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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hotel Industry Lecterns PA Systems

Radio Hailer Emergency Communication System: This system is a staple for emergency preparedness because it allows the user to communicate over large areas and to large groups of people from a remote location, up to one mile away!

Video: Radio Hailer Emergency Communication Systems
The Digital Audio Travel Partner is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event needing a large-area PA system for presenters and music.  It is 250 watts and allows users to easily plug in an iPod/iPhone as well as use other external devices and instruments.  It is capable of using 8 different wireless microphones simultaneously with a wireless microphone kit!

The iPod Portable PA System combines portability with convenience in a nice lightweight package.  The wireless microphone and remote control complement the powerful 30-watt speaker and iPod dock that plays and charges your iPod or iPhone simultaneously!

The Titan Wireless PA System is 100 watts and neatly organizes your microphones and other equipment in the top console.  It is a favorite among presenters and entertainers because it is so easy to use!

The Victoria Multimedia Lectern is a stylish option for presenters that features solid wood construction, scratch resistant coating, and an optional sound system built in.

Custom Logos for lecterns are available.

The Pinnacle Multimedia Lectern is the most versatile and durable lectern on the market.  It is made of durable plastic (that features a 12 year warranty!), has rolling casters for easy movement, and has an optional built in sound system.  To hook up your in-house public address system all you need to do is plug in one cord!  Watch video for proof.

It also makes an excellent valet parking stand!

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