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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Celebrating Ron Bernardi's 80th Milestone: A Tribute from AmpliVox

As Ron Bernardi turns 80, it's a momentous occasion not just for him but for the entire Northbrook community and beyond.

Known for his enduring commitment to community service and his role at Sunset Foods, Ron is a man who has touched countless lives.

On behalf of AmpliVox Sound Systems and myself, Don Roth, I'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate Ron's 80th birthday and commend his remarkable accomplishments.

Ron Bernardi is not just a name; it's a legacy.

Starting his career at Sunset Foods at the tender age of 16, Ron has been a cornerstone of the Northbrook community.

Ron lives by Sunset Foods' motto of the three T's: "we give our time, our talents, and our treasures." Whether it's serving the Rotary of Northbrook for over 44 years or volunteering his auctioneering skills to raise funds for local nonprofits, Ron has been a beacon of community service.

A Friend and a Mentor

I, Don Roth, have had the privilege of knowing Ron Bernardi for many years. His impact on the community is immeasurable, and his friendship is invaluable.

Ron is the kind of person you call when you need something; he's always been that way.

His dedication to service and his enormous heart make him a role model for all of us at AmpliVox Sound Systems.

As Ron Bernardi celebrates his 80th birthday, we are reminded of the incredible impact one person can have on a community. His life is a tapestry of service, commitment, and love for his fellow man.

On behalf of all of us at AmpliVox Sound Systems, we wish Ron Bernardi a very happy 80th birthday filled with joy, love, and continued service.

Here's to many more years of making a difference, Ron!