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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Merits of Direct Selling

Direct selling is the person-to-person sale of a good or service. The direct seller, who operates independently of the company producing the goods, receives a portion of each sale as a commission for their work.

The founding principles of direct selling go back hundreds of years, but many people today may remember the “Tupperware” parties of the 1950s as the time when direct selling most greatly influenced American consumerism. They may also assume that the industry has since dissolved, given the rise of more encompassing business-to-consumer commerce. According to the Direct Selling Association though, hundreds of direct selling companies continue to successfully operate, including the likes of Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Beach Body, and many more, which produce billions of dollars in annual revenue.

And that revenue stems from the work of the direct seller, who arrive from all walks of life to help connect businesses to customers through their unique products.

If you think such business endeavors would be risky or unsustainable in these current economic conditions, you may be surprised. Direct selling opportunities within industries like travel and tourism are expected to prosperously meet the growing demand consumers have to take trips in 2013.

At AmpliVox Sound Systems, we believe our success stems from a strong work ethic and an unwavering competitive drive. It comes from fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation to produce portable audio products that meet our customers’ diverse needs. It comes from the relationships we’ve built with our suppliers, distributors, and customers to maintain great communication and to ensure all expectations are being met. It comes from being a leader in our field.

Those same traits—hard work, innovation, strong communication and relationship building, are the foundation of direct selling, and we applaud the self-reliant and entrepreneurial nature of those who work and succeed in this capacity across the country.

You can learn more about the direct selling industry by visiting the Direct Selling Association at dsa.org.

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