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Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Product Spotlight: Digital iPod Audio Listening Center

Do you want to engage your students with relevant technology while fostering student independence?

School listening centers are loved by students and teachers alike because they provide a unique learning experience and are proven to be a great tool in education, especially for those learning to read or speak another language.

The AmpliVox Digital iPod Audio Listening Center is a new product that helps to improve listening skills, removes distractions by keeps students attention, and fosters independence. You can cater to different learning styles and compliment your regular curriculum with a variety of activities to give students a break from more traditional learning methods. It is made for the iPod but works with the iPad or other mp3 players with a standard headphone jack.

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For language learners, a listening center helps students learn pronunciation through audible listening and allows them to be assessed at a more personal level.

For new readers, playing an audio book through the listening center can help challenge students by reading more difficult books they would normally read. It also allows students to go at their own pace and not feel rushed or held back by others. The headphones allow students to eliminate distractions and the fear of making mistakes.

Potential iPod Listening Center Activities include:
  • Creating your own activities
  • Reading along with Audio Books
  • Testing auditory listening skills
  • Recording voices for pronunciation and testing purposes.
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    Other AmpliVox listening centers include a variety of options including a recorder, CD player, mp3 player, cassette player, and different headphone options.

    For more information on the AmpliVox iPod Listening Center, or the deluxe version, please visit http://www.ampli.com/listening.htm.

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