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Friday, December 30, 2011

What is the #1 Portable PA System Mistake? Not Charging Rechargeable Battery Long Enough

The #1 Customer troubleshooting phone call we receive deals with the rechargeable batteries on the following products.  When a customer first receives the PA system, they should plug it in and charge it overnight so it is at full strength to start its career in projecting your voice.

Each of the following products feature built in rechargeable batteries that need to be charged overnight for a minimum of 7 hours before primary use.

It is also recommended to not let the battery drain before you charge it, it is better to keep it charged for each use.  After each time of use, it should be recharged to prolong the life of the PA System.

The Mity-Vox PA System should be charged overnight before use.

The iPod Portable PA System needs to be charged at least 7-10 hours before first use.

The Titan Wireless PA System should be charged at least 6-8 hours before its first use.


The Digital Audio Travel Partner should be charged overnight and should be charged after each use to maximize the battery life.  Recharging the unit only when the battery status light is yellow or red will shorten the useful life of the batteries.