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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Do You Hate Losing Things?

The rechargeable battery for the AmpliVox camera has been lost.  A few hours have been lost frantically looking for the battery that costs $90 to replace.

Don't you hate losing things?  The time it takes to look for it and the cost of replacing the lost item can hurt.

When public speaking, it is important not to lose your most important asset: your voice.

The best way for a public speaker to not lose their voice by shouting above crowds is to use a personal amplification system.

This can be a small waistband system (like the AmpliVox BeltBlaster Amplifier) a slightly bigger system that can reach up to 150 people (like the MityVox Portable PA) or a huge Digital Audio Travel Partner that is 250-watts.

You can choose from a wide selection of microphones including wireless microphones to make your presentation just the way you want.

Our lecterns and podiums also include optional built-in sound systems and are created to be portable (they run on 10 D-Cell batteries).

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