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Monday, November 19, 2012

How Maximize Microphone Gain PA System

Maximizing Gain
1. Decrease the distance between you and the microphone. Adjust the input level for the microphone so that the mic picks up your voice and not the background noise.

2. Increase the distance between the microphone and the speakers. The speakers shouldn’t be very close to the microphone, but don’t get too carried away with this. If the speaker is too far away, you will get an echo effect or lose effective volume for the audience.

3. Point the speakers towards the crowd, not you.

4. Try to direct the sound over the heads of your audience. Reflections off the front of the crowd can actually increase the chance of feedback. Furthermore, the sound is blocked by the people in the front row. They are getting blasted by sound and the people in the back can’t hear at all.

5. Use directional microphones. If your sound system doesn’t have too much bass, then a cardioid microphone will definitely increase gain. Here is another case where too much bass in the system will be counter productive. Bass speakers radiate their sound in all directions, you can get feedback sooner from a system with a lot of bass, even if the speaker is pointed away from you.

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