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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Portable Valet Podium from AmpliVox Enhances Curb Appeal and Security

For many businesses, the first customer point of contact happens outside the front door when drivers pull up to the valet stand.

To make that first impression inspire confidence, AmpliVox Sound Systems proudly introduces its all-new Portable Valet Podium, a mobile stand that provides an attractive, secure, and durable center for valet services.

Constructed of welded steel with zinc hardware and a durable, scratch-resistant textured black powder coat finish, the customizable Valet Podium raises the bar for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, offices, and other venues that rely on valet service for customers.

AmpliVox’s Portable Valet Podium features a locking storage cabinet with integrated hooks for 50 or 100 sets of keys, depending on the model.

Hooks are labeled with screen-printed numbers for quick and easy reference, secured by a slam-action lock with key.

Additional storage includes a top drawer with a slam-action lock and an optional lockbox for tips.

The unit moves easily on four heavy-duty locking casters.

Other specialized valet features include an integrated tip slot and a locking umbrella holder.

The Valet Podium is designed to complement the appearance of the business as well.

The textured black powder coat finish on the weatherproof steel structure resists scratches and delivers an elegant image that stands the test of time.

That attractiveness is enhanced by zinc hardware, recessed handles, and a brushed stainless steel work surface.

The front panel is designed for easy sign mounting.

For a more permanent impact, AmpliVox can order and install a custom company logo for front viewing.

"The quality of a business’s valet service has a great impact on customers," notes Don Roth, AmpliVox CEO.

"Customers expect valets to provide absolute security for their keys and property, and have more confidence when the valet stand is attractive and well maintained.

The AmpliVox Portable Valet Podium makes it easy for any business or venue to deliver that sense of confidence to its customers."