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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Motivational Speaker Inspires Safety and Leadership Among Teens

Dennis Mitchell’s son was killed years ago by an impaired driver and since then he has made it his life’s mission to teach others about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Little Dennis Jr. only got to blow out his birthday candles five times, twelve days after he turned five he was tragically killed by an impaired driver while he was outside playing in north Spokane, Washington.

The sad event changed Dennis Mitchell’s life forever. He didn’t let his son’s death wreck his life; he turned tragedy into triumph by using his experience and story to effect positive change.

For years Mitchell has been a motivational speaker, sharing his own experience in hopes of inspiring others to think before they get behind the wheel. Students love Dennis’ interactive hands on approach.

As a motivational speaker, Dennis needs a highly portable public address system to bring along to his events as he speaks to various groups in many schools, colleges and universities. AmpliVox has reached out to Dennis by donating a SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner to support his program. Dennis's first thoughts when unboxing the AmpliVox SW915:

"The SW915 Travel Partner arrived on Friday and although I have to learn its many features this is way more than I thought it would be, I had no idea you could preset it to the sound you want, that's awesome. Another pleasant surprise is I was able to walk to different rooms in my house and it picked up without line of sight although I would never do that for a presentation, nice to know there's that flexibility. Also love the variable pitch control for the CD player is a nice touch.

Of course there are a lot of features I don't know what they are will just have to play with it and learn but of course a biggie is the ability to run on batteries, that's HUGE! It has eliminated one of my problems, I have always had to run my computer off battery power because when it was plugged up to external power there was awful feedback, by using usb no feedback issues. Getting used to a remote might be a challenge but once I learn and memorize the key controls it will be beneficial.

We have some decent weather this week so I will be taking it outside to try it out and learning how to get maximum performance out of it.

Have a great week. Thank You!

- Dennis Mitchell, www.safedrivingforteens.com

We at AmpliVox wish Dennis all the best as he continues to educate and motivate the youth to make the right choices in their life. For more infomation on Dennis and his cause, you may visit: www.safedrivingforteens.com