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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hotel Banquet Hall PA Systems Sound

AmpliVox Sound Systems offers flexible and versatile portable sound systems that go from a 5-watt waistband system up to a powerful 250-watt system that will fill a room size of up to 25,000 square feet.  Our systems are easily compatible with MP3 players (iPod, iPhone, smartphone), guitars and basses,  and CD's just to name a few options.

Voice Carrier System:
This 50-watt stereo system incorporates four Jensen Design speakers in two classy carpeted speaker boxes.  With an unheard of 200 hours of battery life, a wireless range of up to 500 feet, and an industry leading 6-year warranty, this system will be a favorite of yours for years to come.
Video: How to Set up the Voice Carrier PA System

iPod Portable PA System:
The SW720 is the easiest way on the market to project your voice and iPod music!  This system allows you to be your own DJ by projecting your voice over a 30-watt system and choose the music from your own iPod, iPhone, or other Mp3 player.  The Voice Priority Feature makes it so when you talk over the music, the music automatically cuts out!  It features a DVD video-out port which means you can connect this to a projector to project movies onto a projector screen!
Video: iPod Portable PA System

Titan Wireless PA System:
This 100-watt system has a remote control, a compartment to recharge batteries, and a compartment to easily store your presentation supplies.  With many wireless microphone options, this is a great system for any banquet hall.  The system features a CD player with variable pitch, SD and USB slots to play audio, a case, and a one -year warranty.  Click here to see a video on the Titan!  This product and the next one would be great systems for live music!
Video: Titan Wireless PA System

Digital Audio Travel Partner:
This system is AmpliVox’s most powerful and versatile product.  It features a potent 250-watt amplifier, a lightweight design, wireless microphone options, 3 expansion slots, and the peace of mind that comes with a six year warranty.  This product has too many qualities and uses for it, please click on the product name or visit the Digital Audio Travel Partner YouTube playlist for more information.

Another option is to make your own Custom PA System.  Piece together your own system with our many horn and speaker options and mount them on the wall or ceiling with special mounting brackets.
For more information on our custom systems, please watch the video: Custom Mountable Speaker Systems

If you would like to purchase an AmpliVox PA System, please visit Ampli.com or call us at 800-267-5486.