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Monday, January 30, 2012

Win $50. We Need Your Ideas for a Prank!

We all love a good prank.
About six months ago, YouTube prankster Edbassmaster (200 million+ views) used the Sound Cruiser Car PA System to film a prank (click here to watch Look at This Sound Cruiser).

Comedian Tom Green used an AmpliVox Megaphone in a prank video one time...and it was hilarious!

We want to film another funny video...but we need your help.
1. Choose One:
Wireless Half Mile Hailer: This Portable PA System reaches up to one half mile away and would be a great option to startle someone because the speaker could hide with the wireless mic and still communicate 700+ feet away from the system.

The New Hailers have an emergency siren on them.

iPod Portable PA System: This system is best for those who want a wireless microphone and a system that plays music through an iPod/iPhone.  Some funny video options for this include breakdancing, flash mob, or public karaoke.

Safety Strobe Megaphone:  This megaphone has a whistle and siren button and also has a built in recorder that projects your recorded voice and puts it on repeat.  The video could be similar to Tom Green's video.

Sound Cruiser Car PA: These speakers strap on top of a vehicle and project your voice up to one half mile.  This is what Edbassmaster used to talk to random people from his car in his funny video.  We could do something similar or something fresh and new.  The sky is the limit...or maybe I should say the road is the limit. 

2. Choose a Place and Person/Group to Prank.  
This could be the AmpliVox office or a public place.  The Sound Cruiser would have to be public.
3. Tell us your idea.  Please let us know in a comment on the blog, our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube so we can keep your idea in consideration.  The person with the best idea will win a gift card.

Your entry should include 2 things:
  1. The AmpliVox Product to use in the video
  2. The prank idea.
4. Share this Post/Video with your friends.  Share this on Facebook/Twitter or in Reddit or StumbleUpon to help the cause.

5. Win $50 Visa Gift Card and a mention on our blog.
We will select the best idea submitted and film the video.  The winner is the person with the best idea which will turn into a video.  They will win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

The contest ends Friday, March 16th, with the target date for the video upload being April 1, 2012 (April Fool's Day).