses of our products. 

1Schools: In a classroom where the teacher is not up to date on the latest technology, things can get rather boring in a hurry.  Here at AmpliVox we have a wide range of products that will help make learning fun and have the students get something out of school so that when they get home and they get asked by their parents "What did you do in school today?" They can say that they learned a lesson through an iPod which is rather unique.
Product: SL1005 Digital iPod Audio Listening Center. Our iPod learning center will make learning all more enjoyable and make your classroom a much more interactive one.

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2.  Emergencies: Our products here at AmpliVox can also be used in an emergency setting as well.  In emergency situations it is important to be able to communicate with the people that are in danger or are near danger.  
Product:  SW6200 Radio Hailer.  With our Radio Hailer, the police, firefighters and paramedics will be able to communicate much better.  

3.  Business Conferences:  
We offer many products that can be used at Business type meetings and conferences.  For important events such as Business Conferences there needs to be a type of podium that stands out with elegance and class.  

Product: Ambassador Lectern . With this product your meetings will go by Much smoother because it has a dynamic hot mic and it lets you speak up to eighteen inches away from the mic.  That lets the speaker be able to focus on making the speech without having to worry about the volume of their voice.  

4.  Large Outdoor Events : If you are planning a big event outdoors with a large amount of people than we have the perfect thing for you! 
Product: SW800 - Titan Wireless Portable PA   With this product the leaders of the event that is being hosted can communicate to those in attendance as well as play music.  It has a simple set up and is easy to move from one location to the next.
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5.  Sports: Are you a coach for a local sports team and need help communicating to a large number of people? Or do you work at health and fitness club and need help communicating to a group of people while running an aerobics or workout class? Say no more, AmpliVox is here to help.   We have plenty of wireless microphones and headset microphones to make easier to communicate to your people.
Product: S1658 - S222 - Audio Portable Buddy  With the Audio Portable buddy is that you can be heard from 700 feet away. 
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6.  Presentations: Do you have a big school or business presentation coming up? Not to worry AmpliVox comes to the rescue yet again.  We have many options to help you choose from whether it be a lectern or a podium, whatever suits your needs best.  Product: SN3085 - Clear Acrylic Tabletop Lectern.   The Clear Acrylic Table Top Lectern has a very clean and clear look to it.
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7.  Politics: In the more recent past as politicians are making big and important speeches they have used AmpliVox products in these speeches.  Politicians such as President Barack Obama, former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have been seen using our podiums and megaphones in important speeches during their political careers.   
Product: SN3250 - Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern.  The Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern is great to be used indoors and out, it's durable and moves easily around to wherever you need it to go.
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8.  Ceremonies  When there is a large group of people coming together to celebrate a major event, communication is important.  The people at the event want to be able to hear who is talking.  
Product: Victoria Solid Wood Table Top Lectern SW3035. This product has a wireless sound system so communicating with a rather large audience at a ceremony of sorts will be that much easier. This product was made for the most elegant and sophisticated occasions. It also has a drop top reading table which makes it easy to use with a laptop or any other kinds of electronic devices.
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9.  Farmers Markets/Trade Shows : If you are to be successful at a farmers market or a trade show you need to be loud, energetic and enthusiastic.  With the BeltBlaster strapped around your waist it makes it that much easier to be heard and get a lot of traffic to your booth.  
Product: BeltBlaster S206.  It is lightweight and will help save your voice from getting tired after a long day of talking to customers and endorsing your product(s).
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10.  Parades:  Loud, clear, crisp on the go speaking is essential in large gathering of people.  Especially, in parades with large vehicles and floats moving around.  
Product: Sound Cruiser S312  Not only will this product help make events such as parades go by easier but it is very simple and easy to set up.  It attaches to the roof of the vehicle and can be charge by a battery or plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car.  
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Honorable Mention:
Office Communication: At AmpliVox we have many different portable sound systems.  To make it easier to communicate in an office setting our portable megaphones would come in handy.  If someone is not answering their office phone then to get their attention, use the megaphone.  Although it may be a bit of an annoyance the megaphones we have would be very practical for your office.
Product: S601 Mity-Meg 15-Watt Megaphone.