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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Top 10 Tips for Tourist Industry and Tourism Management | Equipment

Vacationers spend big money on tourism.
Are you giving them a great experience?
Those in the travel and tourism industry know that they have the great opportunity to create lasting memories for the vacationers who patronize their workplaces.

In a high-competition industry, avoiding common pitfalls are important, and can make the difference between a successful business and a wasted opportunity.

How are you set apart from the competition?
How do you market yourself?
Do you have fun with what you do?

These are questions that those with tourism businesses need to answer.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for the Tourism Industry and Tourist Management:

1. Build Strong relationships. Good businesses turn great with strong business relationships.  Brainstorm
local hotels, universities, tourism offices, trade shows, and other tourist places that could be a partner and refer people to your attraction.

Building strong relationships with customers is also extremely important in today's internet age.  Engage with customers with email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.  It doesn't take a lot to make a difference!

2. Be web savvy.  Having favorable reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, getting placed in a Lonely Planet type guidebook, and incentivizing referrals could open great long-term streams of revenue for you.

Stay up to date with emerging internet trends in your industry and engage with others to see how they are able to leverage available internet tools (many of which are free!).  Don't let the best tourism marketing tools go to waste!

The Belt-Blaster Waistband Amplifier
is a favorite among tour guides.
3. Have the right equipment.  Any business needs certain tools to get work done and provide the most value for customers, clients, and patrons.  The tourism industry is no different.

Since it is an industry built upon communication, it is vital that tour guides and other professionals are able to amplify their voices to their crowd.  AmpliVox's portable PA systems range from a 5-watt small pa system to a 250-watt all-in-one PA system.

Outdoor PA Systems like the Sound Cruiser Car PA System provide flexibility and power by projecting your voice or music up to one half mile.

4. Be adventurous.  In adventure tourism, tour guides have the great opportunity to set the tone for the group.  Be a high-energy, spirited leader who is adventurous, even if you have given the same tour hundreds of times.  You will make it a more enjoyable experience which will mean more referral traffic and larger tips.  When hiring professionals for tourism management, make sure they have energy and love having fun.

5. Think like a Tourist. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and not just their wallets. Think of things that have made trips you have taken memorable, and do your best to harness those opportunities.

6. Make it a cultural experience. For international tourism destinations, make it a cultural experience by serving the food specialties of your location.  The "foodies" in your group will appreciate being able to tell their friends about all of the exciting new foods they tried.  This is also a great way to portray a great image of your country to the world.

7. Location, Location, Location.  
Tourist destinations are all about location.  Do you have the best real estate that you could possibly have?  If not, it is always beneficial to be on the outlook for ways to improve your location or even leverage potential assets where you currently are.  Urban or rural, location is important!

8. Be environmentally friendly.
Eco-tourism is bigger than ever.  People want to see animals and scenic sites when they travel, so show them!  Also, make sure you do everything you can to minimize your environmental footprint, especially if your location is known for the wildlife.

Posting ways you "Go Green" on both your website and in your physical location will set you apart from the competition and leave a good impression on visitors.  AmpliVox is a Green Company!

9. Safety First!  Because tourist attractions and those providing accommodations potentially hold legal safety liabilities.  Whether you are leading tours or have a business in hospitality and tourism, it is vital that you have an emergency plan and the right Emergency Communication System.

Every travel management professional needs to have the right supplies from the tourism supplier.

The Safety Strobe Megaphone has an emergency siren and whistle along with a voice recorder that will then project your recorded voice through the megaphone, adding another member to your emergency team.

10. Every moment is an opportunity to make a memory.  Sometimes the best stories from trips are not how beautiful the scenery is, how fun the attractions were, but are fun times with a goofy tour guide or trying a new type of interesting food.  Every little decision can be an opportunity to WOW your guests and turn them into 'brand evangelists' who want to share the awesome experience they had with their friends.

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