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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Powerful Megaphones – The Easiest Way to Be Heard

Of all the outstanding sound products made by AmpliVox, perhaps the most visible and versatile are our handheld megaphones.

These workhorse portable sound systems can be seen – and heard – in all kinds of settings, giving directions, making announcements, and delivering messages to large groups of listeners.

Fire departments and other first responders use our megaphones to make evacuations safer and more efficient.

Schools and camps rely on them to get kids where they need to be during assemblies, recess, and safety drills.

Political and social causes carry megaphones at rallies and marches.

AmpliVox megaphones have even been spotted in use at mass auditions for America’s Got Talent, and on the top of Chicago’s Marina City Towers during a memorable high-wire walk.

Whether your message is intended to get people organized, pump up their enthusiasm, or move them to safety, AmpliVox grab-and-go megaphones will extend your voice to large groups with ease and efficiency.

Address and manage crowds and emergency situations, communicating in large open spaces to large or small crowds is easy with an AmpliVox megaphone.

Our lightweight, battery operated megaphones are essential to your public address activities and emergency preparedness kit.

Mini-Meg Megaphone
Mini-Meg 10-Watt Rechargeable Meg - S600R
Effective Range: 100 yards. For smaller groups of up to 50 people. Easy to carry & to store, convenient travel size.
Megaphones & Bullhorns
Mity-Meg 20-Watt Rechargeable - S601R
Effective Range: 900 yards. Easy to use battery cartridge, half the weight and twice the battery run time of other megaphones.
Mity-Meg 25-Watt
Mity-Meg 25-Watt Rechargeable - S602R
Effective Range: One Mile / 1760 yards. Light and powerful weighing only 2 lbs. Weather resistant and durable.
Mity-Meg Plus Rechargeable - S602MR
Effective Range: One Mile / 1760 yards. Easy to use with detachable corded mic and shoulder strap for all day use.
Safety Strobe
Megaphone - S604
Effective Range: 100 yards. Emergency flashing strobe & flash light illuminates from bell. Build-in voice record & playback.
ProMarine Waterproof Megaphone - WP609R
Rugged and waterproof, built tough for marine and outdoor environments. Fully submersible, floats to surface. Made in USA

Download our Megaphone Easy Reference Guide that shows all AmpliVox megaphones listing their features, effective ranges, and available rechargeable batteries.